The Violent Crackdown In Iran Continues

iran protesters

It was quiet for a couple of days in Iran, and recent celebrity deaths had threatened to suck the oxygen out of its freedom movement’s momentum, but late yesterday, news came out of fresh protests, along with the now expected gov. brutal response. The protesters in Iran are a tenacious lot if the violent crackdown of last week didn’t stop them.  Atlas Shrugs, of course is on top of it, with pictures, videos, and rundown of the weekend’s events, here, and here.

Canada Free Press has a report from Toronto based blogger, Sayeh Hassan:

Arrest of protestors in Iran continues on a major scale.  According to news from “Human Rights and Democracy Activists” in Iran not only are people being arrested on the streets, but security forces are actually raiding hospitals, rounding up wounded protestors and taking them to “unknown locations.”

Security forces and Basij are also raiding peoples’ homes, in search of protestors.  At night they raid peoples’ homes who shout “Allaho Akbar” or “Down with Dictator” on their rooftops, arrest people and take them to unknown locations.  Names of a few individuals who have been arrested so far are Mr. Akbar Aghayi (27), Mr. Omid Khatami (26), Mr. Ali Aghili (18) and Mr. Masoud Asgari.  However these are only a few names, from hundreds of people who have been arrested so far.

You can sign a petition directed toward the International Court of Justice to investigate the crimes committed by Khamenei, here.

Another petition, Help Stop the Slaughter of Iranian Freedom Seekers can be signed, here.

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