Obama Halo Replaced By Giant Teddy Bear

What happened to Obama’s halo? It looks like it’s been replaced by a giant teddy bear.

And The Teddy bear looks like it’s about to examine Obama’s head:


“Slow down…the Teddy Bear seems to be saying…What’s the rush”?


Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

Obama says talking time over, but has no clue what’s in ObamaCare; Update: Obama admits bill needs more work

Morressey links to this Foundry post about Obama not knowing what’s in the House bill:

During the call, a blogger from Maine said he kept running into an Investors Business Daily article that claimed Section 102 of the House health legislation would outlaw private insurance. He asked: “Is this true? Will people be able to keep their insurance and will insurers be able to write new policies even though H.R. 3200 is passed?” President Obama replied: “You know, I have to say that I am not familiar with the provision you are talking about.”

Er, what?  Obama has insisted repeatedly that the bill would not force people out of their private health insurance plans, which have over 80% of Americans satisfied at the moment.  Now we find out that Obama hasn’t read the section of the bill that pertains to the issue?  It shows that Obama has been talking out of his hat the entire time, and has become so disengaged from the process that he’s not bothering to keep up with the legislative changes.

Or perhaps he’s just lying through his teeth, Ed.

List of People Killed By Government Forces In Iran

Via Saeed Valadbaygi:

Killed by Government Forces:

  1. Abolfazl Abdollahi (21 years Diploma in EE June 30 2009)
  2. Neda Aghasoltan (Student Tehran 20 June 2009)
  3. Vahed Akbari (34 years married with a 3-year-old girl Tehran June 30 2009)
  4. Kaveh Alipour(Tehran15 June 2009)
  5. Naser Amirnejad (Aerospace PhD student Tehran U.14 June 2009)
  6. Sohrab Arabi(Tehran June 2009)
  7. Mohammad Asgari (IT department Interior Ministry TehranJune 2009)
  8. Kianoosh Assa (chemistry student at Elm va Sanaat University Tehran June 2009)
  9. Fatemeh Barati (Tehran June 20)
  10. Yagoub Barvayeh( masters degree student in Theater at Tehran University June 2009)
  11. Sarvar Boroumand (Tehran June 25 2009)
  12. Mobina Ehterami (Tehran June 20)
  13. Mostafa Ghanian (Graduate student Tehran U.14 June 2009)
  14. Mohsen Hadadi (24-year-old computer programmer Tehran June 30 2009)
  15. Iman Hashemi (Tehran June 30 2009)
  16. Masoud Hashem-Zadeh (Tehran June 30 2009)
  17. Farzad Hashti( Tehran June 2009)
  18. Mohammad Hossein Barzegar (Tehran June 27 2009)
  19. Mohsen Imani ( Tehran June 20)
  20. Seyed-Farzad Jashni (Abdanan from Ilam province lost in Tehran June 30 2009)
  21. Bahman Jenabi (Shop worker Tehran20 June 2009)
  22. Mehdi Karami( killed in Jonat Abad Street Tehran15 June 2009)
  23. Shalar Khazri (Tehran June 2009)
  24. Masoud Khosravi (Tehran June 25 2009)
  25. Parisa Koli (25-year-old general Graduated literature Tehran June 31 2009)
  26. Hamid Maddah Shorcheh (Mashhad June 2009)
  27. Iman Namazi (student at Tehran University June 25 2009)
  28. Nader Nasseri (Tehran June 30 2009)
  29. Mohammad Nikzadi ( 22 year old graduate in Civil Tehran June 26 2009)
  30. Fatemeh Rajabpour and Her daughter (Tehran15 June 2009)
  31. Davood Sadri (Karaj June 2009)
  32. Fahimeh Salahshoor ( 25 years Tehran June 24 2009)
  33. Ali Shahedi ( 24 years Tehranpars after arrest June 31 2009)
  34. Kasra Sharafi (Tehran June 20)
  35. Kambiz Shojaii (Tehran June 20)
  36. Ashkan Sohrabi Student (Tehran20 June 2009)
  37. Seyed-Reza Tabatabaii ( 30-year accounting degree Tehran June 30 2009)
  38. Vahid-Reza Tabatabaii (29 years BA in English Tehran July 3 2009)
  39. Salar Tahmasbi (27 years student of Business Administration Rasht June 30 2009)
  40. Hossein Tahmassebi (25 was beaten to death in Kermanshah 20 June 2009)

For the longer lists of arrested students, professors, journalists, Reformist members and politicians, and the shorter list of those arrested and released, see Revolutionary Rd.

Saeed also posted this kick-A open letter to the Iranian regime from an “older American woman”.

Someone named Mosa keeps sending me great videos from the uprising in Iran. Here’s one of the latest:

Thanks Mosa.

I have a quibble with a couple of the cartoons in  this video… the ones that mention “stolen elections”.  I suspect they’re wrong headed digs at the 2000 election of George W.  Bush, which all but the most BDS besotted moonbats accept was won fair and square. Come on. Bush was pulling for you guys, unlike our current Commander in Chief. Even if the cartoons are referring to Obama and ACORN, few people believe the vote fraud in the 2008 Presidential election amounted to enough votes to swing the election. So enough with that.

Also, I’ve noted that the Communist Worker Party of Iran is  behind some/many/most(?) of the students protesting in Iran, including Saeed, which I can’t endorse. What sense is there in going from one totalitarian system to another? Are you guys for Democracy or not?


Rep. Thaddeus McCotter of MI took to the House floor to address Khamenei:  Your Referendum Has Been Held and You Have Failed Your Test.

He mentions the heart breaking story of another student, Taraneh Mousavi. raped, tortured, and killed by agents of regime, although I don’t see her name on the list, above.

McCotter is a conservative Republican, by the way.  Obama, who has been ignoring the ongoing conflict in Iran, is a far left Socialist Democrat who doesn’t want to upset the mad Mullahs by saying anything too damning about the regime he wants to negotiate with.

The latest from the Obama administration:

In the wake of Iran’s crackdown on election protesters, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton concedes that neither she nor US President Barack Obama hold “any illusions” that direct talks with Iran will work.

But she says the offer is still on the table.

“We remain ready to engage with Iran, but the time for action is now, the opportunity will not remain open indefinitely,” she said.

Just sayin’.

Video: NBCC Chair Harry Alford On O’Reilly

Harry Alford, the chair of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, shot to internet stardom on July 16 when he appeared before Barbara  Boxer in the House. Sen. Boxer’s condescending attitude agitated  Alford, who came to discuss energy policy, but instead was confronted with racial politics, which  made for some highly entertaining youtube moments. Since then he has appeared on numerous talk shows where his blunt, plain spoken manner never disappoints.

Naturally he was destined to appear on the O’Reilly Factor at some point:

“She loves poor black folks, and she loves black folks in their place”.


I may not agree with Alford, a Democrat, on everything, but I sure do appreciate his outspokenness , and intellectual honesty.

And the fact that he totally unloaded on Boxer.