Barack Come Home!!

So here we are, what with our economic woes, staffing problems in the administration, huge domestic policy changes, and Congress running rampant and often contra to the wishes of the President. And where is President Obama? Planning more trips to foreign lands.

It’s usually the Republican presidents who neglect domestic policy, but at this point I think we can safely say that our current President has decided quite consciously to set his sights abroad. He sure does seem to like to get out of the US:


And that’s not counting his domestic travel – in particular his ill-timed fund-raising trip for Harry Reid and the like. With unemployment scheduled to break 9% this month, I think I’d prefer that he keep his fanny in Washington and start giving us some of that oversight of government spending that he promised.

On the other hand, it will be fun to watch him visit the Saudi king again. He’ll be so stiff trying to avoid looking like he’s prostrating himself that it should make for great video footage.

And maybe his time abroad will slow down his poorly considered health care reform nonsense.

[NiceDeb was quite severe with me for never posting at her site, so here goes. This was cross-posted at Uncommon Misconceptions.]


8 thoughts on “Barack Come Home!!

  1. I was NOT severe with you!

    Totally severe.

    Also, I changed a “me” to “I” in your previous post, ‘cuz of which my wife has pounded the appropriate usage into me.

    More severity.


  2. You have that completely wrong. Obama is the spokesman for the office of the president, not the president. Axelrod is in charge of public relations and send Obama (and his teleprompter) where he thinks it will do the most good. Meanwhile the real work goes on in the Whitehouse. If you look at Obama’s schedule it becomes clear he is not attending the key meetings, he is not participating in the key decisions. Oh, he may have some symbolic say, but it is like his stint in the Senate (US and Illinois). He just accepts pretty much what he is told. Is that bad? Well, it all depends on how smart you think the folks doing the work are (or I suppose how much worse Obama would be if he was making the decisions). I find it an interesting charade.


  3. NiceDeb and Geoff – okay you two. play nice now. Geoff, I’m sure Deb could have been a lot more severe with you (you should see how she kicks me around for some of my comments). And Deb, I’m sure Geoff is a very busy guy what with making charts and graphs and thingys and being married too. Now, let’s have a friendly hug and make up.


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