Video:Obama Will Apologize For America, But Not For Himself

William Kristal made that brilliant point on Friday’s Fox All-stars. It comes at the end of the clip but watch the whole thing , Krauthammer is especially good with his observation that Obama’s free pass on race issues is now officially over:

The transcript of Krauthammer’s words, via NRO:

I think it was important, because the Democrats have suffered for almost a half a century of a reputation of being soft on crime. The flip side of that is tough on cops, or insensitive to the duties and the sacrifices of law enforcement.

…When the Cambridge police came out—a multi-racial police force came out—and spoke unanimously about how this was wrong, this was not about race, and the president really ought to apologize, they [the White House] understood it was a serious political issue.

It seems that a lot of the Obama presidency is a contest between his intelligence and his arrogance. And I think he thought when he was asked that question [the Gates arrest] Wednesday night that he can say anything on race and is so smart that he will be untouchable.

And one reason is that he gave the famous speech in Philadelphia, the race speech, during the campaign in which, in fact, he did not renounce Jeremiah Wright. He blamed everybody for racism—black, white and grandmother—except for himself, and was hailed by a supine press as the second coming of Lincoln at Cooper Union.

So after that, you think you can say anything on race and be hailed as a genius.

Well, he now understands that you can’t get away with that forever, and he got really caught on this one.

Ann Coulter Says The Gates Question Was Planted

Watch the video. It’s a just a short clip:

That last bit was the “breaking news”, not the Gates breaking into her home joke, which she probably cribbed from this.

What I want to know is,  where is she getting her information that David Axelrod told Ms. Sweet to ask that question? The only source that I could find on that point, was Lynn Sweet herself, who unambiguously affirmed that the “softball” Gates question, (which really, if you look at his poll numbers, didn’t help him, at all) was her idea, alone:

No conspiracy, folks.

When President Obama called on me, he had no idea what I would be asking. I had not written or blogged about the Gates incident, so no one in the White House had any clue that I was particularly interested in Obama’s reaction.

If that’s not clear enough, she elaborates, more:

Obama gave me the last question. I had no control over the timing. There was no chance for a follow-up. If I was called on earlier in the press conference, I may have asked about health care. I thought it was appropriate at the end to bring up another matter in the news–the Gates arrest. I would have posed the same question to President Bush.

Some saw a plot because I read my question. I do write them down for a White House press conference. No plot. I want to be concise.

Lynn Sweet claims no conspiracy. Somebody’s lying…or doesn’t have her facts straight.