United States Revokes Visas For Four Honduran Officials

And upon guess whose request, according to The Washington Post? This is so disgusting:

Washington has refused to recognize the government led by Roberto Micheletti, who took over when Zelaya was toppled in a June 28 coup, and it already had cut $16.5 million in U.S. military aid to the Central American country.

Zelaya had asked President Barack Obama to revoke U.S. visas for the coup leaders and he quickly welcomed the move.

“They are isolated, they are surrounded, they are alone,” the deposed leftist said of the coup leaders.

It’s true that they are surrounded by Socialist countries… It’s also true that Zelaya, (who was recently endorsed by drug terrorists, FARC), has allied himself with anti-Democratic Socialist totalitarian leaders, Chavez, Castro, Ortega, and Correa. What does that make us, that we would take their side? What a depressing chapter this will be in American history books.

This is a coup that has been dead from the start, so they will have to abandon their position of intransigence in the coming hours,” he said in Nicaragua, where he is camped out near the border with Honduras.

Micheletti’s government, backed by the Supreme Court and Congress, has refused to bend to international condemnation of the coup. It insists that Zelaya cannot come back and serve his remaining six months in office.

Why is The Obama administration taking the anti-Democratic side in this conflict? The WSJ’s Mary O’Grady has a theory:

Some Washington watchers figure this bizarre stance is due to the fact that Mr. Obama is relying heavily on White House Counsel Gregory Craig for advice on Latin America.

Mr. Craig was the lawyer for Fidel Castro—er, Juan Miguel Gonzalez, the father of Elian Gonzalez—during Bill Clinton’s 2000 repatriation to Cuba of the seven-year-old. During the presidential campaign when Mr. Craig was advising Mr. Obama, the far-left Council on Hemispheric Affairs endorsed Mr. Craig as “the right man to revive deeply flawed U.S.-Latin America relations.” In other words, to pull policy left.

There is plenty of speculation that Mr. Obama is making policy off of Mr. Craig’s “expertise.” It is not too much to believe. Indeed, if all policy is now being run out of the White House, as many observers contend, then the views of the White House counsel may explain a lot.


More from the WaPo article:

Representative Connie Mack, a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives who visited Honduras over the weekend, told Reuters it was his understanding that two of the people who had their U.S. visas revoked were Tomas Arita Valle, the Supreme Court justice who signed the order for Zelaya’s arrest, and Jose Alfredo Saavedra, president of the Honduran Congress.

Mack criticized the move as intimidation.

Two others who confirmed they had their visas revoked were human rights ombudsman Ramon Custodio and Adolfo Lionel Sevilla, defense minister in the interim government.

Micheletti told reporters at the presidential palace on Tuesday that his U.S. visa had not been revoked.

Meanwhile, the erstwhile pro-American interim leader of Honduras appeals to a higher power than even the Obamessiah:

Rosary in hand, Micheletti later appeared on state television to lead viewers in a “Day of Prayer” for peace. “I ask for forgiveness from those who for one reason or another do not agree with us, and I ask God to show them the light so they realize it is more important to live in peace,” he said.

Hat tip: Fausta


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7 thoughts on “United States Revokes Visas For Four Honduran Officials

  1. Dear Leader be lovin him some South American Dictators. Freedom Lovers go aginst his grain. 52% of the United States voters elected this nut case. Gunna have another glass of white wine….it seems to help me. I have a feeling I’m gunna go through a lot of bottles of white wine in the next few years….:(


  2. Off Topic……..
    I know you advertised the book “Culture Of Corruption”. Why don’t you write a book. Over the several years I have read your blog, and I think you could be a great writer. Think about it………


  3. This may be the first “coup” in history that was done to support the constitution of a sovereign country and remove a leader who was attempting to subvert it. Obama shows his true colors more and more every day.

    I have never been this embarrassed to be an American.


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