Compare/Contrast Obama/Bush First Pitches

That Fox video that has been making the rounds doesn’t show the result of Obama’s nancyboy whiff at the All Star Game, last night.

Young Nick from The West Coast Outpost found a better clip, and juxtaposed it with President Bush’s masterful first pitch at the 2001 World Series:

Nick’s Obama FailBlog submission is here.


I also hear that Obama, who claims to be a longtime White Sox fan mispronounced, Comiskey Park, which it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: Bush would have been pummeled relentlessly if he had done that. And if he had done that, it wouldn’t have been after claiming he was a “longtime fan”, because a longtime fan would know how to pronounce the name of the park. That’s something I would do, (mispronounce the name) but guess what? I ain’t a White Sox fan.

And another avowed longtime baseball fan who really isn’t?:

Judge Sotomayor, in her testimony yesterday, asserted that “Few judges could claim they love baseball more than I do” and that she “grew up … watching baseball.” But a March 28, 1995, story in USA Today, titled “U.S. District judge not a baseball fan,” stated that Sotomayor “grew up a few miles from Yankee Stadium but says she knows little about the sport.” And yesterday she said that “many residents of Washington, D.C. have asked me to look at the Senators” as her new team. But as even a casual baseball fan would know, the D.C. team is the Nationals, not the Senators.

Sure, she’s been B.S-ing her way through her hearings, but who expected a totally unnecessary whopper about baseball? I guess once you’re knee deep in the bull, it’s hard to wade out of it…

6 thoughts on “Compare/Contrast Obama/Bush First Pitches

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  3. True story.

    I like sports, I’m a baseball fan, but I’m not a PROFFESSIONAL baseball fan. I love my White Sox, the ones who used to play at “old comiskey park” and now at “US Cellular” and many longtime fans call “new Commiskey field” (no they do, it’s an insult to wrigley field)

    I like watching footbal, and sometimes I pay attention but in general I don’t, sometimes I watch basketball, but most of the time I watch it, I want to grab the players momma’s by the ear, and tell them to grab their babies by the ear to set the little thugs straight.

    Football and basketball I enjoy the aesthetics and atheleticism of the game, but in baseball? I won’t talk out of school, because I LOVE baseball. I LOVE baseball, My glove is made of those octopus looking plastic things kids used to throw on walls, and my arm is naval ordinance, and my short sprint is something to be seen.

    . . .
    . . .

    For a 15 year old.

    Now my brother, he is something else, guy threw more crap than a monkey ODing on laxative, during a seizure. Bro had a magic hand. I’m not kidding. Bro was AWESOME! Newspaper clippings and everything.

    But we weren’t that well off, and he didn’t get a scholarship to a “real” school, and noone looks at hammond when chicago is right there, so he wasn’t recruited immediately, so bro joined the AF.

    He always wanted to be in the mil anyways, just like me, it’s just he didn’t want to be MIL, he wanted to be mil, if you know what i mean.

    Well while in basic, my brother had his index, middle and ring finger shattered during a stupid argument with a friend. Bro’s hand doesn’t line up right for all of his old junk, he can still throw it, just not as well.

    Bro plays it down, but I tell you, bro could have been at least a respected minor leaguer if not professional specialist, in the bigs, like that fat pig jenks, who only has a fastball and a curve, oh, they call it “a moving changeup” but really all it is is a fast curve.

    Anyways, my bro, who is much older than I am, knew how to punish me. I always wanted to play catch with my big brother. If he was nice, he would tell me how to judge the pitch he’s about to throw, if he was mean, he wouldn’t tell me what pitch he would throw (bro’s a pitcher, it’s natural that I’m a catcher.) whatever he wanted.

    He would sink a ball in the dirt, and have it bounce into my balls, or he would spin a curve into my knee and never tell me anything.

    In summary my brother was a hell of a pitcher.

    Along the same lines, since bro was such a good pitcher, and it was only natural for me to be a catcher, when dad was involved we didn’t “play catch,” we helped my brother train.

    Bro would be on the mound, I’d be behind the plate, and dad would stand at second. It was a training exercise.

    Bro would throw at me, I would catch and throw at dad, and dad would toss to bro, If my throw required dad to leave base, he wouldn’t catch it, he would let it pass, and I would have to fetch.

    we would do this for hours, that’s true.

    I don’t tell this story to give a big expose about baseball, but I’m doing this to give an expose about a baseball fan.

    Years later, actually about 7 years ago, I was asked by a guy who was much more fit than I was how hard I can throw, and I said “not very, but I can throw pretty fast and far.” (baseball players know the difference, there are people who just seem to throw “heavy”)

    “how fast?” It’s a challenge, people who can pick up weights always think they can do things better.

    “Not as fast as bro, but, 85 or so.”
    Always met with incredulity.
    “I didn’t say how many times or how often, but I can throw about 85.”
    “and bro throws faster?”
    “yes, but fewer times and far less often.”

    That’s the joke.

    The point, is I’m a baseball fan, of THE GAME, and specificaly of one team, my team, and my brother.

    These BS acts of politicians acting like they are fans of things that they know nothing about is fundamentaly offensive “just pretend you care and the rubes will believe you.” is their attitude, there were comparissons to bush, not just by the righties saying “at least bush threw a strike” is sill, and the things about how much obama loves the sox is even bigger BS.

    BUSH OWNED A PRO BALL TEAM and was known for playing catch during practice sessions.

    Obama was know for being a Sox fan while living in chicago.

    In 2004, my brother supported McCain, and during the general got iffy. and I got pissed, so I wouldn’t talk politics.

    A few weeks before the general bro started hating kerry. The reason?

    Kerry said he’s a lifelong fan of football, but he called Lambaux (spelling) field, “lambert field.” WHILE AT “LAMBERT” field.

    Bro said “He thinks we are stupid.”

    My opinion was, that bro was an idiot, because he had to be treated like a retard, after months of being treated like a simple imbecile to realize that guy never cared about him at all.


  4. You meant to say bro supported Kerry, not McCain, right?


    The swiftboaters didn’t get him, but Kerry’s obvious disingenuousness did. Love it.


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