Payback Time: Review Finds Closing Chrysler Dealerships Were Republican Donors


Doug Ross @ Journal took a look at all of the owners whose names appeared more than once in the Chrysler dealer closing list, and:

of those who contributed to political campaigns, every single one had donated almost exclusively to GOP candidates. While this isn’t an exhaustive review, it does have some ominous implications if it can be verified.

Ross says the evidence points to a highly partisan decision-making process. Check out his blog for specifics.

Is anyone surprised? It’s the Chicago way.


Chrysler Dealership In New York Not Going Down Without A Fight

More Details On The Chrysler Threats

White House Threatens Chrysler Non-Tarp Investment Companies (UPDATED)


One dealership being closed in Florida is owned by a Republican congressman:

Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., a businessman who has owned car dealerships since 1992, learned Thursday that his Venice, Fla., Dodge dealership was among those scheduled to be terminated. “It’s an outrage. It’s not about me. I’m going to be fine,” said Buchanan, the dealership’s majority owner. “You’re talking over 100,000 jobs. We’re supposed to be in the business of creating jobs, not killing jobs.”

Just sayin’.


Via Gateway Pundit, This dealer says there was no rhyme or reason to the closings that he can see…. His dealership was making a good profit, which contradicts the argument that only the dealerships in the bottom 25% were supposed to close:


Hot Air on the story now, with an update from Reliapundit:



A lawyer for Chrysler dealers facing closure as part of the automaker’s bankruptcy reorganization said on Tuesday he believes Chrysler executives do not support a plan to eliminate a quarter of its retail outlets.

Lawyer Leonard Bellavia, of Bellavia Gentile & Associates, who represents some of the terminated dealers, said he deposed Chrysler President Jim Press on Tuesday and came away with the impression that Press did not support the plan.

“It became clear to us that Chrysler does not see the wisdom of terminating 25 percent of its dealers,” Bellavia said. “It really wasn’t Chrysler’s decision. They are under enormous pressure from the President’s automotive task force.”

You see now how this process could become politicized?

When it comes to the Obama administration…it’s always the worst case scenario.


Michelle Malkin cautions bloggers to be careful in reporting this story:

Here are two examples from my own cursory review of the Republican donors listed by other bloggers:

Florida GOP Rep. Vern Buchanan is on the list. What no one has mentioned, though, is that he has a record of financial shadiness and his dealerships have been embroiled in fraud lawsuits.

Then there’s Illinois/Missouri car dealer James Auffenberg, Jr., who was recently acquitted by a Virgin Islands jury in a massive tax and wire fraud case — but still may face civil action to collect millions in alleged unpaid taxes.

It’s unpopular to say, but there are probably many dealerships on the list that deserve to be closed down.

Duly noted.

“Keep digging”, she advises.

A new website has been set up for just that purpose (thanks, for pointing me to it, Max Power):

Chrysler Dealership Campaign Donation Information


Michelle Malkin takes a look at some of the protected dealerships as seen at Chrysler Dealership Campaign Donation Information.

Also check out all the recent updates at Doug Ross @ Journal…

…stay tuned.


Gateway Pundit is  aggressively pursuing this story.

Other bloggers are tip toeing…


The obligatory photoshop:


A Nice Deb original.


Dealergate: Additional Research Shows Definite Closing Bias

39 thoughts on “Payback Time: Review Finds Closing Chrysler Dealerships Were Republican Donors

  1. I can’t imagine how Chrysler Corps would know what candidate or party an individual dealer made donations to. This doesn’t make sense.


  2. If you read the linked article, Bruce, you’ll see that it’s simple enough to look up who donates where. Huffington Post maintains a database where it’s very simple to look up contributions.


  3. So Chrysler is closing 800 dealerships. We need the list of all of these dealerships, their sales volumes, market share, and then campaigns to which they donated. How does one find the ‘list’?


  4. Here’s the list of dealerships:

    Doug Ross has some of the donor records, which thus far show most donated to Republicans, or against Obama. Only one on the list voted for Obama.

    Open secrets tracks political donations:

    I’m trying to find a “save list” to find out if they turn out to be mostly Obama voters.


  5. Do yourself a favor and don’t contribute to political causes. Keep your name off of the wrong lists. should have been enough to send that signal. This is far worse if true.


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  7. This revelation is disgusting. I was suspicious and even felt a bit guilty with myself on my suspicion. I wish I had been wrong. This stuff makes me ache inside. WTF is going on in this country?!!!


  8. I’m still not convinced – no matter I don’t trust TheOne as far as I can throw him. My Dodge dealership – from which I bought my Ram and our sons Charger – is not on the list. From speaking to the owner any number of times I know he is a staunch conservative and donates that way. He is also a 5-Star dealer and sells a huge number of vehicles yearly – which was supposed to be the deciding factor.

    Can I prove that? Of course not, but to say at this point it was only GOP contributors who were hit is, I think, premature. Time will tell.


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  13. Nate Silver at debunked this since Ross decided not to use a control group. Car dealers are 88% repub as would be expected (middle age white males working in business) so a sampling of them that returns 90% repub should be expected.


  14. Nothing has been debunked. We have been going forward with the assumption that the majority of dealerships were Republican.

    Via Doug Ross, the research is showing:

    ALL CLOSED DEALERS: ratio of 100:1 GOP:Dem donations.

    OPEN DEALERS INVESTIGATED THUS FAR: ratio of 5:1 GOP:Dem donations, with several major Dem contributors.

    You don’t see bias there?


  15. That is not correct. His data doesn’t show 100:1 for GOP vs DEM. It is showing the one guy who supported Obama to everyone else and including other DEM supporters as GOP. You then need to prove that there is a larger number of Obama supporters that are not being closed. If you look strickly GOP:DEM than there is no differeance between car dealers open and those that closed.


  16. But there has been shown a difference, and it’s still being investigated, so I don’t know how you can say definitely that there is no difference between dealerships that stayed open and those that closed.

    Here is what one person is looking into:

    a common bias in both sets against Dems for their support of CAFE standards.

    Total dealers in the class
    Percent who donated to Obama (campaign fund or DNC Joint Victory Fund)
    Count of donors who gave
    Total of donations
    Average donation per donor

    There are over 2000 dealers involved, here, so this is going to take some time.


  17. Either way the car dealers have to close or start building vehicles that don’t use fossil fuels. We only have so much of the stuff.

    And another silly comment is birthed and abandonned to die in a festering pool of its own stupidity.

    1. Car dealers don’t BUILD the cars, genius.

    2. There is plenty of oil left, even under US soil, but control freaks who failed economics would rather glom onto the obscene fallacy of “Green Jobs” and the foolish notion that by hamstringing our economy in the service of Gaia, we and we alone “will save the planet”, regardless of emerging economies that will come to dominate us, as they unrepentantly “rape the Earth” as a means to better their societies.


  18. Ugh…please try reading.

    Expected oil would total 15-20 billion barrels over the next 50 years if drilling limits were repealed! We use 8 billion barrels per year. This is like a drop in the ocean. Would not effect prices or oil import needs in much more than a few cents.


  19. You try reading:

    Domestic drilling can’t eliminate our dependence on imports, but it can substantially reduce our dependence on imports from this (the Middle east) region. The American Petroleum Institute has predicted that drilling in Alaska would cut imports by 5 percentage points. There are also huge deposits of oil to be found offshore in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. An estimated 3-15 billion barrels of oil exist off the coast of Louisiana. Shale oil deposits in the Rocky Mountains are possibly three times the size of Saudi Arabia’s reserves. The so-called Bakken Shale in North Dakota contains up to 4.3 billion barrels of oil. All this dwarfs the approximately 500 million barrels that we import from Saudi Arabia each year.
    Reducing our dependence on imports from the Middle East would also substantially help our balance of trade and strengthen the dollar. A 10% cut in imports would be more than $20 billion in American coffers rather than sent elsewhere, often to regimes that despise us. Expanding domestic production would also buy us time to develop alternative energy technologies such as hydrogen and biofuels that are not yet ready for mass use.

    But of course it would take 8-10 years to get started. Much better to impose policies that make gas prices sky rocket before unproven alternative energy technologies are even available.

    Smart smart thinking.


  20. <>

    8 to 10 years? I don’t think so. Alaska can do it in less, and the post you were replying to failed to mention that there’s still oil and natural gas here to be had. We could have already been drilling in North Dakota.

    Has no one noticed? America is giving away all her production, not just oil and automobile production. Even our services our going overseas: tech support in India and Asia. Wonder why we don’t have more jobs? Duh!


  21. Chrysler: If you had just used the idea I wrote you about and remade the 68-69 Charger model (no such thing as 4-door Chargers!), maybe you’d’ve sold more.

    Now where am I supposed to get parts for all the classic Mopars we’ve saved throughout the years?

    Anyone wanna’ buy a 1968 numbers matching Charger R/T? LOL!


  22. Don’t forget the fact that only 22% of federally leased lands owned by Oil companies is currently being drilled. They don’t even use the land they currently have access too.


  23. So what is your point. Whatever the reason for not using it (time to locate oil or indifference) it is still not yet tapped. That means they have 78% of their leased lands to still explore and drill from.


  24. Troy, you’re woefully misinformed. I have freinds in the oil business in California, Texas, and Alaska who get mad as hell when they hear the 8-10 years lie repeated as gospel, and they don’t understand why people in the oil business were never consulted for a REAL estimate of the time it would take to put these fields into production.

    As for the leased lands argument, it is equally hollow. As ND pointed out, leasing the land is only part of the equation, and unfortunately, when Dhimicrats in Congress are more concerned about the habitat of the North Dakota Stinkfly or the North Slope Child Sucker Mosquito than they are for the baby humans and their parents who could be employed making the products that use the finished products of drilling, allowing them to raise their own standard of living and therefore live a life better than animals, and they will frequently block any development of these oil fields, increasing our dependency of foreign oil and doing significant damage to our own economy and standard of living.
    Being a person with a better than average understanding of history and science, I understand that species go extinct all the time without the detriment of human activity as a contributing factor. This being the case, I know that it is a suicidal hubris possessing our lawmakers when they forbid us to do things that increase our national security, improve our economy, standard of living, and overall living condition.


  25. So you ignored my point which is true. The article you sent me too says they need time to explore the land they are currently leasing. If they haven’t explored all of that then why should we open more before they are done looking at what they already have.

    Seems like you still need some info. Yes 99.9% of all species ever born are now extinct, but those occurred over millions of years of evolution. Now we are killing species at an unbelievable rate that new species can not replace them in nature at the same rate.

    I will give you points for distracting this whole site from the original disagreement on Chrysler dealers which is now a laughing stock.


  26. The federally leased land which isn’t being drilled is a complex, issue, which is why libs like to use it as a talking point. Yes, there is land not being used… I’ll try again to explain with another link, because it’s certainly not my area of expertise, and obviously not yours, either:

    Believe me, with oil at $130 per barrel, they would drill on those lands if it made sense to do so! No, not all oil and gas leases are “being used”, because not all of them have production-worthy quantities of oil or gas. Lots of people have property that is not being used, but government doesn’t use it as an excuse to take it away, or to forbid the owners from buying other property.

    First, a company may lease property, but never have the funds to properly explore it or drill an exploratory well. Second, after paying for further tests (such as seismic), they often decide the lease isn’t worth the high, high costs of drilling after all. Or they may hold onto the lease for years until either higher oil prices or new technology makes it feasible to drill. Third, a company may lease property but drill on another tract (which drains a “pool” that covers multiple leased tracts), so perhaps they’re counting it as “not used” if no well is sunk on that particular piece of property. Fourth, they may try to drill and be blocked by government bureaucrats, environmental lawsuits, etc.

    Finally, not all acres are alike. Some have lots of oil. Others have virtually known. Saying they’re not drilling for oil everywhere is like faulting them for not digging a gold mine on every acre.

    ANWR, as Sarah Palin has explained on many occasions, is ready to be tapped. Now,

    As for Dealergate. You, obviously have put all your trust in this Ned Selders person’s weak analysis based on incomplete Huffpo data, and who hasn’t said a peep about it since his lame post . You’ll note that no one in the right wing blogsosphere who has posted about this has backed down, in fact more are jumping on board every day.

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    It’s clear that they didn’t use the formula for determining whether a dealership should close or not: “sales volume, customer service scores, local market share and average household income in the immediate area.” as many top selling Republican dealers went down. Cronyism, and “pay to play” is the Chicago way.

    So keep laughing. The truth will come out. Just like it is about ACORN.


  27. Here in the Dallas area, Ray Huffines is on the hit list. This family has been dealers for generations. They have 4 Chrysler and 4 Other Dealerships, plus their used cars. They contributed to the RNC.
    Troy, the only laughingstock here is you. Do you even appreciate the irony where you’re claiming Deb manufactured a distraction? Another clueless commenter did that and YOU jumped on it so you could tick it off your trolling list.


  28. Deb didn’t make up anything. It was Doug Ross, but you didn’t even look that far. But the point stands that picking a single example doesn’t prove a single thing. They had a dealer on yesterday from MA and he was a democrat, so I think they targeted Democrats!!!!


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  30. Well, given that when you look at dealerships as a whole the general breakdown is 66-75% donate Republican and 25-33% donate to Democrats, are you really that shocked that something like a hair over 3/4ths of closed dealerships are Republican donors?

    When you factor in their will be a higher number of rural dealerships in the poor performing catagory, and democrats are more prevalent in urban areas, the number seems to be about right.


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