Midwest Fair Tax Rally, June 13, Columbia, MO

My friends at Americans For Prosperity sent me some info on the upcoming Fair Tax event, this weekend:

Midwest Fair Tax Rally, June 13th (Not an AFP event):

This Saturday, June 13 th, you can join others) AFP’ers, b) tea partiers, c) tax reformers or d) all the above at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Columbia, Missouri ( Speaking of Tax Policy – You Won’t Want to Miss This Event! | Americans for Prosperity ). The event starts at 8:00am Saturday morning and will include Neil Boortz, Herman Cain, Joe the Plumber and many other great speakers! I’m even going to be there and speak about what YOU have done!

In addition, American Majority will be on hand to conduct a number of grassroots training sessions that will equip you to become even more effective at affecting change! The 30 minute sessions will begin at 10am with Building Coalitions, followed at 10:45am by Organizing Meaningful Events, then 11:30am Holding Elected Officials Accountable and close at 12:15pm with Using Media to Advance Your Message. Choose one or all of the sessions. American Majority does a great job.

What: Midwest Fair Tax Rally (not an AFP-sponsored event)
When: Saturday, June 13, 2009
Where: Boone County Fair Grounds
Columbia, Missouri
When: 8am – dark

I hope you can take all or part of the day to join us Saturday, June 13 th, at the Boone County Fairgrounds. Festivities begin at 8am with music provided beginning at 4pm until dark.

More info can be found at Kansas City Tea Party.

Be there or be square.


Hot Air Tour Stop in St. Louis, (last weekend):

Hundreds of Americans for Prosperity – Missouri members, old and new, gathered last week to let their voices be heard to protest the energy tax being discussed in Washington right now.

Everyone in attendance became “Tier 1” grassroots activists as they called Senator McCaskill’s various Missouri and Washington numbers, letting her know they do not support backdoor increases in the name of climate change!

You can view a video and some pictures on our AFPMO.org site Scenes from the St. Louis Area Hot Air Tour Stop | Americans for Prosperity.

ObamaCare Photoshop

Michelle Malkin is having an Obamacare poster contest.

My submission:


As usual, I jumped into something without reading the rules first, which was to use old WWII poster art for the creations, but oh well, I’m sticking with this.

My inspiration?:



Oh, this is interesting:

Conservative blogger, Dan J of Falling Panda, infiltrated an Obama Health Care Meet-up in North Hollywood:

As the discussion began, the meetings participants immediately began firing off questions about the details of the health care plan to Sandra and the other woman who was leading the event. For all of their enthusiasm these group leaders were completely incapable of describing the particulars of the Obama plan in any coherent way. What they did understand however was that Obama’s “public option”, the government run insurance program that Obama wants to create to compete with the private insurance companies, was the first step towards the entitlement that almost everyone in that room (based on the raising of hands at the beginning of the meeting) was really longing for. That being a European style “single payer” health care system. They also understood that part of their job as grassroots activist promoting the plan was to ensure people that the plan was not going to result in “single payer”. How Obamaesque.

Uh huh…typical lefties.

As Rush likes to say: They get up every morning and ask themselves, “How can we fool them, today”.

The bottom line, though, is that Dan went away from the meeting not terribly impressed with the Obots’  abilities to persuade an increasingly dubious populous.

Obamacare can be defeated.

Via Michelle Malkin on Twitter.


He was really on a tear, earlier today. I’ve never heard him sounding this alarmed:

CALLER:  It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, I tell you.  Number two, thank God my husband has a good job, but you were mentioning about the health care thing, we have benefits through his company.  What happens when everybody gets free health care, do we still have to pay through his company do you think or are we going to be able to get off this and get it free like everybody else or are we going to be paying double the price?  I have no clue what’s going to happen.

RUSH:  Everybody is going to be paying more.  There will be taxes on the company-provided benefits.  Either the company will pay the taxes or the employee will pay the taxes as imputed income.  There are also other tax increases planned.  Obama is planning on limiting, if not eliminating, all tax deductions for the top tax brackets, as a means of raising more revenue.  It’s another tax increase, which is going to provide many disincentives for people who engage in charitable activities or whatever to get the tax deduction for it.  It’s a disaster in the making.  It is an outright utter disaster he has planned. What’s going to happen, the answer to your question is people are going to get laid off. As everybody is going to be required to have health insurance and health coverage businesses are not going to be able to afford it, the recipients are going to have fewer jobs. They’ll have to fire people; they’ll have to lay people off.

CALLER:  Well, that makes me feel so much better.

RUSH:  It should make you feel better.  It should make you feel a lump in your throat.  We are on the cusp of an unmitigated national disaster and catastrophe.  There is no possible way to overstate this. Folks, you know me. I am not an alarmist.  I am an optimist.  I try to find the good things about every day. I want to enjoy life and I want to help as many other people enjoy life.  But I tell you, what I see coming down the pike as it gets worse and worse and worse, the architects of this thing, let’s do more of what’s making it worse, it’s time to put the foot down.  It’s an unmitigated disaster. It is a Obama-caused tailspin and it has to be stopped.  It must be stopped, for the sake of everybody’s kids and grandkids and great-grandkids and the country as well. Madeleine, thanks much for the call.

Are you listening Republicans in Congress? Take pride in being the “Party of NOOOOO” on this one.


Ace has a good question:

Hey, If Obama Really Can “Save” So Much in Medicare with His Reforms, Why Doesn’t He Just Do That Before He Nationalizes Health Care?

Sarah Palin Not A Plagiarist

No matter what some hope and changer at Huffopo says.

Yesterday afternoon, an Eeyore conservative type (not mentioning any names) was all atwitter about the allegation, pretty sure that she had done  something wrong –  with one or two faint hearts arguing that her defenders can find no wrong in their heroine.

Mr. Jim Treacher did come valiantly to her defense, mentioning the obvious – um… how can it be plagiarism when she had cited Gingrich twice in the speech?

Nice Deb was too preoccupied at the time to look into it further, but was intrigued. I don’t mind admitting that my gut feeling was that she had done nothing wrong.

Now I have time to look into it, but Conservatives 4 Palin have got it covered:

Huffopo writer, Dunn writes:

While Palin twice mentioned Gingrich in the speech (she never once acknowledged Shirley), virtually every single reference she made to Reagan was looks to be lifted directly from the Gingrich-Shirley article.

The article has been scrubbed. It used to include this sentence at the end of the above paragraph:

It’s a pure case of unadulterated plagiarism.
Apparently someone pointed out to Geoffrey that by twice citing Gingrich, Gov. Palin was attributing the words/ideas to him. She had no intention of pretending that it was hers. She was paraphrasing his words, but essentially using what he wrote. That’s why she cited his article twice.

But Dunn is correct on one point. She forgot to mention that Gingrich co-wrote the article with Craig Shirley. Someone call the Modern Language Association and tell them that Palin failed to properly cite both authors. She deferred to the more famous of the two (who also happened to come first alphabetically).

Palin also failed to provide the date, the publisher, and the page number of the section she quoted. Meg Stapleton, if you are reading this, you need to buy the governor a copy of the MLA Style Guide right away.

I am surprised that the left is suddenly so upset about plagiarism. So many of their fellow travelers have had “issues” with “lifting” other peoples work without citing their sources the way that Gov. Palin did twice. (*ahem* Doris Kearns Goodwin, Joe McGinniss, Molly Ivins, Charles Ogletree… just to name a few.)

Read on for more updates on the story, and to see some good examples of  real plagiarists in action.


Gingrich camp: Plagiarism claim ‘silly’

So there ya go…

Thanks, MaxPower.

RELATED: (because it concerns another liberal media hit job):




This video  at Naked Emperor News is over 18 minutes long, but is well worth your time, even if you hadn’t heard of the Glenn Beck/The  View Imbroglio.

Latest On Dealergate: Bipartisan Demand For Transparency

On the Democratic side, House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer and Reps. Chris Van Hollen and Daniel Maffei  circulated this letter, asking lawmakers to sign it by 5:00 pm today:

Dear President Obama:

We are writing to express our concerns about General Motors’ and Chrysler’s decision to close profitable automobile dealerships across the country, and urge you to ask GM and Chrysler to delay final action on proposed closures pending further review of the decision to consolidate dealerships and the process by which Chrysler and GM selected the dealerships to close.

Closing these dealerships will put over 100,000 jobs at risk at a time when our country is shedding jobs at an alarming rate. We also question the criteria being used to determine which dealerships should be closed and the fundamental fairness involved in this effort. It is our view that the market rather than leaving it up to the manufacturers whose poor leadership contributed to their demise. Furthermore, we believe car dealers will be key players in any effort to revive the American auto industry.

We believe the dealerships are one of the auto industry’s key sources of strength and the manufacturers should continue to honor their agreements and contracts. The dealerships, and their more than 1 million employees, form personal relationships with customers that often contribute to brand loyalty and will be key to General Motors’ and Chrysler’s recovery following this economic downturn. While we understand the desire to reduce the number of unprofitable dealerships, no one has yet sufficiently explained the need to close profitable dealerships.

We recognize that efforts by your Auto Task Force prevented the total liquidation of General Motors and Chrysler, as well as their dealership networks. We commend your efforts to help these businesses survive these challenging economic times.

However, we are concerned that manufacturers are closing profitable dealerships to circumvent current contracts which could require expensive buy-outs under normal conditions. We are also concerned about allegations that dealers that have previously stood up for their rights against the manufacturers are being targeted by these closures. We believe that the forced closures of profitable dealerships needs to be scrutinized by the Task Force to prevent additional future financial loses to General Motors and Chrysler and job loses across the United States

We may consider legislative proposals to ensure that dealers and their employees are treated fairly, and we look forward to your timely response.

Democrat Senators wanted answers during a committee hearing last week:

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) asked about one specific dealership targeted for closure, which she noted has what seems like an good location near the Mall of America.

“Some of these dealers were actually doing pretty well,” she told the company chiefs.

On the Republican side: Video via Gateway Pundit: Texas Representative Ted Poe Accused Democrats of Shady Dealings–

Republican Senators, besieged by auto dealers who say their closures were unfair, wanted answers from the automakers, and the automotive task force:

Some lawmakers also sought to zero in on the role of the autos task force, complaining at times of a lack of openness.

Yesterday Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) sent letters to Chrysler chief executive Robert Nardelli and autos task force chief Steven Rattner about “the lack of transparency” surrounding the decision to trim Chrysler dealerships.

“Intervening in the bankruptcy process by exerting pressure on Chrysler to shed 789 dealership agreements is a misuse of the authority of the Task Force, giving credence to growing concerns the Task Force is not working to facilitate the restructuring of Chrysler but rather to nationalize the company by making decisions affecting the company’s day-to-day business,” Issa wrote.

Issa demanded a number of documents and records be presented to the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform for review.

Dealers want to know why their profitable dealerships are being closed when they’re not costing the automotive companies a penny:

I’m not hearing any good explanations.

Josh Painter and Autospies have more.

Hat Tip: Doug Ross @ Journal


Sweetness and Light took a look at what Obama  wants for the auto industry, based on what he wrote in his bestseller, The Audacity Of Hope.


The American Spectator: Obama’s Enemies List Grows


Payback Time: Review Finds Closing Chrysler Dealerships Were Republican Donors

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