How To Counter ABC’s Health Care Propaganda On June 24

As everyone should know by now, on June 24, State run ABC (AKA the All Barack Channel) intends to air a special for ObamaCare in which opposing voices will be exempt.

Rush is making some suggestions on his show right now on how to counter the ObamaCare propaganda extravaganza. A couple of his ideas: For a movie channel – play The Manchurian Candidate all night long. For Fox News – Nothing but opposition to ObamaCare all night long on all the shows.

I have a suggestion for the blogs… an anti-ObamaCare Blogburst: Nothing but posts opposing ObamaCare, all night long.

If you don’t have time to write a post, this video will suffice:

Let’s see which side gets the most exposure


Obama needs this assist from the All Barack Channel. Momentum seems to going in the anti-ObamaCare direction:

See Patterico’s Pontifications for the more on that score:

The wheels of the Congressional clown car started coming off when Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad admitted not only that the Left’s beloved “public plan” option doesn’t have the votes, but also that trying to railroad Obamacare through as part of the budget reconciliation process was not a viable option. The AMA opposition to any “strong” public plan was also a big red flag.


Free speech rally:

KMBC, 6455 Winchester Ave, Kansas City, MO

When:     Wednesday, June 24th
Time:       4:30 – 6:00 pm
Bring your signs for Freedom of Speech, Free Independent Press, & for a Free Market Health Care System.
Our Health Care needs reform but it is not in CRISIS!
I will have more information in the next few days.  You can also check our website …
Check your own state’s 912 project, or tea party websites for possible protests in your own area…or start your own. Let’s make ABC aware that we are seriously displeased.

3 thoughts on “How To Counter ABC’s Health Care Propaganda On June 24

  1. Thanks for posting the information about the Freedom Rally. I haven’t read your blog, but at tonight’s rally planning meeting, Amanda tipped me off.

    Hope to meet you at the rally on the 24th.


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