My, My: The Obama Administration Has Really Endeared Itself To the Brits, Hasn’t It?

Two opeds about Obama in the UK Telegraph, today, and wow, they’re doozies.

Item One:


Memo to Obama attack dog Robert Gibbs: stop pooping on our lawn

Ouch. Not impressed with Gibbs..not impressed with Obama. Here’s a taste:

Memo to US Press secetary Robert Gibbs

1. Congratulations. Your presidential regime has managed to secure the most supine, slobbering, spineless, unquestioning media coverage since Enver Hoxha’s Albania. A report last month by the Center for Media and Public Affairs said Obama has received more coverage than his two predecessors combined. On ABC, CBS and NBC news the majority of evaluations – 58 per cent – have been favourable. (Compare GW Bush – 33 per cent; Bill Clinton 44 per cent – in first 50 days of office). More importantly, you have Pravda. Yes, no less than 73 per cent of all evaluative comments in your chief propaganda organ – aka The New York Times – have been favourable to Obama.

2. Sure your congenitally libtard Mainstream Media were probably biased that way anyway, but you have played your part. Your combative style – which led you to dismiss the entire British print media just now in one glib, sneering phrase – has earned you the nickname “The Enforcer.” You have a reputation for coming down hard on any media outlet which doesn’t follow your approved version of reality. “I work the referee a little bit,” as you once put it. (A reference, perhaps, to when you played goalkeeper for your college football team).

Go read the entire thing. I think it’s safe to say that the James Delingpole is not “enchanted”.

Item two:


Barack Obama: all the bad guys are giving President Pantywaist the finger

HAHAHHAHAHAHA…. heh. ….*sob!!*:

Kim Jong-il, the charismatic and popular (if you are a Pyongyang resident and covet a life expectancy of more than 24 hours) Dear Leader of North Korea, is on his sixth or seventh missile this week. See the pretty vapour trails streak across Asian skies, in an impressive firework display to celebrate the arrival of President Pantywaist in the Oval Office.

School’s out! Suddenly it is playtime for all the naughtier elements in the more “reclusive” parts of the world who enjoy kicking Uncle Sam’s butt but didn’t much relish tangling with Dick Cheney and (what was that other guy’s name?). This time Comrade Kim is really throwing his toys out of the playpen. He has even unilaterally revoked the 1953 armistice between the Korean War belligerents, which means, in case anybody is interested, that North and South Korea are once more at war.

So, what is the response of the Messiah in the Oval Office? Really severe rhetoric, is the answer. The soundbite manufacturers have been burning the midnight oil and the auto-cue is going into meltdown. So is the confidence of Asian leaders. The word is out: the most powerful nation on earth has got itself a pussycat for a president and all the bad guys are queuing up to give him the finger.

Again, read on. It’s cathartic, albeit disturbing.

Of course, that was Gerald Warner who was never fooled for a minute.


6 thoughts on “My, My: The Obama Administration Has Really Endeared Itself To the Brits, Hasn’t It?

  1. O has Gibbs around because Gibbs is such a piece of shit that he makes O look good, that simple. The Unpleasant, sneering, sarcastic, incompetant, contentious, Fat, bald, ugly and bespeceled little white mouse makes by contrast, O look confident, eloquent, reasonable, likeable knowledgable and course: cccooolll!


  2. Its nice to see that our cousins are waking up to the fact that the world is populated with dangerous people and that The Prentender is more likely to have them over for tea and crumpets than he would swat them on the snout with a rolled-up newspaper…which is just about all most US papers are good for these days.


  3. Unpleasant, sneering, sarcastic, incompetant, contentious, Fat, bald, ugly and bespeceled little white mouse

    You just described Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter (exept for the bald part):

    Gibbs with his glasses off.


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