The Enchanted Media Strikes Again

obama-enchanted2White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was interrupted by Obama, who came to say a few words about the retirement of Justice David Souter, during the daily press briefing on Friday.  The White House Press Corps jumped to their feet.

Someone dug up an old video of a Bush appearance during a press briefing during his tenure. Note the different reaction:

In related news:

The White House denies that it would use the White House Press Corps to make threats against Chrysler investors.

No, Obama would never use these fine folks to do anything like that, my goodness, hush your mouth!

Incidentally, Bush may not have had the support of the *jackals in the media, but let us not forget that many other Americans supported him enthusiastically throughout his Presidency.

*Yes, I realize there are still a few good journalists out there. I’m generalizing.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers