Link Roundup:Obama’s Poisonous Economy


Hey, Y’all should stop spending so much!


AP Blows The Deficit Reporting, Part I: The $175 Billion (Yawn) Accounting Change

AP Blows The Deficit Reporting, Part II: The Invisible April Receipts Dive

You have to see it to believe it.

Instapundit: “If Obama were trying to wreck America as a superpower, what would he be doing differently?”

Bob McCarty: Economy Continues to Depress Petroleum Deliveries

Ace of Spades HQ:

Another Hidden Cost of Obama’s Thuggish Economics: Undermining the Cost-Effective Rule of Law

Oh, Right, the Social Security Problem is Obama’s Fault, Too

Obama’s “Green Shoots” Not Taking Root

Prophet of Doom: Social Security is Hemorrhaging Red, T-Bills Won’t Sell, America’s Bond Rating May Be Cut

Poll: By 3-to-1 Majority, Public Says It’s Time for Obama to Stop Blaming Bush and Start Taking Responsibility


Zero Hedge: Why I’m Freaking Out

WSJ: Tax Increases Could Kill the Recovery – The cap-and trade levy would hit low-income earners especially hard.

Gateway Pundit: True Audacity– Biggest Borrower in History Tells ASU Students Not to Live On Credit

How will Obama pay for healthcare?

Wall Street Journal: Soda Tax Weighed to Pay for Health Care
ABC News: Will Obama Tax Your Health Benefits?
New York Times: Change in Estate Tax Suggested to Pay for Health Care
Bloomberg: Obama Proposes New Taxes on Dealers, Life Insurance
Wall Street Journal: Union Calls For Foreign Profits Tax To Fund Health Reform
Wall Street Journal: White House Seeks Tax Changes to Fund Health Efforts
CQ Politics: Tax Plan Calls for Corporate Hikes

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The RNC, thinking along the same lines as me:

The Obama Card

Greta Van Susteren has trouble containing herself when she hears Obama lecturing Americans about our “unsustainable deficit”:

Good ol’ Greta!

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