Clinton To Meet With Zelaya In Washington This Week

She’ll be the highest level Obama administration contact Zelaya’s had since he was deposed, according to Breitbart:

Zelaya is expected in Washington on Tuesday following an unsuccessful attempt to return to Honduras over the weekend that deepened the country’s political crisis. The State Department says the administration remains committed to seeing a restoration of democratic order in Honduras and deplored the use of force against Zelaya’s supporters.

It didn’t take them long to issue a strong statement against Honduras, did it? It took two weeks for Obama to condemn the insane violence in Iran, with the Basiji thugs hacking at protesters with axes, beating them into comas, and shooting innocent bystanders, but one person dies in a clash with the police in Honduras, and the State Dept. is all over it.

Don’t get me wrong…not knowing the entire story, it does look like the Honduran Military police overreacted to the rock throwing mob, and that certainly doesn’t help the new government’s moral standing, but what happened to allowing a country to handle its internal “robust debate” without our meddling?

Meanwhile, Honduras Abandoned has pix of Code Pink meddling on behalf of Chavez and Zelaya in Honduras.

Here’s a good round up of Honduran bloggers who are trying to get the real story out in the face of so much disinformation.


Via Gateway Pundit:

Honduras Abandoned reports: Killing Bullet Is Not Of Military Caliber

This is just a rough translation, as I am hurrying to make it available in English:

The Minister of Defense Adolfo Lionel Sevilla said this afternoon that the bullet that killed a young man at the demonstration Sunday in the Toncontín airport did not come from a military weapon.

According to the experts, the bullet that took the life of a young 19 year old, was not from a military caliber. The report reveals that the direction the young man died does not coincide with the trajectory of the direction of the bullet from the armed forces.

Ramón Custodio: army used rubber bullets

Yes, the reports I was following yesterday afternoon said that the military was using rubber bullets to repel the crowd.


Via Honduras Abandoned:

20 Armed Nicaraguans Detained at Protest Conclusion, Claims Military Officer

As the rally came to a close, the police arrested 20 Nicaraguans from the crowd, who were armed with .357 pistols. Right now they are being detained and questioned as to their entry into the country and actions at the rally. Besides the Nicaraguans that were arrested yesterday, the officer claimed that there were foreigners from Cuba and Venezuela as well.

It wouldn’t surprise me a bit if a foreign commie provocateur had shot into the crowd in order to create a sacrificial lamb; their own cause’s “Neda”, to blame on the new government of Honduras. There is an ongoing investigation to get to the bottom of it.


Honduran Military Removes Despot From Power

Obama “Stands With Democracy”, Defends Leftist Despot/Thug/Drug Trafficker

Honduran Military Ordered To Turn Back Zelaya’s jet

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