Happy “Cinco De Cuatro”

He meant to say “Cuatro de Mayo,” or the Fourth of May….Where were you TOTUS?!

The slip-up occurs in the first few seconds:

Mary Kathryn Ham doesn’t want to be mean, but…

I like to note these little incidents when they happen, not because I think it makes Obama an idiot because he occasionally stumbles over his words, but because his somewhat overblown reputation as the most cerebral, eloquent, utterly erudite president of all time could really use a pricking every now and then.

Also, because if Bush had made such a blunder, it would have been the basis of a four-part MSNBC investigative series on the malapropism’s deleterious effects on the Republican Party’s attempts to woo Hispanic voters, Mexican-American relations, and our “place in the world.”

True dat.

Does The President Hate His Own Country?


More than a few people are beginning to wonder. Joan Swirsky chronicles the mounting evidence in this marathon post at CFP.

A snippet:

Scan you memory. Can you think of any other leader in world history who so consistently badmouths his own country, or fails to defend it? I can’t.

Wall St. Journal writer Dorothy Rabinowitz notes that Obama “had gone to Europe not as the voice of his nation, but as a missionary with a message of atonement for its errors. No sitting American president had ever delivered indictments of this kind while abroad, or for that matter at home. When [our allies] see Obama’s moral equivalence, they realize they are on their own and must cut their own deals to survive – understanding that multicultural trendiness is now a cynical cover for moral laxity and ‘can’t we all get along?’

Historian Victor Davis Hanson also noticed something odd about Obama’s apology tour. “Despite this fresh climate of atonement, there was a complete absence of a single apology from any other foreign leader…not a word came from Britain about colonialism…nothing from Germany on the Holocaust…not a peep from France about Algeria or Vietnam. Turkey was mum on the Armenian killings…Russia said nothing about the 30 million murdered by Stalin…Nothing came from China about the 70 million who perished under Mao…Mr. Medvedev said nothing about Putin’s brutish rule…We saw no concrete evidence of any help — or hope and change — from any foreign leader. Zilch.”

In addition, Hanson continues, “We hear nothing about our Gettysburg, or our entry into World War I. Iwo Jima and the Bulge are never alluded to. Drawing the line in Korea and forcing the end of the Soviet monstrosity are taboo subjects. That we pledged the life of New York for Berlin in the Cold War is unknown. Liberating Afghanistan and Iraq from the diabolical Taliban and Saddam Hussein is left unsaid. The Civil Rights movement, the Great Society, affirmative action, and present billion-dollar foreign-aid programs apparently never existed. Millions of Africans have been saved by George Bush’s efforts at extending life-saving medicines to AIDS patients — but again, this is never referenced.”

Blogger James Lewis says that Obama’s “obsessive need to put down his own country shows a stunningly ignorant man who has evidently never spoken to a concentration camp survivor, a Cuban refugee, a boat person from Vietnam, a Soviet dissident, or a survivor of Mao’s purges.”

And Media Research Center’s Brent Bozell adds, “Obama `gets’ the America-haters.”

Read the whole thing.

He not only “gets” the America-haters…he reads them, and passes along their  delusions to the whole world.

What do our allies think about this? It’s hard to tell, but Dr. Jack Wheeler offers some clues after speaking with a  French Intelligence guy.

Hat tip: Lucianne


D.L. Hammack at the American Thinker was amused by the carnival of gaffes and missteps early on, but now finds the deeds of the Obama administration to be no laughing matter:

Initially, I thought that regardless of his left-leaning motivations, he surely would not endanger the people of America or cause them undue hardships as a result of his desires?  How wrong I was!  This man…the administration couldn’t give a damn about the people or their suffering, as long as it advances their agenda and creates a future throng of democratic voters who are addicted to the state.  It’s time for us to recognize that this President, his cabinet, his staff, his Supreme Court appointees all have a common interest and that interest has nothing whatsoever to do with the people of this country.

Until we wake up and see this charade, this façade called the administration of change, we will continue to dig a hole so deep that no manner of “change” will allow us to escape from the policy mandates this President will force upon us.  Wake up America, or one day we will wake up and see an America that we no longer recognize or want to be a part of.  Those of us who recognize what is going on will continue to speak out to make people aware and we will continue to be singled out by the administration; vilified if necessary, as they continue the process of steamrolling America to accomplish their agenda.


Maggie at Stop The ACLU asks, What Is Obama Up To? in Sizing Up Barack Obama:

His life has been fully marinated in the world view of those who hate capitalism, call the US the source of much of the world’s evil, believe the Jews to be the main problem of the Middle East, see themselves as most qualified to govern “the people”, equate opposition with heresy and despise traditional religions and values. They are absolute and total creatures of government and could not survive outside of it. Indeed, this is the reason why all of their proposals involve government. The greater the size of government, the more power they have. The fact that liberty is reduced for the citizenry is irrelevant, since the ruing classes will always have the freedom to do what they wish.

The thing I’ve been saying for the longest time is, you can’t understand Obama without looking into his past experiences and influences.


David Horowitz, a former Communist, grew up in a commie family just like Obama. He understands the anti-American mindset. He was once a part of that world. Here he describes not just Obama, but most of the Dems in congress:

From Communism to Islamo-fascism, the left in America – as elsewhere – has had a lifelong love affair with tyranny and terror, which is the title of an important book that one of my FrontPage editors, Jamie Glazov, has just published. It’s called: United in Hate, the Left’s Love Affair with Tyranny and Terror. That is who they are. Progressives are adept at speaking the language of peace and love and justice; but these words are just a smokescreen for their real agendas which are search and destroy. Anybody who has ever encountered a progressive up close in any kind of political disagreement knows that this is a hate movement. They hate conservatives; they hate Republicans; they hate white males, and increasingly they hate Christians and Jews. They hated George Bush.

How can you hate George Bush? He may have done a lot of things that you wouldn’t have done; but how can you hate the man? But they do. They are haters. Their mouths drip with hate. You can’t name a single conservative spokesman from Rush Limbaugh to Ann Coulter, to Sarah Palin to, well, George Bush, who hasn’t been stigmatized, slandered, demonized, libeled, and trashed as indecent, beneath humanity, contemptible, toxic, and viral.

How toxic can they be? Consider their behavior during the Iraq war:

America’s armed forces were in the field facing enemy fire. The Democrats had authorized the war that sent them into harm’s way. But the minute trouble started – three months after hostilities began — the Democrats pulled out and went into full attack mode against their own country, against their elected commander-in-chief, accusing America of being the aggressor in the war, a criminal nation, an occupier, and torturer.

And how did they explain their about-face? What reason did they give for first authorizing the war and then conducting a propaganda campaign against it? For first supporting their country and then condemning it? For indicting their own country as an aggressor nation conducting an unnecessary war against a country that posed “no threat”? (These were the precise terms that Al Gore used to attack his president and his country in his book The Assault on Reason, which was an apt description of the book itself.)

The Democratic leaders explained their betrayal of a war they had authorized by saying that they were lied to, that the president “manipulated the intelligence” to fool them into supporting the use of force against Saddam Hussein. But this was in itself the most obvious and biggest lie of the war. Democrats sit on all the intelligence committees and have access to every intelligence secret America possesses. How could Bush manipulate the intelligence data that John Kerry had on his desk? The answer is: he couldn’t.

The Democrats needed this particular lie, however, because they could not admit the real reason for their betrayal. The real reason that Kerry and his colleagues changed their views on the war had nothing to do with the intelligence data or Iraq. It was because a candidate named Howard Dean, who was running on a platform opposing the war, was about to win the Democratic presidential primary as the war moved into its third month. That was the real and only reason why John Kerry turned against the war and for the second time in his wretched career stabbed America’s fighting men and women in the field in the back. For five years, while American troops were fighting the terrorists in Iraq, the Democratic leadership conducted a propaganda war against them, showing that they were perfectly willing to risk the lives and safety of our troops for political gains for their party. Shame on them.

You can’t conduct a campaign saying that America is the aggressor in a war without encouraging the enemy and increasing his strength. You can’t destroy national security programs by leaking them to the New York Times and defending the leaks, without endangering American lives. You can’t conduct an open-ended campaign to define America as a criminal nation without sapping Americans’ ability to defend themselves in a dangerous world with enemies who believe that murdering Americans is a fast-track to the kingdom of heaven. But that is what progressives and the Democratic leadership have done — and they are same individuals who are running our nation today.

God help us.

Specter Wastes No Time In Politicizing Jack Kemp’s Death


“Well, I was sorry to disappoint many people. Frankly, I was disappointed that the Republican Party didn’t want me as their candidate,” Mr. Specter said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” “But as a matter of principle, I’m becoming much more comfortable with the Democrats’ approach. And one of the items that I’m working on, Bob, is funding for medical research.”

Mr. Specter continued: “If we had pursued what President Nixon declared in 1970 as the war on cancer, we would have cured many strains. I think Jack Kemp would be alive today. And that research has saved or prolonged many lives, including mine.”

Video, via Hot Air:

Ed Morressey calls Specter’s assertion a “grotesque lie”:

During Republican control of Congress, federal spending on health research and regulation increased 46% after inflation, from $49 billion a year to $72 billion a year, or about 7% increase each year.  That’s almost the same rate of increase as Defense spending got in the same period (48%), when we actually had a real war on our hands, and not a political contrivance for excusing federal spending.

Specter is right about one thing, however. He is right at home with the “Democrat’s approach”, taking a page right out of another Dem hack’s playbook. Remember this classic?:

Speaking at a rally in Iowa on Monday — the day after Reeve’s death — Democratic vice-presidential candidate John Edwards noted the performer’s advocacy for stem-cell research for finding a cure for spinal injuries. The actor, who died of heart failure on Sunday evening, had championed the cause ever since a 1995 horse-riding accident left him paralyzed.

Edwards was discussing stem-cell research with the Iowa audience when he said: “If we do the work that we can do in this country, the work that we will do when John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk again. Get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.”

No shame.