Turning The Tables:The Left Culpable In Death Of Arkansas Military Recruitment Officer

Yes….let’s go there.

I was going to write the title of this post in the form of a question; as in “Is The left Culpable…?”, but screw that…I’m pissed. I keep reading about how pro-lifers are somehow to blame for one nut job, (with a long, violent, track record). I’m noticing, like so many others, how the media  is focusing on Tiller’s death, and ignoring the death of American Army recruitment officer, William Long :

At the time of this writing, there are nearly 7,000 references to “George Tiller” in Google News.

There are under 500 for “William Long.”

George Tiller, of course, was the Kansas abortion doctor murdered Sunday morning by a man who allegedly had political and religious motives.

William Long was the 23-year-old military recruiter murdered Monday morning by a man who allegedly had political and religious motives.

I see the Obama administration rush to condemn this shooting of the late term abortionist:

President Barack Obama:
“I am shocked and outraged by the murder of Dr. George Tiller as he attended church services this morning. However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence.”

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder:
“The murder of Dr. George Tiller is an abhorrent act of violence, and his family is in our thoughts and prayers at this tragic moment. Federal law enforcement is coordinating with local law enforcement officials in Kansas on the investigation of this crime, and I have directed the United States Marshals Service to offer protection to other appropriate people and facilities around the nation. … As a precautionary measure, we will also take appropriate steps to help prevent any related acts of violence from occurring.”

Yet, thus far, not a word has been uttered in condemnation against the murder of William Long.

Yes, it’s time to turn the tables.

Mitchell Blatt did:

Salon, the Huffington Post, and the Daily Kos have already identified Bill O’Reilly as the culprit for abortionist George Tiller’s murder, so I now heap the blame on Keith Olbermann and all of the above mentioned websites and CNN for the shooting at a military recruiting center in Arkansas.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) — Police in Arkansas say a military recruiter has been killed in a shooting at an Army-Navy recruiting office in Little Rock and a second recruiter has been wounded.


Markos Moulitsas may have celebrated the deaths of Blackwater fighters and wished for a similar fate for Michelle Malkin, but nevermind that.

And Olbermann did call our troops fighting in Iraq “cold-blooded killers,” but that obviously had nothing to do with the hate some on the left feel against the military.


This is especially applicable to Markos Moulitsas, who has expressed his disdain for those fighting and dying in Iraq,  quite explicitly: Screw them.

Mike Hendricks, writing for the Kansas City Star was quick to point a finger at the pro-life community for the death of Tiller:

“the motive for the crime we can all surmise, given the vitriolic rhetoric aimed at Tiller these past couple of decades by anti-abortion activists. And if we’re right about that, then we know the identities of his accomplices.”

“If anyone is in need of salvation now, it’s the anti-abortion movement in Kansas and across the nation. … the bullet that killed George Tiller also shattered the moral underpinnings of the movement that inspired its firing.”

Okay, Mike. Fair enough. By the way…Weren’t you against the war in Iraq, Mike? Was your anti-war rhetoric ever “vitriolic”? Did you ever engage in any anti-war activities? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then I believe you are in need of salvation, too, my friend. It turns out that the killer, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad had “a disagreement with the wars in Iraq, and Afghanistan”. So, I guess  the bullet that killed William Long also shattered the underpinnings of the movement that inspired its firing. Am I right? Or was what I just said there completely retarded?

How does it feel, lefties?


Awww maaan! John Gibson is playing this game, too. Only his main focus is of course, Bathtub Boy.  I hadn’t Seen Keef’s unintentionally hysterical rant on MSNBC. Head over to Olbermann Watch to see Gibson’s punishing analysis.

Still More:

And now Bill O’Reilly, too:


Good oped in the Washington Times on the Arkansas shooting:

EDITORIAL: The jihad at home

Ignoring the enemies among us

Irony Alert:

A Kos kid fantasizes over the death of Michelle Malkin in the wake of the lefty  accusations that pro life conservatives are somehow complicit in Dr. Tiller’s death.


ABC and CBS Evening News Have Yet to Run Story on Muslim Convert who Gunned Down US Soldier, Murder of Late-Term Abortion Doctor Gets Extended Coverage….

Obama v.s. Israel


You may have already heard this: Obama has blocked  Israel’s requests for replacement Apache helicopters:

WASHINGTON – The Obama administration has blocked Israel’s request for advanced U.S.-origin attack helicopters.

Government sources said the administration has held up Israel’s request for the AH-64D Apache Longbow attack helicopter. The sources said the request was undergoing an interagency review to determine whether additional Longbow helicopters would threaten Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip. […]

What you may not have heard:

Obama Administration Considering Sale of 12 Apache Attack Helicopters to Egypt…..


Obama Considering Options to Punish Israel, Including Abandoning UN Support…..

and more bad news from Atlas Shrugs:

In addition to the $900 million the Administration offered the Palestinians on March 2, it is working to speed the establishment of regular Palestinian military and security forces. The U.S. has already trained 1,500 Palestinian soldiers costing the recession gripped American taxpayer $161 million. These newly trained forces says Lt. Gen. Keith Dayton, U.S. security coordinator for Israel and the PA, “are new men,” unlike the thousands trained by the U.S. since the creation of the Palestinian Authority (PA) in 1994.

The scheme behind the U.S. military initiative to organize and train the PA military forces is that these “new men” would help Abbas defeat Hamas. However, Abbas had already indicated that he “has agreed in principle to form a joint security force with …Hamas.” This does not seem to phase Dayton, who insists that the “new men,” are on a mission to “create a Palestinian state.”

Abu Yusef, a member of the PA’s Chairman own security unit – Force 17, has an unambiguous view of the American military training of the Palestinians: “The operations of the Palestinian resistance would [not] have been so successful and “would not have killed more than 1,000 Israelis since 2000, and defeated the Israelis in Gaza without [American military] trainings,” he boasted in an interview in August 2007. “All the methods and techniques that we studied in these trainings, we applied them against the Israelis,” he said.

Abu Yusef explained that the American training helped the Palestinian forces to better snipe “at Israeli settlers and soldiers.” The special intelligence training they received from the U.S. instructors helped them “collect information on the movements of soldiers and settlers… the best timing to infiltrate our bombers inside Israel.” Abu Yusef specified: “We used weapons and we produced explosives, and of course the trainings we received from the Americans and the Europeans were a great help to the resistance.”

For the first time in my lifetime, I see my country not as Israel’s staunchest ally. I see my country actually maneuvering against our little buddy in the Middle East, turning her back on it as wolves make ready to pounce.

Dick Morris’ latest video deals with this sad state of affairs:

He opined more in his grim oped, The Death of Israel:

From Caroline Glick, deputy editor and op-ed writer for the Jerusalem Post, comes alarming news. An expert on Arab-Israeli relations with excellent sources deep inside Netanyahu’s government, she reports that CIA chief Leon Panetta, who recently took time out from his day job (feuding with Nancy Pelosi) to travel to Israel “read the riot act” to the government warning against an attack on Iran.

More ominously, Glick reports (likely from sources high up in the Israeli government) that the Obama administration has all but accepted as irreversible and unavoidable fact that Iran will soon develop nuclear weapons. She writes, “…we have learned that the [Obama] administration has made its peace with Iran’s nuclear aspirations. Senior administration officials acknowledge as much in off-record briefings. It is true, they say, that Iran may exploit its future talks with the US to run down the clock before they test a nuclear weapon. But, they add, if that happens, the US will simply have to live with a nuclear-armed mullocracy.”

She goes on to write that the Obama administration is desperate to stop Israel from attacking Iran writing that “as far as the [Obama] administration is concerned, if Israel could just leave Iran’s nuclear installations alone, Iran would behave itself.” She notes that American officials would regard any harm to American interests that flowed from an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities as Israel’s doing, not Iran’s.

In classic Stockholm Syndrome fashion, the Obama administration is empathizing more with the Iranian leaders who are holding Israel hostage than with the nation that may be wiped off the map if Iran acquires the bomb.

Read the whole thing. This is sad for the US, a disaster for Israel.

More baaaaad news for Israel:

Unreal. Obama Agrees With Ahmadinejad– Backs Iran’s Right to Nuke Energy

President Barack Obama suggested that Iran may have some right to nuclear energy _ provided it proves by the end of the year that its aspirations are peaceful.

In a BBC interview broadcast Tuesday, he also restated plans to pursue direct diplomacy with Tehran to encourage it set aside any ambitions for nuclear weapons it might harbor.

You’re on your own, Bibi….(but I think he knew that)…

Dan Riehl says he hopes pro-Israel Jews who voted for Obama are satisfied. I don’t even know what to say to such people. It’s not like all the signs weren’t there way before the election.

Ed Morrissey points out the obvious:

The inconvenient fact? Iran has all the resources it needs for energy production now.  In fact, with the money they’ve spent on nuclear technology, they could have built oil refineries that would have reduced or eliminated their depending on imports for gasoline, producing it themselves from their own abundant supply.  Absent sanctions, Iran could make a mint each year off of oil revenues and produce all the energy they need for domestic consumption, too.

So why do they pursue nuclear power?  They want it for something other than energy production, although they’ll take that, too. Since they also spend a lot of money testing and launching rockets these days, the conclusion is a lot less difficult than Obama makes it.  Iran has mainly illegitimate motives for pursuing nuclear technology.

In this effort, Obama seems to be begging Tehran to take “yes” for an answer.  He wants to drop the entire nuclear standoff, preferring to run car and train companies and remake the American economic system.  Iran distracts from that effort, which is why he keeps floating these trial balloons to the mullahs in Iran, attempting to find ways to withdraw from the standoff while minimizing the loss to American credibility.Joe Biden warned us that the world would test Obama if we elected him President.  If they’re taking his measure, the dictators and kleptocrats can’t be too impressed — but I’m sure they’re delighted.

And still more from Dick Morris, today:


When President Obama first met the Saudi royals, he seemed to bow at the waist. Either that or he doubled over in pain. Did he bow? Or didn’t he bow? That was the topic du jour at the press briefing that day.

But now we have the answer: Obama is, indeed, really bowing to the Saudis as he visits the Middle East this week.

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First, he is bypassing Israel. Visiting the Middle East and not going to Israel would be like touring North America and omitted a stop in the United States. It only makes sense if you interpret it as a deliberate slap in the f ace of Jerusalem and a statement to the Arab world that America’s pro-Israeli policy is changing.

But as he goes to Saudi Arabia, the United States State Department, head by Mrs. Hillary Clinton, has announced that it has accepted the ground rules for media coverage of the Obama visit to the royal family and its domain. Reporters will only be allowed to cover the actual meetings between the Saudis and Obama and will not be permitted to visit the rest of the country or report on anything else they see during the trip. Those reporters who violate these terms are subject to arrest and imprisonment by the Saudi government!!!

Hillary and Obama accepted these terms.

UPDATE: (June 2):

Democrats to Obama: Hey ease up on Israel, will ya?