Honduran Military Removes Despot From Power

The same despot the Obama Administration tried to protect, last week, when rumor was afoot that there would be  “a move against Mr. Zelaya”. While Obama was studiously avoiding “meddling” in Iranian affairs as protesters cried out to the world for help in their fight for freedom from tyranny, he was busy meddling behind the scenes in the affairs of Hondurans, to keep a tyrannical, leftist despot in power.

What happened in a nutshell, as explained by Dan Collins at POWIP:

You won’t really grasp it from the AP article, but the Honduran coup is about President Zelaya’s extra-constitutional attempt to extend his term. He would be out of office in January, but he wanted a referendum to permit him to run again. The Supreme Court stated that would be unconstitutional. The army general who was to have distributed the ballots refused, and was sacked. The military then snatched him from his villa and shipped him off to Hugo.

The rumors that Zelaya was shipped off to Venezuela were unconfirmed. According to Fausta, who has been following the story,  all day, he is in Costa Rica.

A commenter at Gateway Pundit says:

this is not a coup, this is the Honduran Armed Forces carrying out an order of the Supreme Court of Honduras and the congress, as well as military leaders that refused to buckle to Zelaya’s attempt to fully Chavez-ize the nation….

In other words, it was a triumph for freedom from leftist tyranny…and that probably gives Barack Obama heartburn.


Allahpundit has another idea as to why the Obama administration acted as they did:

I guess Team Barry figured that if they didn’t come out loudly against this, suspicions inside the country about the military being in cahoots with the U.S. would fester.

I disagree. I don’t think he was trying to use “smart power”. I actually believe that Obama reflexively takes the anti-Democratic position in any conflict….period.


One more thing:

Introduced two weeks before this year’s Presidential Inauguration, H.J.Res.5 calls to amend the Constitution by removing the limit on the number of terms a President can serve. It would effectively repeal the 22nd Amendment, approved by Congress in 1947 and ratified by the States in 1951.

Such legislation has been on the political scene for many years, and never goes anywhere.

But things change, as Obama will tell you.



In case you were thinking that Obama’s profoundly wrong position on Honduras was going to be corrected this week, now that’s it’s clear that the people have spoken, and Zelaya has been deposed, think again…Obama is standing firm with the Socialist thugs Zelaya, and Cahvez:

US President Barack Obama said Monday that the United States believes that ousted leader Manuel Zelaya “remains the president of Honduras.”

As Drew succinctly opined at AoSHQ:

America…on the wrong side of every foreign policy matter since January 20, 2009.

Ace has more, here.

Ed Morrissey has more at Hot Air.

Coups, interference, and the shifting standards of Obama; Update: Coup or ‘military impeachment’?


Haha...Chavez is taking his cue from Ahmadinejad, no doubt:

Just days after reestablishing diplomatic ties with Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez is accusing the U.S. of staging a coup in Honduras as President Obama expressed concern over President Manuel Zelaya’s arrest.

Un. be. lieveable!

15 thoughts on “Honduran Military Removes Despot From Power

  1. Thanks for nut-shelling this one for me NiceLADYDeb.
    Much appreciated for the mush-brained moron in me.

    *trying but unsuccessful in keeping up with how the dems are playing all this political footsie, shell games, and screwing with our constitution*


  2. From the article: ”I actually believe that Obama reflexively takes the anti-Democratic position in any conflict….period.”

    You don’t have to think this. It is now demonstratively true! We must be on our toes in 2016 if The Won (pox be upon him) wins a 2nd term in 2012 ’cause this will be tried here in the good ole USofA.


  3. Everyone interested at the situation in Honduras should know:

    That the honduran people has resisted stoically for over 3 years the governo of an individual that changed its mind at every tip creating confrontation between the institutions of the state.
    That the honduran people had as president someone who considered Honduras as his particular state.
    That his continued reject of the law has been the custom and not the exception.
    That his intention its and have been to seek indefinite reelection trying to becoming a Chavez line dictator.
    That the venerable Army of the Republic of Honduras did only the will of the law by removing Manuel Zelaya Rosales from the presidency.
    That Honduras is only in a process of transition of powers as is written in the constitution of our Republic.
    That several contries are trying to meddle into our soberanity by promising to send troops into our country to reinstate a fellow chavista to power
    Please help us to change the denomination that the international news networs give to this situation naming it a “Coup of Etat” when what is really going is a peaceful transition of power as is written by law and that will avoid Honduras to become another Chavez Filial.


  4. Thanks, for the input, gerard. I agree with you. I didn’t call it a coup, and specifically cited someone who said it was not a coup.

    Good luck over there.


  5. “I actually believe that Obama reflexively takes the anti-Democratic position in any conflict….period.”

    Ding, ding, ding!! We have a winnah!!!!


  6. I am very sorry for the lack of a firm response from Barack Obama criticizing instead the true institutions of Honduras instead of heddling support for our chavista supported president, that show me how has changed the world. At this current time we are in fear of an invasion from Nicaragua, let’s hope the United Stated help us if that comes.


  7. Hey, remember when Carter was president and the Sandanista Revolution swept leftists to power in Nicaragua and helped that socialist/communist leaders take power throughout the region while the mullahs in Iran created a theocracy and the economy in the US circled the bowl?

    Well just in case you missed it, you get to live the sequel. Barack Obama: Revenge of Jimmah! Somebody alert the Nobel committee.

    Damn, it’s great to have a weak ass president again.


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