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Iran’s Nuclear Program Is Not Peaceful

We have been led to believe that the oil rich Iran led by Ahmadinejad is merely following a civilian nuclear strategy, but Michael Goldfarb of the Weekly Standard has found proof of what we already knew to be the truth in the matter:

Iran’s envoy to the UN atomic watchdog caused a buzz among journalists on Wednesday when he apparently misspoke and said his country had the right to a nuclear weapon.

After saying as usual that Iran was only pursuing nuclear energy for civilian purposes, Ali Asghar Soltanieh strayed alarmingly from the Islamic republic’s usual line.

“The whole Iranian nation are united… on (the) inalienable right of (having a) nuclear weapon,” the envoy to the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency said.

“Apparently misspoke” or made a Freudian slip? What he clearly meant to say was, “nuclear technology”.

Because the whole Iranian nation is not united on the right to a nuclear weapon. At least not according to this Bloomberg report:

The election turmoil is pitting the Islamic republic’s ruling clergy against young Iranians and more educated voters who want social freedom and better ties with the West.

Ahmadinejad’s opponents accuse the 52-year-old of wrecking the economy, which suffers from 10.5 percent unemployment and almost 24 percent inflation, and driving Iran into international isolation over the country’s nuclear program.

The head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog, Mohammed ElBaradei, told the BBC for the first time yesterday he believed Iran wanted the option of an atomic bomb.

Mousavi, while backing Iran’s “right” to nuclear technology, has said the president brought shame on the country with a management style “based on adventurism, instability, unlawfulness and radicalism.” Ahmadinejad has called the Holocaust a “myth,” while Mousavi has condemned violence against Jews.

I don’t think all Iranians consider a  right to nuclear technology the same thing as “an inalienable right to a nuclear weapon”, especially considering the desire of so many for “better ties with the West”.

But we do know beyond a shadow of a doubt what Iran’s current leadership thinks about it.

Video: The Iranian Uprising In Pictures


The latest news from Iranian Blog, Revolutionary Road:

“People in iran have hope… It’s good for people around the world to end our grief and support us in this matter. we were the victim of the press in 1979 revolution and we think this time each individual is a journalist and we won’t let anyone choose a Dictator for us. please don’t underestimate your work”

Today, Thursday June 18, at 5pm Tehran time, there will be protest rallies in several cities in Iran against the regime’s repression and killings. People will demand the identification and prosecution of those who have ordered and carried out the killings.

>>>The human rights organization in iran, after the researches they had, and against all the informations recieved from iran and from the local government, managed to confirm the death of 32 iranian citizens, in relation to the situation relation to 24 and 25 khordad (persian calendar).

>>>During the process of the objections against the results of the elections of the Islamic Republic, in the city of “yazd”, in the past 48 hours at least 3 of the citizens got shot by the military guards, and according to the local news agencies one of the citizens who was injured from the back area, also got shot and has now passed away. these objections took place at the” atlasi” and “na’l” roundabout in the passed few days, and the witnesses mentioned that a couple of the military guards and the military branches has atacked and broke the glasses of all the vehicles which were parked on the streets.

>>>A female student with the surname of tahmasebi, who was in the rallies and objections in the past days, was attacked by the security guards in the university of kermanshah. the stroke has effected her head/ brain therefore she is no longer alive. she passed away last night in the Emam Razi hospital of the city (Kermanshah).

>>>chemistry lecturers of the sanaty sharif university in tehran signes ther resignation letters together yesterday. they gathered and wrote the resignation letters in objection to all the attacks and killings which took place recently. even before that it was the tehran university lecturers who decided to resign also because of the attacks and killings. many of the lecturers in Amir Kabir univeristy in tehran, resigined last sunday. they gathered in the university mosque and showed their objetion to the recent situation in Iran, therefore they signed their resignation in support of the peole in Iran and also in support of their own students who have been attacked.

>>>The Islamic republic in Iran is brutally torturing students arrested in the uprising in the basement of the Interior Ministry building in Tehran.

Among them are students arrested during the midnight raid on Monday on the dormitory of the University of Tehran. They were transferred directly to the basement of the Interior Ministry building where they were subjected to brutal physical and psychological torture and rape.

Farhad Rahbar, an agent who was appointed by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as dean of the Tehran University, visited the students at the ministry the following day and warned them to keep silent about the torture they underwent.

Much, much more at link.


Noted Iranian Activist Kianoosh Sanjari: “The People of Iran Will Not Forgive Obama For Siding With the Regime” (Audio-Video)

Another compilation of photos from Christian Amanpour:

Incidentally, The Anchoress says, Amanpour just reported on the student  torture story, mentioned above.


Ralph Peters:



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