US Turns Up Pressure On Honduran Interim Government To Restore Zelaya

This is not going to end well. The Honduran government is adamant. They do not want the would be dictator/cheat/thug back, but the US State Dept is turning up the heat on the interim government, to force them to reinstate him as President against their will:

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called interim President Roberto Micheletti to say there would be serious consequences if his government ignores international mediation for Zelaya’s return.

Her call on Sunday came as talks mediated by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias stalled due to the refusal of Micheletti’s delegates to accept demands for Zelaya’s return.

State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said that Clinton helped “helped him understand the potential consequences of a failure to take advantage of this mediation.”

Honduran business leaders, meanwhile, say U.S. Ambassador Hugo Llorens has called them into meetings to warn that Honduras – impoverished and highly dependent on exports to the United States – could face tough sanctions if the interim government continues to refuse Arias’ compromise proposal for Zelaya to return as head of a coalition government.

The European Union added to the pressure on Monday by announcing it was suspending $93.1 million (65.5 million euros) in aid to Honduras.

No government has recognized Micheletti, and the United Nations and Organization of American States have called for the return of Zelaya, who was arrested and hustled out of the country by the army on June 28.

But Micheletti vowed not to stand down – and implied that the United States is betraying one of its staunchest allies.

Yes, we are, and what a disgrace it is.

Cardinal Óscar Rodríguez Maradiaga, the archbishop of Tegucigalpa quipped, when he was asked why the American government was publicly supporting Zelaya — “in perfect harmony with Chavez and his followers” :

“A lot of Hondurans would like to know that. But nobody can explain it to us.”


Fred Thompson says Obama has taken the wrong side on this.


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5 thoughts on “US Turns Up Pressure On Honduran Interim Government To Restore Zelaya

  1. >>“A lot of Hondurans would like to know that. But nobody can explain it to us.”

    I can understand why Michelle was never proud to be an American before, this is the America she wanted.

    Not unrelated, I’m embarrassed to be an American with this marxist liar in office. I hope he fails.


  2. I hope he fails.

    Me too. I said as much the day after he was elected. I knew he was bad news, and he’s been busy fulfilling all of my worst fears.


  3. God how he hates freedom. Dear Leader is hell bent on taking our individual freedoms away, and he continues to support marxist leaders around the world. 52%, millions of blathering boobs voted this stinkwad into office. I still don’t know what makes me more angrier, stinkwad or the idiot voters.


  4. It is incredible, how is possible, i can understand giving a pat in the back to Zelaya, but forcing that mad dictator upon us Hondurans, no way.

    I am going to clean up my weapons just in case this happens, we don’t want any leftist running Honduras, we don’t want a puppet and his venezuelan master to run this country. Not even if our long time ally fail on us. I also hope he fails.


  5. Gerardo, read this post At Babalu Blog.
    It’s so sad. Val Prieto’s family fled Cuba to lead a better life here in Democratic America, and now since the election he wakes up every morning hoping his nightmare is over and everything is back to normal, but no…the country is still under the control of the far left, lurching back in the direction he escaped from.

    Obama has nationalized auto companies as a payoff to unions, nationalized banks, passed the bloated government-expanding “stimulus” bill without giving Congress a chance to even read it because it was so urgent to pass it to save jobs, (which of course it didn’t), and now he is trying to nationalize our health care system…pressuring congress again to do it in the next couple of weeks before it becomes any more unpopular.

    And I haven’t even mentioned his mortifying foreign policy, alienating longtime allies, and cozying up to Marxist dictators.

    It’s a friggin’ nightmare over here for a lot of us. Most U.S. citizens still haven’t figured it out, though. They’re still in *let’s pat ourselves on the back for voting for a black guy* mode.


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