The Anti-War Left EXPOSED

We hear a lot of talk these days of transparency. Well, here’s your transparency, via The Environmental Republican who scoured the internet, today, looking for condemnation from the anti-war left on the recent predator strikes ordered by Obama on a Western village in Pakistan which killed 15 people, including children.*

Amazingly enough (not really), Code Pink, International A.N.S.W.E.R, Not In Our Name, Iraq Veterans Against The War, Veterans For Peace, United For Peace And Justice, and Medea Benjamin were completely mum on the attacks.

Not. a. single. reference. to the attacks was found on any of the websites.

Conservatives have been seeing through the anti-war brigades’ b.s. for the longest time, but now the truth should be clear to everyone. Nothing could be more transparent.

I posted excerpts from this article by David Horowitz in my Does The President Hate His Own Country post, but his points are even more apropos, here:

My parents were members of the American Communist Party and I was part of the progressive left, which was the communist left, and which has grown ominously large today, and has seen its candidate elected to the White House. I was the editor of the largest magazine of the New Left, which was organized by the children of communists, so-called red diaper babies like myself. We regarded America as the enemy. We began as an isolated political minority, but the hate America crowd has grown alarmingly in size since then. Today, nobody is embarrassed about slandering his own country even in time of war — and this includes our current president, who recently apologized for the actions of his country to Latin American communists, Jew-haters and self-declared enemies, such as Venezuela’s Chavez and Nicaraguan jefe Daniel Ortega, a degenerate who molested his own daughter.

Here is Obama last year slandering the troops  for doing what he just authorized:

It becomes clear that the real goal of the anti-war left is to weaken America, the country they believe is to blame for all of the world’s ills:

During the Vietnam years, the goal of the so-called antiwar movement was to cause America to lose the war — and that includes every leader of the anti-Vietnam left: John Kerry, Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, and so on. The anti-Vietnam movement wanted America to lose because for the left, for progressives, we are the bad guys: America, the oppressor. America did lose the Vietnam war as a result of our protests. The anti-American antiwar movement forced America to give up the fight for freedom in Vietnam, to retreat from the field of battle, to withdraw overnight. It was the same prescription that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed and the congressional Democrats wanted for Iraq. Fortunately they failed, and consequently Iraq is not ruled by terrorists today.

But in Indo-China the ending was different. Once America quit the field of battle, the Communists proceeded to slaughter two-and a-half million poor Vietnamese and Cambodian peasants – one of the worst genocides in history. But there wasn’t a single demonstration by progressives against this atrocity. Bloodbaths are okay if they are committed by progressives of color in the name of “social justice.”

From Communism to Islamo-fascism, the left in America – as elsewhere – has had a lifelong love affair with tyranny and terror, which is the title of an important book that one of my FrontPage editors, Jamie Glazov, has just published. It’s called: United in Hate, the Left’s Love Affair with Tyranny and Terror. That is who they are. Progressives are adept at speaking the language of peace and love and justice; but these words are just a smokescreen for their real agendas which are search and destroy. Anybody who has ever encountered a progressive up close in any kind of political disagreement knows that this is a hate movement. They hate conservatives; they hate Republicans; they hate white males, and increasingly they hate Christians and Jews. They hated George Bush.

You see the evidence of the Christian, Jew, and Bush bashing everywhere you look.

You see it in the escalating attacks on Carrie Prejean. You see it on the Anti-war websites which are mum on Obama’s airstrikes but passionately condemn Israel’s air-strikes into Gaza. You see it with the continuing blame of everything that’s wrong in the country, nay the world on former President Bush.

When did America become so blind? How did it come to this?

Hat tip: Instapundit


The Environmental Republican post I linked to above, is from January 24, following Obama’s first airstrike into Pakistan. I had mistakenly assumed it was a recent post as it was linked to by Instapundit. A recheck of the anti war group websites that he linked to reveal crickets on the more recent airsrikes, too.


Well, we finally found an organization willing to condemn the airstrikes.

Thank you CAIR, for your intellectual honesty.


For one of the best rants of righteous indignation directed toward the anti-war left, you will ever read, see Mike at Cold Fury.

10 thoughts on “The Anti-War Left EXPOSED

  1. Unfortunately, Mr. Horowitz only takes us halfway there. Yes, “the left” wanted us to lose the war, but whose bidding were they (probably unwittingly) doing? Who was financing their activities? The people who had the most to gain if the war was drug out over a long period of time, that’s who. Who made the most money off of that war? Who was loaning us the money, at interest, to fight that war. And is it possible that Pres. Kennedy was killed because he was going to start pulling us out of that war and because he was going to take us back to a precious metals based currency that would eliminate the need for for the people who were loaning us the money? Maybe you believe in magic bullets too.


  2. Gee Deb, hope I’m not scaring people off. Maybe I should not comment for a while and see if it picks up. 🙂


  3. Seemed like it was yesterday too, but I’m here for ya lady. Unless, like I said, ya think my “crazy” ideas are hurting ya, then I’ll be gone. Will miss ya but….


  4. Are you nuts? (duh, of course you are)…crazy is what we do, here.

    My internet has been down, or slow for the past few days, so I’ve done light posting.

    We just got a new router so it’s improved somewhat. AT&T is coming out tomorrow.


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  6. I don’t know if you can say that America has been blind – there have been a decent number of people shouting this from the battlements for years. The simple fact is, most people just didn’t want to accept that it was true. Therefore, even the most obvious evidence was excused as the acts of – at most – “small groups of whackos,” and the whole concept of a homegrown treasonous core was tut-tutted by everyone who wasn’t at least kinda allied with them.


  7. Speaking from first hand experience (dealing with the anti war left) coming home from combat in Vietnam, we were greeted with chants of “BABY KILLERS” “hell no we won’t go” throwing brown bags filled with dog crap.These people (some of them) went on to be journalist-lef wing-politicians-college professors.

    These people (the Anti War) crowd are corrupt,hate America Marxist… with the Stealth Muslim Obama leading the pack…

    Gary Gatehouse
    Gettin after Lefty Conservative Talk internet talk show


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