Post Election Unrest In Iran

Yesterday The Guardian predicted that Ahmadinnerjacket would lose if the election wasn’t rigged.

In the absence of reliable independent opinion polls, experts predicted yesterday that Mir Hossein Mousavi, the moderate “green” candidate, would probably beat the controversial incumbent so long as the result was not rigged.

Well, it appears that it was indeed rigged.

Here’s some raw video, (via MK Hammer on Twitter) of a protest from earlier today in Tehran:

Hot Air is reporting 50-100 dead from police brutality during the protests, today:

The regime shut down text messaging across the country yesterday too to hamper organization of the protests they knew would follow the results. Even so, the Beeb says street violence today is the worst Tehran has seen in 10 years, replete with Iranian cops beating women with nightsticks

Hot Air is also reporting that despite the illegitimacy of the Ahmadinejad regime, the White House says it’s full speed ahead on “dialogue.”

The New York Times blog also has excellent coverage of events, today in Iran, and more video.

See Michael Totten as well, who is continuously updating this weekend.

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