Photoshop: Barack Obama In Lord Of The Flies


Photoshop inspired by this story: Good news: White House is crawling with flies

And of course, this one: Obama’s AmeriCrooks and cronies scandal

Of which Byron York helpfully explains: How Republicans can crack the AmeriCorps scandal

As the Walpin revelations continue, it appears some Republicans are ready to act. This week, Sen. Charles Grassley, a longtime champion of inspectors general, expressed frustration with his inability to get much information out of the Justice Department. (Grassley has sent many requests to the department, one of them for   more information about the AmeriCorps affair.)

“I’ve learned that holding up nominees for an executive branch agency is an effective tool to get answers,” Grassley said.  “So, until we start getting answers to these outstanding requests, I’m noticing my intention to hold certain Justice Department nominees.”

Read the whole thing.

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