Zelaya Steps over Border Into Honduras; Then Promptly Steps Back

What a goof. In a show of symbolic something or other, Zelaya stepped across the border into Honduras from Nicaragua, on Friday.

But he stayed less than 30 minutes before returning to Nicaragua, saying the risk of bloodshed was too great. He said he would give talks with the coup-installed government another try.

“I am not afraid but I’m not crazy either,” Zelaya told the Venezuela-based television network Telesur. “There could be violence and I don’t want to be the cause.”

Shortly before Zelaya’s crossing, his supporters clashed with soldiers and police nearby after the government ordered everyone off the streets along the 600-mile border with Nicaragua in a noon-to-dawn curfew. Police said one demonstrator was slightly injured.

Wearing his trademark white cowboy hat, Zelaya walked up to a sign reading “Welcome to Honduras” and smiled to cheering supporters at the remote mountain pass flanked by banana trees.

He stopped a few steps into Honduran territory, speaking to nearby military officials on his mobile phone.

“I’ve spoken to the colonel and he told me I could not cross the border,” Zelaya said. “I told him I could cross.”

How awkward. They really don’t want him back.

Unfortunately for Honduras, all of the governments of the western hemisphere are condemning what they erroneously call a coup, and in doing so, implicitly encourage his actions even as they explicitly discourage him from returning before an agreement is reached.

“President Zelaya’s effort to reach the border is reckless,” Clinton said in Washington.

She said it would not help restore democratic and constitutional order in Honduras.

Ironically, Democratic and constitutional order is what the Honduran government was trying to preserve when it deposed Zelaya.

See Hot Air for video of Clinton’s statement.

Hat tip: Reeko


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