Video:Liz Cheney On Clinton’s Dwindling Role At State Dept.

Liz Cheney appeared on the Greta Van Susteran Show on July 1st, saying that Obama missed an opportunity in Iran, and if she were Hillary Clinton, “she would be troubled” by the “stripping of her portfolio”.

More on the Obama/Clinton rift at Hot Air.


Although Obama missed an opportunity to support Democracy in Iran, he never misses an opportunity to support tyranny:

The United States is opposed to enacting a new set of financial sanctions against Iran that are due to be discussed in the G8 summit next week, diplomatic officials in New York reported Friday.

Let’s allow that to soak in for a moment…Obama is against sanctions in undemocratic Iran, but for “crippling sanctions” against Democratic Honduras.

Captain Ed says Obama’s fantasy continues that he can talk Iran out of their nukes.

Ace thinks Obama knows for a fact that he can do no such thing, but he needs to continue the facade that he can, because he knows the American people don’t accept the idea of a nuclear Iran:

…for Obama, this pretense of negotiation is absolutely critical to his strategy. His strategy is not to actually resolve the crisis in the national interest. His strategy is only to delay the point at which he takes political damage for failing to resolve the crisis, and pretending, up until that point, to be busily and fruitfully working to resolve it.

He needs that. And for that he needs the mullahs.

But they don’t need him for that. Notice that they’re not terribly worried about “meddling” in US politics when they accuse the CIA of engineering the premeditated murder of Neda. They can say that, they can toss around such accusations, because they don’t need a damn thing from Obama.

Obama needs something from them — and they know it.

An Old Saying… explains Obama’s strategy. His strategy of selling this to the American public, I mean.

It is easier to beg for forgiveness than to obtain permission.

In other words, it’s easier to present someone with a fait accompli and say “Sorry, my bad” than to sell them on it before it’s accomplished.

He can’t sell America on allowing Iran to have nukes. Or at least not without taking damage he doesn’t want to.

So he will pretend he’s “working on” the problem with “smart, outside-the-box diplomacy” until they detonate a nuke, at which case he’ll apologize and say “Gee, guys, guess I got taken for a ride. Those stinking liars! Let’s all be mad at them together! But not too mad. They have nukes, now, so it’s not like we can do anything to express our anger at how badly they’ve duped me, your Messiah.”

I also can’t help suspecting that Obama is ideologically more amenable to totalitarianism than Democracy.

3 thoughts on “Video:Liz Cheney On Clinton’s Dwindling Role At State Dept.

  1. This supporter of torture and her dopey interviewer would know wouldn’t they! Not! This: “I also can’t help suspecting that Obama is ideologically more amenable to totalitarianism than Democracy.” – just shows you are completely barking mad.


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