Still More Thug Politics: Obama Fires AmeriCorps IG Who Identified Millions In Misspent Money

I said this would be a recurring theme, yesterday, didn’t I?

The only sin of this AmeriCorps Inspector General seems to be that he was able to identify massive wasteful spending by a non profit headed by the Mayor of Sacramento, who, it turns out, happens to be a big Obama supporter, and crony.

Imagine that.

This AP story was linked by Instapundit on Twitter earlier this morning.

President Barack Obama says he has lost confidence in the inspector general who investigates AmeriCorps and other national service programs and has told Congress he is removing him from the position.

Obama’s move follows an investigation by IG Gerald Walpin of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, who is an Obama supporter and former NBA basketball star, into the misuse of federal grants by a nonprofit education group that Johnson headed.

Walpin was criticized by the acting U.S. attorney in Sacramento for the way he handled an investigation of Johnson and St. HOPE Academy, a nonprofit group that received hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grants from the Corporation for National Community Service. The corporation runs the AmeriCorps program.

Sen. Charles Grassley is trying to get answers:

Grassley had written Obama a letter pointing to a law requiring that Congress be given the reasons an IG is fired. He cited a Senate report saying the requirement is designed to ensure that inspectors general are not removed for political reasons.

Grassley said Walpin had identified millions of dollars in AmeriCorps funds that were wasted or misspent and “it appears he has been doing a good job.”

Check out these two paragraphs later in the story and see if it makes sense to you:

The U.S. attorney’s office reached a settlement in the matter. Brown cited press accounts that said Johnson and the nonprofit would repay half of nearly $850,000 in grants it received.

Kevin Hiestand, chairman of the board of St. HOPE Academy, said in a statement it was “about time” Walpin was removed. “Mr. Walpin’s allegations were meritless and clearly motivated by matters beyond an honest assessment of our program.”

The non profit was forced to repay half of the $850,000 in grants received, but Walpin’s allegations were meritless? Wha?

Now Michelle Malkin is running with the story. She says the AP story only scratched the surface. Guess who else is involved?:

President Obama is hoping you won’t notice his abrupt change of inspectors general over at Americorps, the government-run, taxpayer-subsidized “community service” boondoggle (which Republicans helped expand as part of the $6 billion GIVE/SERVE Act in March despite its wasteful track record. Thanks, Republicans).

With intervention from Michelle Obama, the Americorps inspector general was given the boot and replaced — for doing his job too well, it seems, and uncovering squandering of funds by favored contributors, educational institutions, and left-wing groups.

Read her entire report. You’ll be emotionally exhausted by the end.

More from Ed Morrissey:

“Will Congress stand up to the executive branch and protect the Inspectors General? Or will they roll over and allow Obama to accrue even more power to protect his buddies and to allow corruption to run rampant?”

I’m going to resist the temptation to snark.  I agree with Francis R. Porretto, it’s time to pray.


Slublog at AoSHQ calls this scandal, All The President’s Men, The Sequel:

Obama did what? Oh, well…run the story in D-20,
right under the classifieds.


Be sure to read Ed’s last update, the one about the RAT hiding in the stimulus bill.

4 thoughts on “Still More Thug Politics: Obama Fires AmeriCorps IG Who Identified Millions In Misspent Money

  1. What’s that I hear? Oh, its just this scandal being swept under the rug by the MSM. Nothing to see here, the One has won.


  2. Congress initiates investigation of improper firing practices by the President in …3..2..

    Oh – it doesn’t involve state AG’s … never mind.


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