Bombshell!: Digitally Magnified Photo Of Air Force One Surfaces

One picture from the infamous photo op of Air Force One buzzing around NYC was finally released by the Obama administration on Friday, and an unidentified digital photography expert has digitally magnified the photo.

Below is an exclusive of the shocking result:


Needless to say, the photography expert wishes to remain anonymous.

More evidence has also appeared at America Is An Obamanation.


IOWNTHEWORLD has an image capture of another Obama NYC flyover.


Ann Althouse gets an Instalanche for wondering who was in that plane when we’ve got the goods, right here!


It seems that Obama is now trying to blame the whole fiasco on his own kids… NOT FUNNY.


Yet Another photo of Air Force One surfaces.

No wonder people were running in terror!


Ace of Spades, Ann Althouse and Anchoress readers.


The Freepers have their Air Force One photo op/photo shop contest up and running. You’d better go take a look.

9 thoughts on “Bombshell!: Digitally Magnified Photo Of Air Force One Surfaces

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  2. the entire “photo op” story is a very bad lie. the proof of it is in the very bad photo they first released, actually wanting the public to think that single photo was the purpose of the flight. how absurd.

    look at the photo. u can clearly see that it was an impromptu camera shot from the chase plane fighter pilot who was obviously taking a personal momento. for sure, he probably had to get permission to bring his camera (almost all fighter jocks take a camera unless told not to do so when on secret missions) professionally speaking, this photo is: out-of-focus, the glare from the canopy is clearly seen, and the pixels digitizing is off (rasterizing) just look at the paint job and the tail flag. compare these two versions of supposedly the same pic:

    then here’s the “enhanced” version:

    …which means, and what they apparently want the public to think, is that the poor fighter pilot’s pic was obviously confiscated immediately when the sheet-hit-the-fan and then the pic was run through the Department of Obama Photoshop (soon to be a Cabinet-level Secretary?) before released to the media as “proof” of the flight just being a “photo op”…

    i call bullshit. a true photo op of aircraft flying is done with the best of photographers and equipment. little if any photoshopping would be needed to enhance true photography – and there would literally be 100s of pix and film. YET EVEN MORE importantly, is if they really were just going to photoshop a single, solitary pic of the Statue of Liberty with AF-One, then… why the unecessary flight? surely the professional sycophants at the Department of Obama Photoshop don’t need the flight NOR the chase plane to create whatever illusions they wish for the master.

    this flight over NY was NOT a “photo op” regardless of what they claim. IMO it was a bonus joyride for somebody. we will never know who, but the HINT is: who was renting the Lincoln Bedroom that week… betcha betcha betcha… follow the money honey! 😉 reeko


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