Honduran Military Ordered To Turn Back Zelaya’s jet

This is beyond awesome.:

Honduras’ ousted President Manuel said he was getting on a flight home to reclaim his post on Sunday, accompanied by the U.N. General Assembly president and a group of journalists.

The interim government said it ordered the military to prevent the landing of Zelaya’s plane. If turned away, it will likely land in El Salvador, where a separate flight was headed with Latin American leaders who support Zelaya’s reinstatement.

Thousands of protesters were gathering in the capital of Honduras in anticipation of Zelaya’s showdown against the interim government in power since the army ousted him.

Police helicopters hovered over the main Tegucigalpa airport, where soldiers outnumbered travelers and commercial flights were canceled. Access roads were cut off by police checkpoints, with soldiers standing guard alongside.

Hat tip: Weasel Zippers

Continuous news feed from Honduras, here.

The Telesur news feed, here.

I’m hearing that Telesur is the pro Chavez channel…funded by Venezuela.


Zelaya’s plane has landed in El Salvador, and Hondura’s legitimate President, Roberto Micheletti says that Nicaraguan troops are heading to the border with Honduras.

See Fausta for all the latest.


From the Catracho news feed chatroom:

Someone says that 80% of Hondurans support the new government.

Someone else asked people to pray for Honduras.

tear gas and rubber bullets used to control the crowds that try to enter the airport areas

Zelaya supporters, and hired thugs are trying to infiltrate airport

hugomiranda on Twitter: The govt has placed vehicles all over the airport so Zelaya’s plane can’t land.

Another tweet: The Zelaya plane landing story is 2009’s answer to the OJ Simpson White Bronco slow-speed chase.

jryanlaw: The plane carrying the Argentine president Kirchner, Ecuador’s Correa and the OAS head has landed in El Salvador.

See also gerardoparedes for updates in English from Honduras.

Another good source of information: The Jungle Hut.

You’ll definitely want to check out this guy!

A recently retired Marine wanted to get to the bottom of what was going on in Central America so he hopped on a plane to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. and started a blog, Honduras Abandoned!

I felt that there was minimal news coverage coming from this region, and was intrigued when this little democratic country from Central America stood by its actions despite condemnation from the UN and the United States. Here is my experience within this country.

I felt that there was minimal news coverage coming from this region, and was intrigued when this little democratic country from Central America stood by its actions despite condemnation from the UN and the United States. Here is my experience within this country.

This doesn’t speak well for the Honduran military: There was bloodshed at the airport protest today, when a soldier/officer reportedly shot into the crowd of protesters who were throwing rocks at the soldiers. 2-3 people are dead. (correction- 1 confirmed dead) Mayhem ensued.

…. did see an older man in a white shirt reach down into the blood pool and cover his hands. He then wiped them on his shirt to make it look like his blood or that he had been involved. Hunter saw what he thought was an AP photographer take the man’s picture. Hunter said if you see it on the web, don’t believe it. It was faked.

He is heading back into the crowd and will update if anything warrants further coverage. Plans on posting pics and his write up when he gets back to hotel. It will be better than mine. Doing this from hastily scratched notes while confirming his safety.

There should be a full investigation into what happened, and the shooter punished to the full extent of the law.

Code Pink has sent a delegation to Honduras.…you can guess whose side they’re on…

It appears that the attempted coup by Zelaya, failed today. But he, Chavez, Castro, and Ortega, with  Obama’s blessing, may try again at another time.


Obama “Stands With Democracy”, Defends Leftist Despot/Thug/Drug Trafficker

Honduran Military Removes Despot From Power


Here’s the picture of the man who smeared blood on himself. Lefties lie and distort the truth as a matter of course. They can’t help themselves. It’s what they do.

It was a Reuters photographer who took the picture:

blood smeared shirt


Supporters of ousted Honduras’ President Manuel Zelaya, one of them with a shirt covered with blood, talks to people next to a bullet-riddled motorbike outside the Toncontin international airport in Tegucigalpa July 5, 2009.

One person was killed, and two wounded in the clash.

Abandoned Honduras has pictures up of the protest at the airport.


A video of the official chronology of events in Honduras that led to this crisis at CFP.

The Wall Street Journal: Honduras at the Tipping Point: Why is the U.S. not supporting the rule of law?

8 thoughts on “Honduran Military Ordered To Turn Back Zelaya’s jet

  1. Deb, Honduras stands strong against the left, for me it is so wrong that the foreign media doesn’t show the thousands that are happy of having Zelaya out of this country, he doesn’t love Honduras, if he loved this country he would stand down, but he is power hungry and so he is trying to stir matters to make a final power grab.


  2. Deb, thanks for your support, its nice to have a voice of support among so many dark forces joining against us


  3. gerardoparades, there are plenty of Americans who can see what’s going on, over there. Check out Fausta’s blog, too. She’s been doing an exceptional job covering this.


  4. Deb, thank you for the roundup and reporting.

    gerardo, stand strong. A great many of us are with your country’s cause, even if it’s rarely heard in our media.


  5. apotheosis, thanks for your support, i strongly believe that if George W. Bush was in power this wouldn’t be happening as he would had stand strong with the Honduran people, but now barry obama has thrown us under the bus.


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