Report: Sunday’s Violence In Honduras Orchestrated By Chavez

The Honduran newspaper, El Heraldo reported on Wednesday that Chavez influenced the mob at the airport on Sunday. Here is the translation of the report, “Chavez planned a slaughter in Honduras” supplied by a commenter at Honduras Abandoned:

Chavez planned a slaughter in Honduras
The goal, on Sunday July 5, was to cause a massacre and create martyrs.

(News agency) AFP captured the moment when Hugo Chávez, from his office, coordinated the military operation that took Manuel Zelaya Rosales to Honduras, in a flagrant violation of Honduran airspace.

However, rather than seeing a former military coup leader pointing to his Panasonic TV and applauding the “feat” Zelaya Rosales, which was transmitted live by the Telesur network, to the experts in political and security issues what caught their attention was the message written on the whiteboard that could be a clear demonstration that the goal was to cause a slaughter in the event.

Almost in line with the intentions revealed in the writing on the whiteboard, Zelaya Rosales requested through satellite communication from the aircraft that people invade the landing strip and remove the obstacles that the military had placed.

The people attempted to break through; however, the action was suppressed by military and police forces that, according to the commissioner of Human Rights, used a volley of rubber bullets.

The text message on the whiteboard of Chavez says: 051345JUL09 A swarm of African bees, Presidential Podium, wounded by bites and desperation of the people.

Mario Berrios, a lawyer and analyst on political and security issues, says that this is a message written in military language.

The writing 051345JUL09 according to Berríos is what in military doctrine is called group-date-time.

This message reveals the day (05), month (July), year (2009) and time (1:45 in the afternoon), which was precisely the time that the demonstration was pushing into the policemen in the vicinity Camosa, feeling that the security rings were inadequate to retain them and prevent their approach into the airport Toncontín.

You can read part 2 at Honduras Abandoned.

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