The Lionesses Of Iran

Willing to pay the ultimate price for freedom:

” There is no fear here now.I feel it in the air. We all are ready to become martyrs. Why live if you are not free. No point”


Case in point: Watch this video at about 30 seconds in as a young Iranian woman gets decked by one of the truncheon wielding “security” thugs:

She pops right back up like a jack in the box, and an older man gets between her and the fiend, holding her back as she shakes her fist at him.

I can’t help being in awe of such bravery, but if I were her mother, I would be telling her to stay home…and stay safe.

2 thoughts on “The Lionesses Of Iran

  1. You really don’t expect obama to get involved…do you? That would take away from his basketball time and date night.


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