Video:Obama’s Fuzzy Math

First of all, can anyone explain to me Obama’s claim  that the budget deficit would have been 9.3 trillion over ten years, if he had done nothing, as opposed to the mere 7.1 trillion he claims it will be because of the the changes he made in his massive government expanding stimulus package? Does that make any sense at all? Seriously…I’m trying to understand. But I’m not seeing it:

I need a Keynesian economist to explain that to me.

Gabe at AoSHQ put up a quick list of Obama’s biggest gaffes at the presser.

The AP fact checked him, believe it or not, there were some…er…inconsistancies.

And check it out – NRO now has a health care blog.


Here’s what I found on Obama’s 9.3 trillion dollars claim. Back in March, the CBO projected that Obama’s budget would total 9.3 trillion dollars over ten years:

cbo-marchCompared to the $4.4 trillion projected under the “current-law assumptions embodied in CBO’s baseline”.

He said that it was going to be 9.3 trillion if  they had done  nothing; 7.1 due to his heroic actions.

And this guy wants us to trust him when he says he can reduce health care costs with a government run plan? He wants us to trust him when he says we can keep our plans and choose our own doctors?


About that 1.3 trillion dollar deficit Obama “inherited:

The president said he had “inherited” a 1.3-trillion-dollar deficit upon taking office in January — but Republicans quickly shot back that Obama’s economic stimulus and an emergency war spending bill had sent current estimates for the year’s deficit to about 1.8 trillion US dollars.

Video: Republican Reps Ask Where Are The JOBS?

Don’t say Republicans in Congress aren’t looking out for us.

More on that theme from Mike Pence:

Keep up that drum beat, guys!


Here’s their ObamaCare ad, “Reckless”, which highlights the big rush to pass this Obamanation:

Obama To Dem Congressmen: “You’re Going to Destroy My Presidency”!

Mr. “This is not about me” is clearly losing it.

The National Journal reports this morning:

Grassley said he spoke with a Democratic House member last week who shared Obama’s bleak reaction during a private meeting to reports that some factions of House Democrats were lining up to stall or even take down the overhaul unless leaders made major changes.

“Let’s just lay everything on the table,” Grassley said. “A Democrat congressman last week told me after a conversation with the president that the president had trouble in the House of Representatives, and it wasn’t going to pass if there weren’t some changes made … and the president says, ‘You’re going to destroy my presidency.’ “

Think about this:

With the Dems’ help, he’s been spectacularly successful at destroying  the U.S. economy. But the  fact that this disaster is effecting his approval ratings and causing the saner Dems to step on the breaks, is all the Narcissist in Chief cares about!


Via Amanda Carpenter on Twitter:

Obama brings back the d-word. He told Katie Couric this am the debate over government-funded abortion is a “distraction” to passing his plan

Thanks, for watching, Amanda…so we don’t have to.


Gateway Pundit:

Ouch!… Most Americans Trust Their Own Economic Judgement Over Obama’s

See Gateway Pundit for pie chart. At least most people realize “it’s not all about him”…but the 29% who trust Obama more than themselves? Those people scare me.

Still MORE:

Congressional Dems “frustrated” and “baffled”…

Via The Political Ticker:

As the prospects for passing health reform by the time Congress leaves for its August recess look bleaker, Democratic grumbling about President Obama is growing louder. One Democratic senator tells CNN congressional Democrats are “baffled,” and another senior Democratic source tells CNN members of the president’s own party are still “frustrated” that they’re not getting more specific direction from him on health care. “We appreciate the rhetoric and his willingness to ratchet up the pressure but what most Democrats on the Hill are looking for is for the president to weigh in and make decisions on outstanding issues.

What’s the matter? Did Pelosi run out of money to bribe them with?

And Still MORE:

How unpopular is ObamaCare getting? This unpopular:

Rasmussen: 53% oppose ObamaCare

The health care reform legislation working its way through Congress has lost support over the past month. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that 44% of U.S. voters are at least somewhat in favor of the reform effort while 53% are at least somewhat opposed.

Obama will try to resuscitate his plan in tonight’s press conference. Keef and Tingles are counting down the minutes. (link fixed).

Must see:

Michelle Malkin: Obamacare for illegal aliens

Hat tip: Don Surber


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Honduran “Coup-Mongers” Kick Venezuelan Diplomats Out Of Country (UPDATED)

And surprise, surprise, they refuse to leave:

“The Foreign Ministry has requested the honorable embassy of Venezuela the withdrawal of its administrative, technical and diplomatic staff in a term of 72 hours due to the threats of using force, the interference in internal issues as well as the lack of respect to the territorial integrity,” Deputy Foreign Minister Martha Lorena Alvarado said.

The request, however, was turned down by Venezuelan diplomats who said they would not leave Honduras and would not obey the order of any coup government not recognized by Venezuela.

“We do not recognize the government led by Roberto Micheletti. It is a coup government, supported by bayonets,” Uriel Vargas, the first secretary from the Venezuelan embassy in Honduras, told local radio station HRN.

Since the June 28 coup in which Honduran President Manuel Zelaya was deposed by force, Venezuela has shown full support for the ousted leader and condemned the post-coup government as “usurpers” and “coup-mongers.”

Chavez expressed that the expulsion of Zelaya was also an “attack on Venezuela and regional leftist countries”.

I’d call it more of a rejection, than attack. Like the expulsion of the diplomats.

And Chavez repeated Tuesday what he has said  on several occasions: ” his country would not use force to meddle in Honduras’ internal affairs”.

Let’s pray he keeps that promise.

The European Union on Monday suspended 65.5 million euros (93 million U.S. dollars) in aid to Honduran institutions, saying that the bloc would continue to restrict political contacts with Honduras’ de facto government “until a peaceful negotiated solution has been found.”

How’s this for a peaceful solution? Zelaya stays away from Honduras, the U.S. stops meddling, and the rest of the Commie countries in the region leave them the hell alone. What’s so difficult about that?

Hat tip: Dave in Texas at Ace o Spades.


I  reported this story on the 18th, (same source- the Chinese News Xinhuanet) although it wasn’t clear in the article where the diplomats were from:

The Honduran interim Foreign Ministry on Friday sacked 16 diplomats amid an ongoing political crisis in the Central American country. In a statement, the foreign ministry accused these diplomats of engaging in malpractice and embezzlement of state wealth and said will probe into the case together with the judiciary.

Local media reported that all the sacked diplomats have expressed their support for ousted President Manuel Zelaya.


In The LA Times:

The Honduran coup that wasn’t

It is Zelaya, Insulza, Chavez, the U.N. and all the OAS member-states who are playing at banana republic politics, not the government in Tegucigalpa.

William Ratliff  left out one name. That was tactful of him.

See also:

The Atlanta Journal Constitution

In Honduras, ‘coup’ was legal reaction to Zelaya

Hey, the word is getting out.

A long report from The Center For Security Policy dated March 26, 2009 foreshadows Zalaya’s downfall.

Honduras’ Faustian Bargain

Here’s a snip:

The Chavez Effect

Because Zelaya so often plays both sides, it is difficult to infer what his true intentions and motives are.  He has complained about American dominance and publicly railed against the dangers of northern imperialism, and almost in the same breath blamed his nation’s problems on American indifference.  Zelaya claims that he wants to have a “frank, open, comprehensive dialogue [with the U.S.], about the problems facing us mutually.”[19] His actions, however, represent a clear willingness to follow the model of his new mentor, Hugo Chavez.  When Bolivia and Venezuela expelled the American ambassadors from their borders in September 2008, he quickly followed suit by obsequiously refusing to allow the arrival of a new ambassador; he quickly changed his mind, however, and allowed the ambassador to arrive.  Additionally, his rhetoric has grown increasingly socialist in nature. At the 11th International Encounter of Economists on Globalization and Development Problems held in Havana, Zelaya discussed the collapse of world capitalism and argued that the global economic downturn represented the resounding failure of the neo-liberal model.[20]

There has also been a noticeable breakdown in the freedom of the press in Honduras.  Zelaya has often blamed the media for his low approval ratings and accused them of having a bias against him.  In 2007 he ordered the country’s private broadcast media to devote ten two-hour long segments to airing government programs in order to “counteract the misinformation of the news media about our 17 months in office.”[21] After a reporter at a radio station known to have been critical of the government was killed, the UN Special Reporter for Freedom of Expression visited the country and issued a statement of concern.  “The murder of Carlos Salgado confirms the deterioration in press freedom in Honduras (87th in RSF world press freedom rankings). The worsening and terrible climate between the government of Manuel Zelaya and the media, unfortunately, contributes to this situation,” the worldwide press freedom organization reported.[22] Zelaya informed that same radio station correspondent that he would no longer grant her interviews. “You spend your time criticizing me,” he said. “If I was Hugo Chávez, I would have had this radio station shut down a long time ago.”[23]

Perhaps the most disturbing element of Chavez’s influence is the spread of Iranian power in Central America.  Since coming to power Chavez has worked hard to establish close ties with Iran.  He has developed a close working relationship with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and together they have launched a number of initiatives.  The main commonality between the two men and in their foreign relations is an opposition to the United States.  In the spirit of Chavez, Honduras has taken the first steps in developing ties with Iran.  The Vice Minister of Iranian Foreign Relations, Alireza Salari Sharifabad, traveled to Honduras where he met with Patricia Rodas the Honduran Minister of Foreign Relations.  Rodas who is well known for leftist affiliations said that the goal of meeting with Sharifabad was to establish closer relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran.[24] The spread of Iranian influence in Central and South America is a genuine security threat to the United States.

The Obama administration is pressuring Honduras to welcome this  Marxist creep back to his position of power because “he was Democratically elected”, which no one disputes. And oh. He was taken away by government forces in the dead of night in his PJs. Big whoop. Like that’s a bad thing, considering what he had been doing to the country, and the illegal sham he was trying to perpetrate.

The US government warned Monday that stalled talks would have real consequences for the impoverished Central American nation, as aid freezes accompanied diplomatic isolation.

Washington has frozen military aid to Tegucigalpa, but it has also warned Zelaya against rash moves that might jeopardize dialogue.

What is there to talk about?! They just want to talk until Honduras agrees to take him back. The left just never stops until they get the result they want.


Via Hot Air:

Honduras claims Zelaya stole millions before being deposed

The controversy over deposed President Manuel Zelaya took a bizarre turn overnight, at least here in the US.  The Washington Times viewed security tapes from the Central Bank of Honduras showing officials from Zelaya’s staff withdrawing almost $3 million, which got driven to the house of Zelaya’s chief of staff.  Did Zelaya intend the money to fund his illegal referendum to keep himself in office past the constitutional term limits — or did he have something more personal in mind?

Read the whole thing.

You know…I think I preferred it when “the international community” supposedly hated us.  At least we never betrayed our allies.

Still MORE:

Honduran official apologizes to Obama for remark

The foreign relations minister in Honduras’ interim government says he has sent a letter to Barack Obama apologizing for a racial comment he made about the U.S. president.

Enrique Ortez says the letter expresses “his most profound apologies” for “an unfortunate comment.”

In a TV interview, Ortez said Obama “is a little black man who doesn’t know where Tegucigalpa is located.”

See Harvey at IMAO for more on this unfortunate incident.


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