Kansas City Cap And Tax Protest/Olathe Picnic And Straw Poll


The folks at Kansas City Tea Party just emailed this important action alert:

Demonstrate your disgust with the results of the Cap and Trade vote in the House of Representatives. Come send Congress a message! Join us tomorrow!

Johnson County Courthouse
100 N. Kansas Ave
Olathe, KS
4-5:30 pm

This location was chosen because of a previous event we are taking part in during the early afternoon that is only 1 mile away.  If we are able to get a location in MO set-up, we will post that on the website.

Possible sign ideas:
Stop Cap and Trade
Take Our Country Back
Keep My Job
Where’s My Vote
Cap and Trade Must Go
Thanks For Doubling My Energy Bill
My ideas:
“Hey, what happened to the ‘95% of us are not getting a tax increase’ promise?”
“Global warming my ass….you just want the tax revenue for all of your expensive government programs”
Too wordy?
how about: “Global warming is an inconvenient hoax”
The other event mentioned is the Olathe Picnic and Straw Poll:

Olathe Picnic: June 27, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.
Republican stars US Sen. Sam Brownback and US Rep. Todd Tiahrt, and keynote speaker KMBZ talkshow host Darla Jaye among others will speak at the Olathe Republican Party annual Picnic and Straw Poll June 27 at the Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop in Olathe.
The family-friendly event features a hotdog and hamburger picnic with informational booths from political candidates and organizations as well as speeches from local legislators and candidates for statewide and congressional offices.

Attendees will be able to cast their votes for the 2010 US Senate, Secretary of State, and 3rd Congressional District races as well as their preference for the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate in the $2 straw poll. Only one vote per person.

Besides Brownback and Tiahrt, confirmed speakers include both secretary of state candidates, Kris Kobach and JR Claeys, and both 3rd District Congressional candidates, Macie Houston and Daniel Gilyeat. Many may recognize Gilyeat as the Iraqi war veteran who was given a new home through Extreme Home Makeovers.

To find out if there’s a Cap and Trade protest near you, see Michelle Malkin.


Cap and Trade protest pix, here.

McCotter Decries “Hunter-Gatherer” Economy In Cap And Tax

MI Rep McCotter’s floor speech on Cap and Tax


“Today we consider a bill that claims that government can control the weather by raising your taxes, taking your job and dictating your life.  In my state of Michigan, with a 15% unemployment rate, we know we cannot afford this cap and tax bill.  Others, however, disagree.

“Make no mistake.  President Obama pronounced: ‘This is a jobs bill.’  He is correct—this bill will destroy jobs.  But then again, this comes from an administration that claims its trillion-dollar stimulus bill would stop unemployment from going over 8%.

“The argument for this bill is nuts on its face.  Government cannot design our economy and prosperity; it can only engineer our decline in poverty.  But such feelings explain why this job-killing cap and tax bill is a fundamental shift from a manufacturing economy to an old, green economy called hunting and gathering.

“Passing this abominable energy tax on working families in a recession shows this job-killing, budget-busting government doesn’t understand how much real Americans are hurting for work.  This is the hubris of big government:  the delusion that our families’ economic future rests in the manicured hands of Congress rather than in the hard-working hands of the American people.  I disagree and I urge the rejection of this bill.”

Rumor flying around DC as of 1:30 is that Waxman-Markey is being pulled…

My continuing coverage of Cap and Tax, here.

Senior Cleric Calls For Harsh Retribution For Dissent In Iran

Even harsher than we’ve already seen?

Via Breitbart:

In Friday’s central Muslim sermon at Tehran University, a senior cleric, Ayatollah Ahmed Khatami, called for harsh retribution for dissent.

“Anybody who fights against the Islamic system or the leader of Islamic society, fight him until complete destruction,” he said in the nationally broadcast speech.

The cleric claimed some involved in the unrest used firearms.

“Anyone who takes up arms to fight with the people, they are worthy of execution,” he said. “We ask that the judiciary confront the leaders of the protests, leaders of the violations, and those who are supported by the United States and Israel strongly, and without mercy to provide a lesson for all.”

Khatami said those who disturbed the peace and destroyed public property were “at war with God,” and said they should be “dealt with without mercy.”

He reminded worshippers that Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, rules by God’s design and must not be defied.

The cleric also lashed out at foreign journalists, accusing them of false reporting, and singled out Britain for new criticism.

“In this unrest, Britons have behaved very mischievously and it is fair to add the slogan of down with England to slogan of down with USA,” he said, as his remarks were interrupted by worshippers’ chants of “Death to Israel.”

Hey, let’s just wait and see “how this thing plays out”…after all this “robust debate”, is a hopeful sign for US/Iran engagement.


Obama took some questions in a press conference with Angela Merkel, earlier today:

The NYT reporter asks if Obama will apologize as Ahmadinejad demands (amazingly, Obama passed on that opportunity) and if Obama will demand an apology from Ahmadinejad for comparing him to Bush.

Yes, it’s the same asswipe who wanted to know what Obama was enchanted by as President.

Women Of Iran Lead The Resistance

I can’t tell if this is a photoshop, or what, but holy cow if it isn’t:


I hope she survived this confrontation…

I think this is what Iranians mean when they call these young women, “lionesses”.

The Star.com describes the brave women in front of the resistance movement in Iran:

“There is an unfortunate distorted image of Iranian women. Everybody (in the West) is surprised at what’s happening in Iran because they have this image of women victimized by their state, by their husbands,” said Farzeneh Milani, a University of Virginia professor who has studied the Iranian women’s movement for three decades.

“The truth of the matter is that the women’s movement in Iran goes back to the middle of the 19th century.”

Women have played a role in each one of Iran’s cultural spasms. Many of the pro-Islamic activists during the 1979 Islamic Revolution were women. But the current reformist movement is a reaction to government measures aimed at pushing women to the sidelines of public life.

In 2005, the regime began a modesty campaign, the goal being a stricter enforcement of veiling.

“I call it gender apartheid, the separation of men and women in all spheres,” said Shahrzad Mojab, an activist who fled Iran in 1983 and now teaches at the University of Toronto. “It really has been building up over the last 30 years.”

Picture found via Twitter and Facebook.


It was indeed a photoshop…but only the finger part:

ahmadinejad woman