Where’s Them Jobs?

House Republican leader John Boehner’s bloodhound tries to sniff out some stimulus jobs. He’s still a-lookin’:

Here’s the GOP.Gov Unemployment chart:


Which is just a *slightly* slicker version of Geoff’s  updated monthly chart from Innocent Bystanders:


U.S. Congressman Mike Pence, Chairman of the House Republican Conference, had some words to say about this, today:

At a time when families are struggling to make ends meet, the rising unemployment rate is further evidence that we cannot borrow and spend and bail our way back to a growing economy.

More than four months after the economic stimulus was signed into law, our country still faces the highest unemployment in almost three decades.

Sadly, Democrats’ answer to near record unemployment is runaway federal spending and a national energy tax that will increase the cost of energy on every household in the country and cost millions of American jobs.

Congress should be doing what every American family is doing during these tough economic times: cutting expenses, and making sacrifices.

Instead, Washington is pushing for more spending, more debt and higher taxes, all on the backs of our nation’s taxpayers.

Our nation deserves a strategy for prosperity, not more spending, more taxes and more unemployment.

It should also be noted that since the Dems took the majority of the House in 2006, travel junkets spiked 50%.

Two words: tea. party.

Take some time out of your celebrations on the 4th to attend your nearest one.

4th of July tea party info, here.

17 thoughts on “Where’s Them Jobs?

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  2. Jugears said that California is a shining example of how the economy is perking up. What? I wake up every morning to the sucking sound of jobs, businesses and people leaving our state. What a friggin liar.


  3. When are you folks going to understand that the problem with America’s economy is a global problem? Most countries in the world that have been able to have had to tote up massive deficits to try and maintain their economies in recession mode rather than sink into a world depression. And nobody is sure that this is going to work. But believe it or not there are economists out there (no, not socialist or fascist or stupid, for that matter) who think that these kind of injections are absolutely necessary. Further not all of these governments are socialist (though you probably don’t believe that). No amount of teaparty protesting about Democrats is going to change the fact that your country is the epicentre for this meltdown, or suddenly change things for the better. I live in a country that did not have a New Deal in the 30s (the then government’s policies looked very much like what your Republicans are proposing at the moment) – it took us a great deal longer to climb out of that depression than the US (even post WWII). Good luck!


  4. Mal, most of Obama’s spending is for an expansion of government programs. The only thing “stimulated” is the government.

    Not buying the bs.


  5. Not bs NiceDeb – standard Keynesian economics – but I guess you are never going to buy it anyway. Must feel good to be so certain. Oh well good luck to ya.


  6. Been workin’ the Tea Party plans here in Dallas – South Fork Ranch. Gonna be BIG, BIG, BIG… and HOT, HOT, HOT…

    But I’ll be there with all the other “racist redneck Tea-Baggers” *snigger* Yeppers! You bet. and Hee-Haw!

    Cute vid of Boehner, Deb. Thanks. Got to keep a sense of humor.


  7. Hey Mal. Tea Parties are not about beating up on Dems. I’ve been handing out flyers for ours in Dallas while talking to the folks. Lots of the folks coming are Dems who have had it. They see clearly what you refuse to see. AND lots of Republican politicians need to take responsibility for their share of the problems we are facing.

    Our Tea Party here in Dallas is not permitting political candidates to speak. Tea Parties are beyond political parties. It’s about the PEOPLE needing to speak their voices because we are not being heard. (thanks to the media). WE are for the people.

    Deb is right. Your attempts to mock her confidence or blame the good ole U.S.A. all the while oozing your drama about the how “nobody knows if this is going to work” kind of stuff all show that you have a difficulty sanely discussing economic principles.

    These concepts are actually rather simple. The government can not create wealth. When government edicts put a vice grip on expansion with moronic ideas like “cap and tax” (we could list a bunch more here…) or plan to control and eventually take over health care (yea — they’ve managed those social programs real well, haven’t they — managed them so well they are bankrupt!) then healthy competition that will ALWAYS lead to excellence in the free market is killed. Killed.

    Hey maybe you could pick up a copy of Mark Levin’s “Liberty and Tyranny” and give it a read if you are interested in the challenges we face here in the USA. It’s well researched and has been #1 Bestseller in the New York Times list 12 out of the last 13 weeks. It’s also been opened up and read by congressmen and women on the floor of the House in Washington D.C. during sessions. Almost a million copies sold, I believe…


  8. Cathy – exactly what qualifications do you have to “sanely discuss” economics. For myself – a few units of economics in a BA, and some experience working for politicians in Australia. I’ve also read some Keynes and more recent economists. Also have a couple of postgrad degrees. Have you? I personally don’t care what a conservative radio jock has to say – I’m just as qualified intellectually as he is and I don’t care if a million readers like yourself have read his book. The latter is not an indicator whether a book is good or not. If I see it at my local library I’ll check it out. I think I’m perfectly able to sanely discuss economic theory – I note that you have not done so here. By the way – governments can generate wealth through both the building of infrastructure and through cash injections. I suggest you (no I’m not doing it for you!) do some research into this. Oh, also – research does not involve ignoring those whose politics you might not agree with. There is no evidence of substantive and sustained argument about the bills you mentioned in your post. Nothing on the whole site but fairly low level insult I’m afraid (and yes to my shame I know I’m just as guilty of it). If you want to slap your backs over how much you hate your government that’s fine – just don’t dress it up as anything more than that.


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