Catholics Rip Obama And Notre Dame University

I keep hearing that support for Obama is high among Catholics, but I wonder what kind of Catholics? Regular church goers, or your twice a year cafeteria variety? I don’t know, but the non supporters seem to be the most vocal and most persuasive.

To wit: Ave Maria commencement speaker, Dr. Thomas Hilgers, who used his address on Saturday to sharply criticize Notre Dame’s decision to host President Barack Obama as its own commencement speaker on May 17.

Commencement speaker Dr. Thomas Hilgers, an obstetrician from Omaha who Ave Maria President Nicholas Healy described as a pioneer in “gynecological practices that are line with the teachings of the Catholic Church,” used his address to blast Notre Dame University’s decision to host President Barack Obama as its own commencement speaker on May 17.

Calling Obama “viciously pro-abortion,” Hilgers railed against Obama’s policies while likening the president to his own commencement speaker in the 1960s – a young priest Hilgers said later turned out to be “a denier of the Resurrection, pro-homosexuality and pro-contraception.”

Obama has “made available embryonic stem cell research funds, and as an obstetrician, I am in the cross-hairs of Obama’s administration,” said Hilgers, who received an honorary degree from the university.

Addressing the students directly, Hilgers said: “You’re going to be in the group of people – praise the Lord – who will have the opportunity to be a part of the culture of life.”

Father John Corapi, the powerhouse priest seen on EWTN  tells Notre Dame what’s what in no uncertain terms:

List of 70 Bishops who have responded to the Notre Dame Controversy, here.

What a bunch of fuddy duddies, huh?

Why can’t they be more like this “prominent Washington theologian”, and focus on more important things.

Hat tip: Gateway Pundit for the Ave Maria story, and Bruce at Curmudgeon’s Corner for the Father Corapi video.

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9 thoughts on “Catholics Rip Obama And Notre Dame University

  1. Off Topic,

    There are Two expressions of divinity in a mans life. Some believe in god, I don’t, and that is a discussion meant for different situations.

    However, that is one absolute in everyone’s life, especially for a young boy, and for young boys who grow into decent men.

    That is their mother.

    Happy Mothers day Deb, happy mothers day to all the mommy’s, and all of you layabout lazy EFF’s, get your ass together call your mom, and hug your wife, and let them know how much you love them.


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  3. It would be helpful an acclaration about the catholicity of Notre Dame U. Is it realy a catholic U? what is the difference between catholic University of america, next to the Shrine of the Ibnmacuklate Conceoption, and Georgetown U.? and Notre Dame U?

    Why did the Pope go to Catholic University of americ and did nit visit Georgetown on his first trip as Pope to the US? Will he ever visit Georgetown, Notre Dame?

    There has to be a difference and a profoiund one. Am I correct??


  4. It’s supposed to be. But after this affront to our deeply held beliefs, I daresay, many Catholics will not consider it even nominally Catholic.


  5. Dear Deb: I came across your site while searching for info on Notre Dame University.

    Take a look at the ad placed by Google right under the heading of your May 9th entry “Catholics Rip Obama and Notre Dame Univeristy: it speaks volumes about Google’s anti-Catholic bias.


  6. God bless him for standing up for the unborn! There’s no more important task, nothing more Godly that can be done than standing up for the unborn against the people who continue to facilitate the American Holocaust.


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