Thank You Lord Obama, Thank You


Brian Williams bows to his king.


Dang, it almost looks like he’s bending over to kiss his ring.

Video at JWF.


Captain Ed ponders the disturbing:

If Williams bowed, what would Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews do to wish the President a good night? On second thought, I don’t want to know.

No doubt it would involve many tingles and thrills….


Whoa, Nellie!:

John Zeigler, short and to the point:

Ziegler: “Monica Lewinsky Never Dreamed of Doing to Bill Clinton Some of the Things Brian Williams Did to Barack Obama”

2 thoughts on “Thank You Lord Obama, Thank You

  1. Brian Williams will be Ms. June on the 2010 “Girlie Boy”

    Available at your news stands soon.


  2. Good one, Jack! No doubt this is practice for what will be required of all in the not too distant future. :p


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