Obama’s Unsustainable Debts

Let’s take a trip down Memory Lane, shall we? Here’s Obama joking about his gargantuan stimulus bill in early Feb at the Democrat retreat:

Yay! You go Obama! Truth to power, baby.

Note the “stimulometer” showing the gauge pointing directly toward “paychecks”, and away from “souplines”. See the theory was…all that spending would lead to immediate jobs….

Okay, so did it “jump start” the economy as planned?



According to Geoff’s now famous chart, which is simply the Obama administration’s chart with their own projections of the unemployment rate with the actual up to date figures (added on by Geoff), represented by the triangles.

Okay, soooo, maybe that “jump start” is taking a little longer than they had hoped for? As Rachel Maddow would say, “RIGHT!”

Everybody knows massive spending “stimulates” the economy,  (that’s the whole point, silly!)…so it must be a good thing, right?…….

Right?!…..Oops, not so much:

So maybe even more spending is called for?

american-depress-6Hey, y’all should stop spending so much!

The “stimulometer” couldn’t be reached for comment.

See  Acres of Independence for more commentary on the efficacy of Obama’s stimulus.

See also iOWNTHEWORLD for BigFurHat’s unique take.

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