4 thoughts on “ACORN Girls Convincingly Sell ObamaCare

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  2. The brunette would be a far better spokesperson if she’d lean forward a bit further. Because she’s certainly has nothing to say that’s worth listening to.

    Someone should ask them both to sign a petition urging the government to ban dihydrogen monoxide.


  3. obviously the product of a severely degraded society – the scary thing is, these two are actually involved in “doing something”, or at least trying to do something. Where could we be if those of us with half of the intellect of these two numbskulls stood for what this country was founded upon. I know, we’re all too busy trying to make a living; but guess what, every percentage point that our taxes increase, means all the more you have to work to bring home the same amount – just think how much free time, or how much sooner you’d be able to retire, if you were able to keep the 35% of what you earn instead of giving it to the gov. The only way we’ll ever get the idiots in washington listen to those of us who “provide” for the rest of the country, is to stop paying taxes on a very large scale, nation wide. Think about it for a minute, what penalties could they implement if the jails were full of non-tax payers and there was no money to run the prison system or any other gov. run institution. Things will have to get much MUCH worse, before we have any hope of them getting any better.


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