Say No To Koh

I had the pleasure of listening in on  a conference call with Ed Whelan,  Andrew McCarthy, Eric Erickson, Michelle Malkin, and many other bloggers and radio hosts, to discuss the nomination of Yale Law School Dean and transnationalist Harold Koh to be the legal adviser at the State Department.

I wrote about Koh back in March after his name was first brought up.

Michelle Malkin liveblogged…(I was multi-tasking – what can I say?):


Andy McCarthy: “It’s clear from Dean Koh’s record that he’s a post-sovereign transnationalist. A term he’s used himself. It’s my position that American jurisprudence is built on the concept of national sovereignty and Koh would mark a radical departure from that…Opposing Koh is not an attack on his integrity or a claim that he is not a very brilliant law professor…I want to stipulate that all these things are so…you can oppose somebody on policy grounds without taking the position that he is the devil incarnate…

Ed Whelan: Website resource: Koh attacks America’s “distinctive rights culture,” wants to take care of conflicts by eroding those rights. Conversely, he wants to invent new rights favored by Left. Favors misuses treaties. Supports massive liability on American corporations for entirely lawful activities.

See No Koh: The Coalition To Preserve American Sovereignty for info and news:

According to the Facebook group trying to get transnationalist Harold Koh confirmed, public opposition to the Koh confirmation is growing:

A recent anti-Koh effort by the “Traditional Values Coalition” (see and has generated hundreds of anti-Koh letters to Senators.

Kudos to Traditional Values Coalition for reaching out so effectively and building the pressure to oppose Koh’s dangerous nomination.

Ed Whelan has done extensive research on Koh and encourages people to look through the dossier he’s compiled on him. It’s everything you ever wanted to know about Koh, but didn’t have an entire afternoon to read. But go skim through it, anyway to get a taste of just how awful this appointment to the State Dept. would be.

The Gun Owners of America are especially concerned:

Don’t Let Senate Confirm “A World Drowning in Guns” Author: Do you want Harold Koh shaping U.S. foreign policy?
The full Senate will soon vote on whether to confirm Obama nominee Harold Koh as Legal Advisor to the State Department.  As columnist Oliver North reminds us, “The person holding the position helps formulate and implement U.S. foreign policy; advises the Justice Department on cases with international implications; influences U.S. positions on issues considered by international bodies; represents the U.S. at treaty negotiations and international conferences; [and] has input into the drafting of Security Council resolutions and the interpretation of treaties.”

Koh is an activist lawyer who wants to make U.S. law subordinate to international law, particularly on gun control.  In 2002, he gave a speech titled “A World Drowning in Guns” which, according to Heritage’s Brian Darling, called for a U.N.-governed regime that would make the U.S. “submit information about their small arms production” (read more here).

Someone who believes the U.N. should control or regulate U.S. policy does not belong in the State Department. Contact your senators and ask them to vote against the confirmation of Harold Koh as the State Department’s legal advisor.

Whelan and McCarthy agreed that time was of the essence on this matter, because Koh’s appointment may be coming up for a vote shortly after Memorial Day. That means getting the word out. Sending emails…spreading the word on blogs, talk radio, Facebook, and most importantly of all, (and they couldn’t stress this enough)…get ahold of your Senators. Even the Democrat ones…especially the Democrats, because we need some moderates Dems to help us shoot this down.



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  1. I do so wish they, them…you movie buffs know to whom I refer….would just go ahead and make my day. I grow weary of all this pussy footing around. Pass your bans then come get us.


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