Reminder To KC Area Readers: Counter The Pro-ObamaCare Mob In KC This Weekend

An event IN SUPPORT OF OBAMACARE ( say what?!) is being held this Saturday at 101st & Lowell from 8:30 to 10:30.

Michelle Malkin wrote earlier this year, about the importance of the right to counteract the big government alliances on the left  pushing ObamaCare:

Resistance has to happen on the ground, on the airwaves, and in the halls of Congress. ACORN, the SEIU, and the rest of the liberal grass-roots network are organized and committed to helping the White House. They’re pulling out all the stops.

This event is listed on, aka Organizing for America. According to their about us page, they are “Project of the Democratic National Convention”, whatever that means. Here are the details, note the *ahem* lack of details about what ObamaCare will actually do:

Walk for the Walk (Health Care Organizing Event)
Join us Saturday, August 1st for a walk to support our health ideals of prevention, accountability, and support. We are walking to demonstrate our commitment to lower costs, improve access, and provide choice in accordance with President Obama’s Health Care Reform principles.
Time: Saturday, August 1 from 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Host: Lynn Magenheimer
Brookridge Park (Lenexa, KS)
101st and Lowell
Lenexa, KS 66215

The Kansas 9-12′rs are organizing a rally in opposition to their “Walk for the Walk” …
“This event is a “Health Care Organizing” event. We want to be a disruptive presence (hopefully overwhelmingly), but we want to be respectful too. I’m new at this, but it seems that a relatively silent presence and protest is appropriate. Bring signs and flags as usual. If you are bringing a flag only, maybe dress in black (mourning). Use your imagination, but act with dignity, honor and respect!”
I know this is short notice but we need to get as many people there as possible to oppose this ridiculous health care bill.  I hope you can make it for at least part of the rally.
We can no longer sit by & allow these groups to make the nation’s decisions. We must be heard!!  If that means we show up at their events, then so be it.  This is one way they will get the message … WE SURROUND THEM!!
There should be more of us than them….because there ARE more of us than them. Most Americans oppose ObamaCare. We need to let our voices be heard. Come armed with the facts to counter the ObamaLies
You can sign the “Free Our Health Care Now” petition, here.

For inspiration, go here:

A Picture Worth A Thousand Words


“teachable moment”

This picture tells the story, but if you’re interested in a good verbal beat down, Thomas Lifson at the American Thinker can oblige:

Sergeant Crowley, the sole class act in this trio, helps the handicapped  Professor Gates down the stairs, while Barack Obama, heedless of the infirmities of his friend and fellow victim of self-defined racial profiling, strides ahead on his own. So who is compassionate? And who is so self-involved and arrogant that he is oblivious?’

Speaking of verbal beat downs, see Ace for more about “the beer summit”.


Compare to President Bush.

My favorite comment from the American Thinker post, from DW Cripps: <!– Comment: #35 –>

From beginning to end, the one person in this little vingette who has shown professionalism, integrity, restraint, honesty and character has been Sgt. Crowley!! Like many others, I was concerned that the Sergeant might end up being used as a PR tool by BO and Gates. I think that was the ultimate motive behind the so called “beer summit” as arranged by BO. However, by being himself – a man of character- Sgt. Crowley has outshined both Gates and BO. This photo really does put the lie to the charges of racism, rogue cop, acting stupidly, etc., and does expose BO for who and what he truly is.


Obligatory caption contest at Hot Air.

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs, again.

Video:AK Dems and Obama Colluded In Palin Attacks

Exposed “Ethicsgate” Obama and the Democrats multiple direct links to the political effort to destroy Sarah Palin.

This video, a Naked Emperor News production, keeps getting removed from Youtube, so watch it, copy it, share it while you can:

Hat tip: Atlas Shrugs

Another Huge Round Of Protests Expected In Iran This Weekend

Will Obama continue to watch passively? That’s what FrontPageMagazine’s, Ben Johnson is asking: Will Obama at long last clench his fist in the face of brutal totalitarianism?:

Budapest, 1956.

Prague, 1968.

Gdansk, 1981.

Tianenmen Square, 1989.

Tehran, 2009.

Each of these surprise flashpoints in history’s long march against totalitarianism proved as dazzling at its outset as it did hopeless at its extermination. Each of them left a trail of broken bodies, but the last was different than all its historical forebears in one way: the president of the United States kept silent while it was unfolding. Barack Obama, and the world, saw police beat and gas protesters and kill 27-year-old music students and nine-year-old children; and Iranian reports indicate that those arrested were viciously tortured in a secret prison. All the while, the president maintained a reticence that helped enable the secret police. The young protesters who continue filling Iran’s streets this weekend to renew their revolt against corruption offer Barack Obama a unique opportunity: a chance to redeem his previous, disastrous inaction. Will he act this time to prevent hundreds more of their fellow citizens from meeting a similar fate?

His predecessors, who faced the actual threat of nuclear annihilation, greeted oppression with resistance. President Johnson called the Soviet invasion “patently contrived” and threatened United Nations action. Reagan, unable to garner NATO support for an effective response, imposed the economic sanctions at his disposal. George H.W. Bush, who was overly cozy with Beijing, verbally denounced the massacre and temporarily suspended diplomatic relations.

President Obama met crisis with equivocation, choosing to “withhold comment” about the transparently rigged election and standing idly by as Iranian secret police brutalized and arrested 2,500 democratic protesters, so as not be seen as “meddling.” Republicans John McCain and Lindsay Graham condemned his actions as “timid,” and even both houses of the Democrat-controlled Congress passed measures condemning the abuse more stridently than Obama. Finally, on June 20, Obama released a statement a week later calling on “the Iranian government to stop all violent and unjust actions against its own people.”

Like his invitation for Iran to “unclench its fist” on nuclear weapons, his plea was ignored, as the mullahs’ enforcers murdered Neda Agha Soltan and rounded up hundreds more to a then-unknown location.

We now know their fate: torture and death in Iranian secret prisons. One person detailed the vicious beatings in a Kihrizak prison, where “at least 200 people in one room, and everyone was getting beatings with sticks…The walls were all bloody.” The police allegedly turned off the lights to thrash the protesters for half-an-hour in pitch black. Among those killed was Mohsen Rouhalamini, a nine-year-old boy and coincidentally the son of an adviser to one of Ahmadinejiad’s opponents.

Ahmadinejiad’s opponents could use a little help and encouragement from Obama, but so far he’s blowing it. This weekend will give him a second chance.

Meanwhile, as the Honduran government resists leftist totalitarianism, the Obama administration has sprung into action…to support the leftist totalitarian. It’s almost as if Obama has a soft spot for totalitarianism.


See the NYTs for a great report about the latest round of protests w/picture and videos.

Latest Iran Protests Reverberate Online

Front Page Of US Consulate In Jerusalem Website Devoid Of Jews

Powerline calls this, “wishful thinking” on the State Department’s behalf:


Not a single mention of Jewish people on the front page of the US Consulate Jerusalem website? What does this tell you?

Discover The Networks describes the Palestinian Authority, thus:

Since 1994, when almost all Palestinians living in Israel came under the autonomous and independent control of the PA, the economies of the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been crippled by the Authority’s despotic rule. By 2003, the West Bank’s GDP had shrunk to about one-tenth of what it had been in 1992 — a result of the PA’s misappropriation of more than $5.2 billion into the personal accounts of Arafat and his lieutenants and militias. The Second Intifada, which began in September 2000, also contributed to the sharp deterioration in Palestinians’ living standards. The poverty rate nearly tripled, from 20 percent in 1999 to 55 percent in 2003. Once-prosperous commercial towns became economic basket cases.

As early as 2001, the Government of Israel had designated the PA as an “Entity Supporting Terrorism.” In 2004, Papal Nuncio Msgr. Pietro Sambi described the Palestinian Authority Constitution as the “framework for a totalitarian Islamic terror state.” In April of that year, Arafat told the German magazine Focus that he was prepared to share power with the terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad in a new leadership structure that would operate in parallel with the Palestinian Authority. Arafat had released many members of both groups from PA jails.

After Arafat’s death, he was succeeded as the leader of both the PA and Fatah by Mahmoud Abbas, a.k.a. Abu Mazen.

Isn’t it nice to know that the US government supports the PA to the tune of 200 million, this year? Especially in light of this:

In July 2007 it was reported that in recent years two PA officials who were Fatah members had stolen tens of millions of U.S. dollars that had been earmarked to help Fatah ward off the aggression of its rival, Hamas. One of those officials, Mahmoud Dahlan, had smuggled $27 million and invested much of it in construction projects in Dubai. His associate Rashid Abu Shabak, former chief of the Palestinian Security Services, had smuggled another $25 million. Palestinian Finance Minister Salam Fayyad’s office reported that of some $60 million in U.S. aid that had been deposited in a bank account for Fatah’s exclusive benefit, only $7 million was not stolen. Dahlan and Shabak both fled the Gaza Strip prior to Hamas’ takeover of the region and all its U.S.-backed Fatah security compounds in June 2007.

Hat tip and screenshot via: Weasel Zippers

Senator Lugar Asks Clinton To Explain Honduras Policy

I like this. Republicans Senators want answers.

“The complexity of events that led up to the Honduran crisis has given rise to questions regarding U.S. policy,” Senator Richard Lugar, one of the Senate’s most respected voices on foreign policy, wrote to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The United States has refused to recognize the Honduran government led by Roberto Micheletti, which took over the Central American nation after President Manuel Zelaya was ousted by the Honduran military on June 28.

Lugar told Clinton he shared her support for mediation by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias in the month-old dispute over whether Zelaya should be allowed to return to his post.

But he also appealed to the State Department to provide a detailed clarification of U.S. policy to “interested Members” — an apparent reference to several of his fellow Republicans, who charge Washington is trying to reinstate a left-wing government in Honduras.

Because of U.S. support for Zelaya, conservative Republican Senator Jim DeMint has threatened to delay a Senate vote on the nomination of Arturo Valenzuela to be assistant secretary of state for western hemisphere affairs, the senior diplomat in charge of Latin America at the State Department.

“I request that the Department provide interested Members a detailed clarification of the steps that it has taken, and intends to take, in response to the events that transpired in the run-up to and period after the forced removal of President Manuel Zelaya from Honduras,” Lugar wrote to Clinton.

The Senators no doubt want to know why we’re so dead set upon reinstating an anti-American, anti-Democratic, leftist  Chavista instead of supporting the Honduran constitution. Lugar was being kind…the events leading up to this crisis were not too complex to understand. The fact of the matter is, the Obama administration has taken the wrong side. And the reinstatement of an undemocratic dictator would have terrible repercussions for Hondurans.

Washington has cut $16.5 million in aid to Honduras and revoked visas for four members of Micheletti’s administration, but  the would be dictator Zelaya, is still pressuring Obama to do more:

“We will ask the U.S. government to step up the pressure on Micheletti,” Zelaya’s ambassador told Reuters.


The NYTs reports:

Honduras: Clashes at Protests

Several people were wounded, one shot in the head, and 100 arrested.

Protesters were videotaped carrying long sticks and pick axes. I remember someone tweeting awhile back, about Zelaya supporters with pick axes and I didn’t believe it. I’ve been scouring youtube for video. Found this from today:

Translation of info accompanying video:


I also came upon this at youtube. It’s a radio interview of a Honduran pro-Democracy activist in the days before Zelaya’s ouster (I won’t say coup). She and her interviewer discuss why Obama, and The Obama State Dept remain silent in the face of Zelaya’s blatant attempt to grab power ala Chavez:


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