ObamaCare=Public Option=Single Payer=Socialized Medicine

I totally forgot that I said I would repost this video which exposes Obama’s real intent with his ObamaCare plan on ObamaCare infomercial night.

So here it is:

Michelle Malkin sums up the infomercial, thus:

Things the Obamercial taught me…

*More government = less paperwork and less bureaucracy!

*Dear Leader proclaims: “The stars have aligned.” (This from the oaf who wrongly mocked Nancy Reagan for holding seances in the White House. Reminder: It was Hillary who did that.)

*”We can’t afford not to act.” Like we haven’t heard such empty apocalyse-now haranguing a gazillion times over the last year.

What a sham.


markknoller on Twitter says:

Obama faced a number of pointed questions last night on ABC’s health care event, but his answers often didn’t match the questions.

Like on rationing, for instance:

1st questioner asked if Obama would accept limits on the health care treatments given his wife or daughter should they become ill.

Obama called it “a terrific question,” but his answer did not respond to the point of rationing health care to lower overall costs.

Jake Tapper and Karen Travers of ABC News have more.

This Washington Times oped asks Who Are The Uninsured?

By now, you have probably heard a lot about the sad army of the “uninsured” from President Obama and every other elected Democratic Party official in these United States. This is simply political fear-mongering designed to pass a national government-run health-care plan, which has been a union and liberal agenda item since the late 1940s. So the “solution” isn’t new and neither is the “crisis.”


abc-kmbc-kcphoto credit: Kansas Meadowlark

Some Kansas City area folks took part in a rally outside of local ABC affiliate, KMBC, Wed. afternoon….(Sorry, I couldn’t be coaxed out of the pool). The General Manager, Wayne Godsey was gracious enough allow himself to be interviewed by concerned citizens about the ObamaCare infomercial. Video and commentary at Kansas Meadowlark.

Good News:

The ObamaCare Infomercial was a ratings bomb, too bad for ABC…

NBC and CBS had 3 times as many viewers as did ABC’s Obamacare snoozer.

I guess a television special with President Obama is not very special anymore.

Maybe the public is bored with President Obama. Or maybe the subject of premiums, co-payments and deductibles just bores the socks off all but 4.7 million Americans — but that snoozer last night bombed in the ratings.

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