Kansas City Cap And Tax Protest/Olathe Picnic And Straw Poll


The folks at Kansas City Tea Party just emailed this important action alert:

Demonstrate your disgust with the results of the Cap and Trade vote in the House of Representatives. Come send Congress a message! Join us tomorrow!

Johnson County Courthouse
100 N. Kansas Ave
Olathe, KS
4-5:30 pm

This location was chosen because of a previous event we are taking part in during the early afternoon that is only 1 mile away.  If we are able to get a location in MO set-up, we will post that on the website.

Possible sign ideas:
Stop Cap and Trade
Take Our Country Back
Keep My Job
Where’s My Vote
Cap and Trade Must Go
Thanks For Doubling My Energy Bill
My ideas:
“Hey, what happened to the ‘95% of us are not getting a tax increase’ promise?”
“Global warming my ass….you just want the tax revenue for all of your expensive government programs”
Too wordy?
how about: “Global warming is an inconvenient hoax”
The other event mentioned is the Olathe Picnic and Straw Poll:

Olathe Picnic: June 27, 2009 at 10:00 a.m.
Republican stars US Sen. Sam Brownback and US Rep. Todd Tiahrt, and keynote speaker KMBZ talkshow host Darla Jaye among others will speak at the Olathe Republican Party annual Picnic and Straw Poll June 27 at the Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop in Olathe.
The family-friendly event features a hotdog and hamburger picnic with informational booths from political candidates and organizations as well as speeches from local legislators and candidates for statewide and congressional offices.

Attendees will be able to cast their votes for the 2010 US Senate, Secretary of State, and 3rd Congressional District races as well as their preference for the 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate in the $2 straw poll. Only one vote per person.

Besides Brownback and Tiahrt, confirmed speakers include both secretary of state candidates, Kris Kobach and JR Claeys, and both 3rd District Congressional candidates, Macie Houston and Daniel Gilyeat. Many may recognize Gilyeat as the Iraqi war veteran who was given a new home through Extreme Home Makeovers.

To find out if there’s a Cap and Trade protest near you, see Michelle Malkin.


Cap and Trade protest pix, here.

6 thoughts on “Kansas City Cap And Tax Protest/Olathe Picnic And Straw Poll

  1. Yes there were 8 Republicans that voted for this crap, but cap and trade belongs to the Dems and specifically Dear Leader. If the bill passes the Senate and signed into law, all those who lose their businesses, jobs, homes..etc can thank the Libtards. We are now closer to a Banana Republic government. The Dems like doing their business behind closed doors, in secret, while no one watches. It may be too late to stop all of this. I fear we are beyond help these days.


  2. Slogans:

    Cap and Trade is Voodoo Science (retro)

    Climate BHOax

    Yes We (are in the) Can


    No Hope No Change No Øne


  3. Crap & Tax, Obama’s Vietnam!

    Hell No, We Won’t Pay!

    Congress, too stupid to read, thinks we’re too stupid to vote!


  4. I suppose… if you consider what amounts to the largest tax on American citizens in history, during a time of recession and high unemployment a cool thing.


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