Latest Dealergate Links


Most people, for some reason are still being directed to my first post on Dealergate, meaning my second one, which has been keeping track of the latest blogposts across the right wing blogosphere, is being missed.

So I’m starting a new post just to provide some important links:

(May 29):

Greg’s Weblog: Why Can’t “Liberals” Do Basic Stats

Gateway Pundit: Dealergate Update: Corrupt Dem-Donating Auto Group Keeps Dealerships While GOP-Linked Dealerships Are Closed

Mainstream Texas Conservative: Dealergate Update: What We Have So Far

Ace: Boy, Mack McLarty is a Lucky Guy

(MAY 30):

The Other McCain: What Dealergate Says About The Conservative ‘Message’ Problem

Doug Ross: Awesome!-Olbermann and  Echo chamber inadvertently Confirm Dealergate Findings!

Canada Free Press: What’s Wrong with a little Wealth Redistribution anyway?

Sorry, libs. This story isn’t going away, no matter what your numbers guru, Ned Simpler says.

Doug Ross: Daily Dealergate: A “Dealer Council” and Reverse Discrimination

The latest development: Chrysler’s “Dealer Council” posted a letter at the new Chrysler LLC website. It says that the remaining Chrysler dealers are as pleased as punch with the way the dealership shuffle turned out.

It turns out seven of the dealers were Democrat contributors while three gave to GOP candidates (one was Ron Paul, so the figure is really two).

Josh Painter then sinks the knife in deep with a spot-on coup de grâce:

“If, as the Obama apologists claim, that most car dealers are Republicans, why does the Chrysler Dealer Council have more than twice as many dealers on it who donated to Democrats than those who gave to GOP candidates? Let them chew on that one for a while. I’m sure they will come up with something.”

Gateway Pundit: Shock. Dem Dealers Support Chrysler Closing Plans

Red State: Dealergate 5: Chrysler’s Dealer Council Speaks

MAY 31:

It’s a Kwazy Life: Analyzing the Sanity in Politics That Control Our Lives: Is Dealergate About Politics and Racism? (Update)

Michelle Malkin: Crunching The Numbers” Dealergate And Cronyism Continued

Doug Ross: Red Alert Dealergate

Washington Examiner: Quantitative analysis finds “highly positive correlation” between Chrysler dealer survival and Clinton donors