Attorney Found Sleeping In Neighbor’s Trashcan

I’ve heard of dumpster diving, but this is ridiculous:


What a dump.

Police found an attorney from Jeffersonville, IN,  sleeping peacefully in his neighbor’s overturned city garbage can Wednesday morning, after neighbors woke to find the disturbing sight among strewn trash on the ground.

Jeffersonville Police Chief Tim Deeringer said Wilder was cooperative when police arrived at the home on Elk Pointe Boulevard and was able to walk back to his home — next door.

No arrest was made because no laws were broken…although it looks to me like they could have gotten him on littering.

Councilman Nathan Samuel lives in Wilder’s neighborhood, Elk Pointe, and had not heard any commotion the night before the incident.

“It seems like very unusual behavior. I definitely haven’t seen him like that personally.”

Yeah, it does seem a little unusual…

Hat tip: Crime Scene KC

7 thoughts on “Attorney Found Sleeping In Neighbor’s Trashcan

  1. Sparky !….LOL

    Maybe he was so drunk the night before he didn’t even know where to tell a driver to let him out and ended up sleeping in the trash can after emptying it out.
    It IS very odd.
    Don’t think he’s homeless….his jeans are too clean and his shoes and socks are in good condition.
    But then who knows.


  2. Oops…..he was next door.
    Well, that’s what I get for not paying attention.

    Since he was next to his own home…..maybe he just couldn’t get in his house…..
    Someone may have taken his keys away from him.
    No one there to let him in ?

    It doesn’t mention where his vehicle was.


  3. Forget about the guy in the trash can… those plastic containers are recyclable!!! Did someone arrest the homeowner for putting them in the wrong bin? I hope that at least a ticket was issued, and a big hefty fine!



  4. Get a few thousand of those on theirway to landfills, and you have a good start. I don’t see it happening, though. there are a few things that even sanitation workers won’t touch. That, and when the EPA finds out and starts issuing citations for CERCLA violations…


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