Was Obama Snubbed By The Russians?

It sure looks like it, but likely wasn’t (see update).

Check out this footage, taken last week of Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev making their way down a receiving line:

The media sure didn’t hype this like they hyped the Bush snub that wasn’t,  last November. Remember how the “pathetic” and “like the most unpopular kid in high school” Bush, was supposedly snubbed at the G-20?:

The difference in the two videos, is of course the fact that Bush didn’t put his hand out to shake with anyone, because he had already shaken everybody’s hand. Obama may have already shook hands with the people in the line, too, but if he was putting his hand out to shake, again,  they were undeniably ignoring him.  You would think that they would shake it again for appearance sake. If they hadn’t already shook hands, then wow —-awkward!

The reset button must be defective, or something.

Russia US Obama


Geoff comes up with the most plausible explanation…he’s introducing Medvedev to the people in the line, who were perhaps his staff or embassy folks.

Well, nevermind!

emily litella


19 thoughts on “Was Obama Snubbed By The Russians?

  1. Look at the video. At the very end, obama angles his hand from a vertical extension (that of wanting to shake someones hand) to a ‘saving face’ gesture to make it look as if he is introducing people, but this is only a response to the rest of the video where he is clearly extending his hand towards a handshake and is rejected; his facial expressions compound this.


  2. snub or not, from a comment i got back from one of my former State Dep/DIA/CIA friends (paraphrazing politely):

    “some weiner at State is gonna get his a.. kicked”

    …probably the cameraman who leaked that footage out to youtube! ROFLMAO…

    hmmmm… so, if this WAS our own staff at State stationed in Moscow, they could’ve been holdovers from previously (State Department does not change its career SES officers with every administration)… what if it were THEY who were deliberately snubbing Teh One? from the looks on Obama’s face and his hand definitely reaching at first (palm down) it makes one wonder if his own staff did’nt stage a little Tea Party protesting of their own. LOL


  3. In that picture even medevov looks like he doesnt want to shake his hand.

    I however do believe he was snubbed. one only has to look closely at the body language and facial expressions, not to mention the fact that at the very beginning Medvedev gestured to introduce Obama to the line of people. But they’re at the Kremlin Palace. Why would a guest introduce the host to a line of people?

    You should also post the video of Obama being snubbed in Saudi Arabia last month.


  4. He was introducing Medvedev. That’s apparent to anyone with a brain. More interesting is the right wing search to find someone, anyone, who doesn’t like our president. They must be feeling lonely. Like there’s a party going on and they haven’t been invited.


  5. NiceDeb, looks like moveon.org/dailykos has targeted u. 😉

    be proud of that: “if you’re not catching flak, you’re not over the target!”


  6. Everyone claiming Obama was snubbed, I have a message for you. I am a republican with great interest in preserving the CREDIBILITY of the republican party. Watch the video closely. Pay especially close attention to the last person in line. The russian president is shaking hands already before obama lifts his. HE IS OBVIOUSLY INTRODUCING AMERICANS. PLEASE SHUT THE F@#$ UP. YOU ARE DESTROYING THE CREDIBILITY OF THE REPUBLICAN’S, LIKE ME. This is no different than the freeze frame of him supposedly, “staring at a girls ass.” If you look at that video, not just the freeze frame, he is doing no such thing. the more you people MAKE CRAP UP, the less credible republicans are when addressing REAL ISSUES. If this incident were true, Fox News would be covering it. They aren’t because they know it isn’t true. Stop making crap up and discuss his socialist ideals, flawed foreign policy, destructive economic policy, or any other topic that HAS REAL CREDIBILITY.


  7. why is it so hard for people to believe they did not want to shake his hand? you can tell he was trying to shake their hands because he looked annoyed every time he got rejected. but who knows he looked annoyed at the medal of honor ceremony he did too! maybe obama just hates being anywhere.


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