Cap And Tax (With UPDATES)

“The way to crush the bourgeoisie is to grind them
between the millstones of taxation and inflation.”

-Vladimir Lenin

A verry effective ad from the House Republicans:

The Dems are rushing/bypassing key committees to push this monstrosity through…

Warrent Buffet calls it a “huge tax” a “regressive tax”:

Rep Dingall calls Cap and Trade “a tax, a great big one”!

The WSJ calls it “the biggest tax in American history”.

Rep. Boucher (D, VA) lies when he says: “there is not a penny of tax in this legislation.”

Rep Mike Pence says call your Congressman!:

“The Old Book contains an admonition to lawmakers with these words: ‘Woe to you because you load people down with burdens they can hardly carry and you yourselves will not lift a finger to help them.’ In the midst of the worst economy in a generation, remarkably House Democrats are poised this week to load the American people down with a national energy tax. And the American people deserve to know it.

“Now, there’s lots of debate about what this bill will cost the average American but there is no dispute the Democrat cap and trade bill will raise the cost of energy to every household in America, every small business, every family farm, and it will cost millions of American jobs. And the vote is tomorrow.

“If you oppose the national energy tax, I say call your congressman. If you think the Democrat cap and trade bill will cap growth and trade jobs, call your congressman. If you believe the American people deserve an all-of-the-above energy strategy that will create jobs, achieve energy independence and a cleaner environment then endorse the Republican alternative, call your congressman.

“A minority in Congress plus the American people equals a majority. We can reject cap and trade this week and so we must.”


ManBearPig was scheduled to make an appearance before Congress to make a final pitch for Cap and Tax, today, but Pelosi called it off.

“As the list of undecided Members narrowed, the Speaker thought it was unnecessary to impose on the vice president’s schedule to travel to Washington and instead to continue coordinating efforts from Tennessee,” Hammill said.

Will Congress even have a chance to read the bill before it goes up for a vote?:

Remember that gargantuan climate change bill we told you about last week? It’s gotten bigger. Over the weekend, the bill grew from 946 pages to 1,201 pages, according to the Sunlight Foundation. It’s still changing, with important amendments in flux.

But Democratic leaders in the House say they’ll push for a vote on the bill as early as Friday.

Good News:

Obama Budget


The Dems may not have the votes:

House Democratic leaders are furiously lobbying their members and moderate Republicans to support a landmark energy bill in the face of resistance from some conservative members of their own party, and staunch opposition from the GOP — roadblocks that are making it difficult to find the 218 votes necessary to pass the measure, according to Democratic leadership aides.

This is awesome:

Dems David Obey and Maxine Waters duked it out on the House floor over earmarks…well…duked it out may be a *slight* exaggeration:

The incident stemmed from Rep. Obey’s refusal to fund an earmark that Rep. Waters requested, sources told FOX…

Obey tried to walk away from Waters, but she continued to browbeat the Appropriations Committee Chairman and followed him around the House floor, according to reports. “She was in his face,” a source said.Other media reported that the altercation evolved into a “shoving match.” Those reports could not be confirmed. Ellis Brachman, a spokesman for Obey said that Waters “accosted” his boss and “made a scene.” Attempts to reach Waters for comment were unsuccessful.

Not so awesome:

Cap and Trade to Limp Across Finish Line?


The Dems must really be confident that Obama’s  election rigging apparatus is pretty fool proof for 2010, and 2012, because all of their actions are economy killers. The @#$%&v hasn’t even hit the fan yet as far as the economy is concerned, but when it does, the Dems are going to own the blame.



Hot Air Reports:

Before today, the bill ran a little over 1,000 pages.  Early this morning, Waxman dropped a 300-page amendment into it.  Be sure to ask your Representatives if they plan to read either of these before voting on the bill. (via Mary Katharine Ham)

Check this out….

Waxman-Markey: The Chart

More horror…


Newt Gingrich just tweeted:

The calls are working! Main #energytax vote delayed while Pelosi twist arms. Well lets do some arm twisting ourselves. Call your Congressman


Michelle Malkin has the list of Congressmen to call.


The Corner:

Cap and Trade Being Pulled? [Steve Hayward]


The Corner, again:

[Iain Murray]

Steve, I’m not so optimistic. The vote is still very close. The rumors may be just a ruse to allow time to twist more arms. The AFL-CIO has been brought in to lobby heavily for the bill, and I suspect the president is on the phone when he’s not on the TV. However, we are very close to winning this fight. Updates on the main targets here. You can use the NTU web site to contact your Congressman here (this is the correct URL, by the way). Melt the phones, as they say.


Congressman Mike Pence just told Sean Hannity that phone calls to Congress are running 10-1 against the bill.

See also: Michelle Malkin who’s been liveblogging cap and tax floor games all afternoon..

No kidding?:

5:17pm: Connie Hair reports from top GOP sources that Dems have pulled Patrick Kennedy out of rehab to vote.



John Boehner reads the 300+ page amendment added at 3:09 this morning….video at RCP. It’s going to take awhile to get through that.


Check out all of the newspapers across the nation that have come out against this stinker of a bill.


Cap and tax passes: 219-212.

nine eight GOP Turncoat votes! Thsoe weak kneed slime sticks….ugh,who are they and what did they get for their betrayal?

This is just like the Stimulus passing in the Senate with the help of the 3 turncoat Repub Senators.


The eight soon to be voted out of office turncoats:

Bono Mack

GOP reps not voting: Flake and Sullivan.


We could have beaten this thing.

19 thoughts on “Cap And Tax (With UPDATES)

  1. I live in So. Calif. If it was legal for my congresswoman to open my account and take everything I own, she and the rest of the Dems in this state would. They love taxes, the more the better. I just hope other states will come through and put an end to this crap.l


  2. I can’t think of a better way to get us out of this economic nightmare than to throw a huge tax on ever aspect of our economy which will cure a problem we don’t even have. I’m so glad we have a bunch of journalism majors, lawyers and race warriors to lead our country. Otherwise, I’d be really concerned.


  3. They are Deb. Well maybe not tank but radically alter it from an economy based on contribution and productivity to one based on “social justice”. That and they have no idea what they are doing. Seriously, look at the people who are running the place. See many accomplished business professionals? Nope. Lawyers, social workers, community acitivists, etc. Hardly any of them have made a nickel in the private sector yet these are the clowns we elect to oversee the world’s largest and most complex financial system.


  4. these are the clowns we elect to oversee the world’s largest and most complex financial system.

    I know…I was thinking about that when I was reading about the altercation on the floor between Maxine Waters and David Obey.


  5. Everytime I think of Maxine Waters I think of that video of her praising the outstanding job “Mr. Franklin Raines” was doing at Fannie Mae. She is definitely on the short list of the dumbest people ever to serve in Congress.


  6. Everytime I think of Maxine Waters I think of that video of her praising the outstanding job “Mr. Franklin Raines” was doing at Fannie Mae.

    Funny, I mentioned that very thing to my husband last night after I read him the story.


  7. Well maybe not tank but radically alter it from an economy based on contribution and productivity to one based on “social justice”.

    Yes. If he wasn’t dead, I would whack John Rawls with a stick.


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  9. Well, I am ready when the Dems rape American tax payers with this energy tax bill. I just completed building (2) new rickshaws. One for me, one for the wife. We will make a living downtown much like a taxi service. Since our country is headed for third world status, what better business to get in? Thanks to the Dems, my wife and I have a great future in the “rickshaw” business.


  10. This is mind boggling. There is a three hundred page amendment that was passed last night that the Representatives haven’t even seen and they are been asked to vote on this craptastic bill.

    Most ethical Congress ever.


  11. I’m watching the “debate” on CSPAN and I feel dumber every time one of the supporters of this nightmare speaks. Obama should be scared to death of this thing passing.


  12. Deb you should turn on CSPAN if you can. It’s remarkable. They don’t have an official copy of the bill in the chamber. They are going to vote on radically changing our entire economy without even reading the damn bill!


  13. I can’t get CSPAN on my tv clearly, I’m trying to get it online…

    Michelle Malkin has the exchange I think you’re talking about:

    4:05pm: Excellent exchange between chair and GOP Rep. Louis Gohmert. He asks for a physical copy of the 300-page-plus late-night amendment filed out of public view. Chair cannot tell him where one is. Rules him out of order for not making parliamentary inquiry. Chair stumped.

    Barton asks chair if there is any rule requiring copy of bill being voted on to be nearby. Chair: Not that I’m aware of.

    Barton asks if official copy is necessary to be at desk for final vote.

    Chair says it’s at the desk. Barton says it’s not the official copy. Markey tells him to go to the cloakroom and look it up on the web.

    Markey says the full bill and manager’s amendment is on the desk.

    Chair rules that all the piles of paper at the desk “in effect” are an “official copy.”


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