White House Concerned About Niger President’s Bid To Hang On To Power

Nigerian PrezObama, WTF?

You’ll never believe the undemocratic, despotic method he is using to do this:

The White House says it’s worried about Niger President Mamadou Tandja’s decision to dissolve his nation’s top court in an apparent effort to extend power.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said in a statement Wednesday that the United States is concerned about Tandja’s attempt to hold onto his office despite term limits. Gibbs says the actions undermine the African nation’s progress toward good governance.

Hm. So this President Tandja………………………………………………………………………….is he a right winger, or what?

Not that the Obama administration is known for its consistency in foreign affairs…but wasn’t an unconstitutional attempt to hold on t o his office despite term limits what got Honduran President Zelaya overthrown?…and isn’t Obama working with the leftist South American OAS to return him to power?

“Smart Power” is so confusing…..


9 thoughts on “White House Concerned About Niger President’s Bid To Hang On To Power

  1. Don’t be confused… just take a sip of this delicious Kool-Aid and let the grown-ups worry about all of this bad ol’ foreign policy stuff…

    Now, don’t you feel better?


  2. and Jobs Saved rate replaces unemployment rate.

    The double speak is so familiar.



  3. Yes a attempt to hold on to the office after the term is over is a crime… but also seeing that the interference of US in other countries political policies have resulted in devastating consequences. I agree it is really confusing should we just let things happen and turn a blind eye…


  4. Every dictator want-to-be is excited today. They know dumbass and his band of boobs will either ignore their takeover or support it. Win win situation. Good Job Dear Leader.


  5. Now Deb, you know that Honduras is different because we can’t have the precedent of a government in the Americas working to uphold a national constitution at the expense of an enlightened despot leader. Such a thing might inspire even Barry’s supporters to question similar attempts here.


  6. It’s as if Obama has no moral center or guiding principles on right and wrong. No one knows what he will do next. Uncertainty is dangerous, economically and in international affairs.


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