Women Of Iran Lead The Resistance

I can’t tell if this is a photoshop, or what, but holy cow if it isn’t:


I hope she survived this confrontation…

I think this is what Iranians mean when they call these young women, “lionesses”.

The Star.com describes the brave women in front of the resistance movement in Iran:

“There is an unfortunate distorted image of Iranian women. Everybody (in the West) is surprised at what’s happening in Iran because they have this image of women victimized by their state, by their husbands,” said Farzeneh Milani, a University of Virginia professor who has studied the Iranian women’s movement for three decades.

“The truth of the matter is that the women’s movement in Iran goes back to the middle of the 19th century.”

Women have played a role in each one of Iran’s cultural spasms. Many of the pro-Islamic activists during the 1979 Islamic Revolution were women. But the current reformist movement is a reaction to government measures aimed at pushing women to the sidelines of public life.

In 2005, the regime began a modesty campaign, the goal being a stricter enforcement of veiling.

“I call it gender apartheid, the separation of men and women in all spheres,” said Shahrzad Mojab, an activist who fled Iran in 1983 and now teaches at the University of Toronto. “It really has been building up over the last 30 years.”

Picture found via Twitter and Facebook.


It was indeed a photoshop…but only the finger part:

ahmadinejad woman

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