ACORN Is A Criminal Enterprise

Kris Kobach, running for Kansas Secretary of State  sums up his motivation in just one word:

“ACORN,” he told a modest audience that gathered Thursday for lunch at Salina’s Western Sizzlin restaurant.

Salina is one of eight cities Kobach, who until recently was chairman of the Kansas Republican Party, is visiting to announce his desire to be secretary of state.

ACORN — the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now — is an aggressive get-out-the-vote organization that represents low- and moderate-income people nationally. “Since 1970, ACORN has been building community organizations that are committed to social and economic justice,” its Web site says.

Kobach describes it differently.

“ACORN is a criminal enterprise,” he said Thursday.

He said 12 ACORN workers in Missouri were convicted of violating voter laws in connection with 2006 elections.

Voter fraud was the central theme of Kobach’s campaign stop. He warned of the “rise of ACORN” and said it was only after the November election that he learned ACORN has three offices in Kansas.

“We didn’t find out until after the election how busy they have been in Kansas,” he said.

Read the entire article. Good luck to Kobach. He’s fighting a good fight.

If you haven’t read Michelle Malkin’s document drop on ACORN, yet…better get over there. The spotlight is on this criminal enterprise, and it’s not going away anytime, soon.


2 thoughts on “ACORN Is A Criminal Enterprise

  1. Does anyone think for one second that Holder’s DOJ will file RICO charges against the two cretins who run ACORN? I have $20 bucks here that says no way. Hey – I’m on SocSec or I’d make it $500. The deck is being stacked.

    2010 ought to be interesting. If these scumbags try a similar attempt at intimidation while armed with a deadly weapon (police billy), they just might find themselves up against a white man who is:
    1- upset at being called “cracker”, and/or
    2- armed.

    Why weren’t these guys charged under existing “hate crime” statutes? Why weren’t they prosecuted for possession of deadly weapons? Are there different rules for whites and blacks?

    Rhetorical question – no response required …

    It’s going to hit the fan, folks. Mark my words, it’s just a matter of time.


  2. I just hope people come to their senses at the ballot box.

    (by the way…I took the second half of this post, about the black panthers and made it its own post).


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