Abortion Dr. George Tiller Gunned Down, Suspect In Custody

My first reaction to this news…shock and sadness. However much I disapproved of what Tiller did for a living, I do think that he sincerely believed that he was providing a valuable service. And  the manner in which he was assassinated – gunned down in church is horrible! My condolences go out to his family.

Dr. George Tiller, one of the nation’s few providers of late-term abortions despite decades of protests and attacks, was shot and killed Sunday in a church where he was serving as an usher.

The gunman fled, but a 51-year-old suspect was detained some 170 miles away in suburban Kansas City three hours after the shooting, Wichita Deputy Police Chief Tom Stolz said.

Although Stolz refused to release the man’s name, Johnson County sheriff’s spokesman Tom Erickson identified the detained man as Scott Roeder. He has not been charged in the slaying and was expected to be taken to Wichita for questioning.

Gateway Pundit has some additional info on the suspect, who has been identified :

It was not his first arrest.
Free Republic had this from the ADL:

Scott Roeder is sentenced to sixteen months in state prison for parole violations following a 1996 conviction for having bomb components in his car trunk. Roeder, a sovereign citizen and tax protester, violated his parole by not filing tax returns or providing his social security number to his employer.He is a pro-lifer, except when he kills abortionists:

UPDATE 3: Scott Roeder was convicted back in 1996 on bomb charges.
This guy was a nut… and a killer.

UPDATE 4: Roeder was a “Freemen” member:

Topeka, Kan. – Preliminary hearing for Scott Roeder, Freemen member charged with possessing bomb parts.

The Freemen are a radical anti-government group.

Info on the Freeman movement, here.

UPDATE 5: Roeder was on the FBI’s list as a Freeman member back in 1996 when he was arrested:

See Gateway Pundit for screenshot.

So, from what we know so far…this wacko was anti-abortion, and anti-tax.

Great. Just great.

I wonder how the media is going to spin this?

Something tells me that Glenn Beck, and Craig T. Nelson’s anti-tax rebellion just stalled in a big way.

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U.S. Marshals were sent to guard abortion clinics across America today amid fears the murder of a controversial doctor could spark a new wave of violence.

This murder has set off a wave of strong condemnation from pro life groups, but whatever.  In light of recent events, is he going to send marshals out to military recruitment offices, too?

UPDATE: The Daily Mail has since removed that headline, and scrubbed the article of any reference to it.  But other sites like Fox are reporting that Eric Holder is directing US marshals to “facilities across the nation”.

AoSHQ: Bill O’Reilly Implicated In Murder

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21 thoughts on “Abortion Dr. George Tiller Gunned Down, Suspect In Custody

  1. The Leftist drive-bys show their unconscionable depravity and weakness of position when they resort to low-life tactics such as linking a nutcase murderer to Christianity itself. Do we know whether this guy was even a believer at all? Hell, we do not even know who he/she was!

    But this is the kind of needless controversy we stir up when natural laws are ignored or rejected … you can’t fool nature. What do I mean? Our nation was founded on what Jefferson termed natural rights that derive from The Creator. Like it or not, partial birth abortion is murder by any objective standard. Get over it, butchers. When we violate nature’s laws (protecting life being the glaring right at issue here), we cause the whole moral eco-system to go haywire. Its amazing we haven’t seen more than a couple of these abortionists killed. Are we, as a society – as a people- so blinded and insensitive as to believe our violations of natural laws are inconsequential? We have a Bill of Rights to protect us from govt & anarchy. But once we deliberately violate those rights, we invite anarchy such as random murders. Abortion just happens to be the case in point but the same applies to violations of all natural rights. It is time to start using such language, and cut to the core issues, as our Founders did.


  2. I wonder how the media is going to spin this?

    Do you really?

    As I said before, the people who are most gleeful about the murder are on the left. They were already hitting blogs like Ace and Moonbattery with triumphalist “See! We told you so” comments before the corpse was even cold.


  3. The response to leftys connecting this whack job to all conservatives and/or Christians is this:
    If I follow your logic, then all Muslims are head chopping terrorists, is that correct?


  4. And through all of the talk, the elephant in the room are the mountain of dead babies, that died a much more painful and gruesome death.


  5. Calling someone who murders a long-time late-term abortionist as a “christianist” is either ignorant or diabolical. Christians are not all alike. We come in colors, cultures, flavors, and also in varying amounts of knowledge of God, spirituality and self-control.

    Millions of decent Christians have been struggling for years with the slaying of infants in the womb, especially late term ones. And for us it takes a ton of self-control to not want to lash out. I’m a life-time member of Lutherans for Life and heard about this guy in Wichita many years ago. Our organization has NEVER APPROVED of using force or violence to promote what we believe Scripture says about how to deal with abortion. I have often wondered how I could befriend Dr. Tiller if I were a member of his Lutheran church. I’d have a very difficult time “sharing of the Peace” with him in worship, let alone allowing him to usher me to communion. It’s very sad to realize that he faced his death having rejected until his last day on earth the thousands, if not millions, of appeals from Christians that he come to his senses and see that what he was doing was wrong. Like millions of other Christians, I continue to pray for abortion doctors like him to come to their senses, realize the horror in which they engage, and repent. Yea! Repent, which means to turn around and change your attitude and behavior.

    I’ve seen pictures of the ugly reality of the death of these small ones. I know what abortion doctors do. I can’t imagine pulling beautiful and perfect little body parts out of a pregnant woman and not being ashamed of myself. Not seen them yourself? Just go to a website and put your eyes on the remains of these little ones who never were permitted the chance to be nurtured, born, fed, clothed, cuddled, allowed to grow up and learn to play, read, and become decent members of society. I dare folks to not be disgusted. I dare folks to not struggle with what they can do to stop this insanity.

    MOST of us Christians do not justify gunning down any abortionist. But the fact that our nation legally permits this travesty does cause some people to act on their disgust and try to stop this insanity. The reality is that there are natural and likely consequences for the laws we choose to have and enforce, and God is in control allowing those consequences when He chooses.

    I can not help but wonder how our Loving Creator God, Almighty Heavenly Father is looking down upon selfish and self-absorbed Americans who worship “choice” as their god. I continue to pray that God will have mercy on all of us and help those who are deceived and wrong to see their errors and stop aborting infants. If you are touched by all that is happening, then I encourage you to join me and millions of others and pray also. Thanks.


  6. Sparky — Your logic and comparison has some merit, but please consider this differentiation:

    Christians are commanded to LOVE the sinner (the persons) but to HATE the sin (the actions that are wrong). We are to LOVE our ENEMIES and turn the other cheek. If we are OBEDIENT then this is what we are to do and this is what our DOCTRINE spells out.

    OTOH – Islam DOCTRINE and LAWS clearly speak out AGAINST anyone who is not Muslim, which would be Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, or anyone, (even Muslims, who do not follow their own laws), COMMANDING Muslims to destroy us.

    Thank God many Muslims do not follow ALL the DOCTRINE. Several times while traveling with my family in Muslim areas of the world, we have been protected by some extremely decent Muslims. I have written about these people. I thank God for putting them in our lives because they kept us safe in some dicey situations. Many Muslims are like this — and this reality also needs to be considered in how we approach our challenges and the assaults we all are facing.


  7. Granted the Koran speaks against infidels, but I was refering to moderate U.S. Muslims who do not subscribe to the idea of killing others because they don’t believe the same. The left will automatically roll us (conservatives) all into one hate filled group when it’s politically convient. Would they do the same with Muslims?


  8. Jesus stated “He without sin among you let him cast the first stone at her.” Some religious still stone raped women & own women. Who should own them as a slave? Exodus describes no penalty for women who choose to terminate pregnancy, nor does any Bible verse.

    Medically, a fetus becomes a baby at its first breath. Then, siblings recognize it & it’s named, christened, given citizenship, & celebrates zero. Unless you’re a surrogate, the only way to give rights to unborn is to take away women’s.

    Check out the extremism: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/cifamerica/2009/jun/01/george-tiller-abortion-doctor-murder


  9. The left will automatically roll us (conservatives) all into one hate filled group when it’s politically convenient. Would they do the same with Muslims?

    Simple answer? I don’t think the left will ever lump Muslims that way. Heck, the POTUS Obama is probably still a Muslim, right? But I don’t doubt for a moment that others do lump Muslims together — and that concerns me because it is not a solution to any of our problems.

    But the Left will NOT control what I do or say because I fear how they will spin it. I won’t allow them to regulate my actions and attitudes. Some family members are concerned about my level of being outspoken. Personally, I think this is somewhat courageous move on my part, although not at the same level of risk as many others. Rush, Hannity, Levin, Ingraham, Coulter, NiceDeb, Ace, you-name-it-fill-in the blank for the folks you know who are willing to speak out are ALL courageous.

    We can’t control how the left chooses to spin things. We also can’t control how good caring people listen and respond to what the media tries to spoon into their mouths. We can suggest that they spit it out in a Gestalt kinda way, and keep trying to speak the truth (in love, if at all possible), as best we can and hope that more and more of those who have been deceived wake up. Personally, I’m seeing some good things among some of my friends and family… hearing those willing to admit that they were wrong and regret voting for Obama and/or being charmed by the leftest messages.

    More good news to keep us courageously speaking out: I heard recently that our success in Iraq can be attributed to the courageous U.S. soldiers who are willing to show compassion and respect to the WOMEN!!!! That this alone is seen by the people of Iraq is what distinguishes us. Showing compassion and respect for the TRULY downtrodden — those who can not defend themselves — whether in the womb or females abused as adults — is what distinguishes integrity and truth. How are each of us making personal contributions or taking personal risks for what we believe? And NO, people who murder abortionists in my book don’t fit this kind of risk.


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  11. Breath to breath, Scripture (OT or NT) NEVER gives anyone permission to oppress another. Those that do this in the name of “religion” are twisting the truth in order to control or take from another.

    Even during the exodus the Jews were commanded to respect the aliens among them. In his closing chapters of Ephesians Paul offers encouragement for everyone to submit to each other out of reverence for their Lord Jesus, and offers some suggestions for how to show respect and value to each person in society. Paul even encourages the new Christians to collect money to help care for the Jews who are suffering in Jerusalem — and to always see Jews as God’s special people (Romans).

    There are many accounts where the godly people were commanded to and showed more respect for women than the society of the day ever would.

    Hagar’s blessings – Genesis 16
    Tamar’s rights as a wife – Genesis 38
    Miriam’s Leadership partnering with her brothers Moses & Aaron – Exodus
    Zelophehad’s Daughters’ rights to land ownership – Numbers 27
    Deborah’s Judgeship and Leadership in a time of major transition- Judges 4
    Ruth’s livelihood and future – Ruth
    Esther’s protection her Jewish people in the face of one of the most powerful leaders on earth (her husband)- Esther
    Jesus’ many relationships with women, including his willingness to speak to and minister to untouchable women can be found throughout all four Gospels.
    Phoebe’s role in Paul’s ministry – Romans 16
    Paul’s affirmation of many women at the end of many of his letters
    Lydia’s wealth & role in bringing her family and household into the Christian faith – Acts 16
    Priscilla emerges as the stronger leader/disciple/teacher in her marriage with husband Aquilla – Acts
    Paul affirms Timothy’s mother and grandmother who nurtured him and brought him to faith

    Judeo-Christian beliefs show respect for all people no matter what gender, socioeconomic status, color, etc. This goes against the tendency of humans to divide people by what we look like or the plumbing we have, and get us battling against one another. That’s wrong and clearly spoken against in Scriptures. “There is neither Jews nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:26)

    Bottom line: true spirituality and religion is usually a culture-buster.


  12. anybody wanna bet that this is the kook Left’s “payback” for losing their abortionist doctor? don’t scoff. anti-military moonbattery is just as real as anti-abortionists:

    Gunman Shoots 2 at Arkansas Military Recruitment Center

    PS: one of the recruiters has already died from wounds. RIP soldier. thank you for your duty. God bless his soul and his family.


  13. listened to Rush complain today that the media wasn’t connecting the dots for “domestic terrorism” with the Arkansas shooting, but they were with the Tiller shooting.

    so i did a quick, unscientific google research…
    1. google the exact phrase “domestic terrorism” AND Kansas for the past 24 hours. hits = 1570 including dominent Leftist sponsored media such as NYTimes, DailyKos, Huffpo…
    2. google the exact phrase “domestic terrorism” AND Arkansas for the past 24 hours. hits = 550 (a ratio of about 1:3) with NO dominent media sites that i could find, other than FreeRepublic, Hannity, ArkansasTimes etc.

    to be more accurate, we should wait another day to compare stories using the term to describe one but not the other. my guess is it will be about the same.


  14. Slublog noted the same thing, today:


    At the time of this writing, there are nearly 7,000 references to “George Tiller” in Google News.

    There are under 500 for “William Long.”

    George Tiller, of course, was the Kansas abortion doctor murdered Sunday morning by a man who allegedly had political and religious motives.

    William Long was the 23-year-old military recruiter murdered Monday morning by a man who allegedly had political and religious motives.


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  16. same dataset today, except expanded search to include the past week:

    google “domestic terrorism” AND “kansas” = 5920 hits
    google “domestic terrorism” AND “arkansas” = 2500 hits

    not quite as bad, but still, that is more than a 2:1 ratio of the term “domestic terrorism” being applied to the Kansas shooting over the Arkansas shooting. this dataset would transcend the dataset that blogs are using about the name recognition disparity between Tiller and Long. that dataset can rightfully be shown to not be biased, or at the very least skewed by popularity-over-content. but, this dataset relies wholly on – an invented term – as it is applied to one or the other. this shows true bias.


  17. just ran the dataset again but with a new parameter i’d forgotten about. i added the Boolean query “-mcveigh” to delete any hits that mention Timothy McVeigh for the past week. results:

    5680 hits (Kansas) to 2400 hits (Arkansas) for the term “domestic terrorism” so that’s about the same 2.36:1 bias ratio.

    …like we didn’t know the media was biased. 😛


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