Top 10 Hottest Guys On The Right

Dr. Melissa Clouthier couldn’t resist, what with these top 10 lists being all the rage at the moment. And she has some of my favorites on the list:


If you hear Ace tell it, he’s a hideous troll. I’ve met him. He most certainly is not. He’s got that old time newspaper man thing going. He’s smart and he’s as funny in person as he is in his writing. Hot. Ace is a bloggers blogger. Find him here.

Come on, Melissa…he’s not a troll…he’s an Ewok. Big difference.

Super Important Update:

Melissa has updated her list to include one more…squeaky wheel, wearing a speedo…

The Ten Hottest New Media Guys On The Right


12 thoughts on “Top 10 Hottest Guys On The Right

  1. This moron has yet to discover his background.

    Ace is protective of his privacy because he has other career ambitions beyond the blog-o-bucks. Without fear of compromising his privacy, I can tell you that he is a law school graduate and aspiring screenwriter. Ever since John Grisham made it big, every lawyer in America has been hustling a novel or a screenplay.


  2. Hey, do I throw a fit every time I’m left off a blogger hottie list, huh, do I? Noooo…I choose to take the high road.

    Btw, Melissa has updated her post to include RSM’s speedo pic…only because he whiiiined so much about being left off!


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