Obama Administration Seen As “Villains” By Hondurans


This oped, by Gloria Leticia Pineda For La Prensa, Honduras, pulls no punches, and names names. Of special interest to me are the bully boy tactics used by Obama’s Ambassador to Honduras, Hugo Llorens. It sounds like par for the course from the Obama administration.

Translated by Halszka Czarnocka

July 24, 2009

The current crisis in Honduras has revealed the best and worst of our society. Let’s begin with the latter. And I don’t here refer to [ousted President] Manuel Zelaya, since history has already judged him and his henchmen who, in the name of the people, squandered the public coffers.

We have several villains who have tried to operate below the radar, which is why I cannot allow myself to let their movements and statements go unnoticed. Let’s begin with the representatives of the U.S. government. Barack Obama, as well as Hillary Clinton and [U.S. Ambassador to Honduras] Hugo Llorens, have, as the gringos would say, “dropped the ball,” or translated into Spanish, “put their foot in it [metido la pata]” in regard to their policy on the institutional crisis in Honduras. I can accept their questioning the way we removed Zelaya from Honduras (although, as we’ve stated in past articles, this was perhaps the only option we had to avoid a social and public security breakdown).

But I cannot abide how, ignoring our legal foundations, they have worked to isolate us within the international community. I consider abusive the efforts of Llorens, who, in clear violation of our Constitution and in complete disregard of our right to self-determination, proceeded to make appointments and visit various business groups in Honduras in order to threaten and get them to desist from their opposition to the return of Zelaya, insinuating all sorts of consequences. I was wrong about Llorens. When he first came to present his credentials and was humiliated by Zelaya, I thought he was a reasonable man. But now I find that his intentions don’t have as a goal the overall interests of our people and relations between two countries which have distinguished themselves by being historically natural allies.

I think Llorens’s diplomatic career will be very much affected by his clumsy handling of this crisis and his lack of forcefulness in curtailing Zelaya’s malicious and continuing pretensions. Today he cut U.S. aid to our nation, but didn’t have the “balls” to denounce the assault on our precarious finances by the previous administration [the Zelaya Administration].

I not sure “balls” translates exactly what the author meant to convey…how about decency? Intellectual honesty? Non partisanship? It’s become clear that Obama favors the anti-Democratic side in this conflict. But this is worse than just taking sides against a traditional ally.

Fausta went so far as to ask, Is Obama doing Zelaya’s bidding?

Zelaya’s still demanding that the Obama administration freeze bank accounts belonging to the people who removed him from power (my translation: if you use this please credit me and link to this post, but if you can read Spanish please read the entire article in order to catch the full fetid aroma of Zelaya’s words):

From Nicaragua, where he remains and is organizing a “resistance” movement for returning to Honduras, Zelaya acknowledged to the media that Pres. Obama’s decision to revoke the visas of four Micheletti administration’s officials is “a signal that it does not accept the coup d’etat.” However, he demanded that Obama “continue to squeeze them by seizing their [US bank] accounts, their money”.

Heck, it worked with the visas.’


The Nobel Peace Prize winner, another villain in this whole mess is showing his true colors:

Costa Rican President Oscar Arias said Wednesday that foreign governments should keep on applying sanctions against Honduras’ interim government even as its leaders expressed interest in further negotiations on ending the standoff.

Isn’t that special? As we ease sanctions against a longtime enemy, the anti-American, Communist , Cuba, we apply them to one of the traditionally pro-American counties in the region.

Just brilliant.

Hows this for resolve?

… the interim government is ready to hold out for five months, until a Nov. 29 election that is to replace Zelaya, whose term ends Jan. 27. He expressed confidence that other nations would recognize the results of the vote.

“The people are united and are willing to weather the five months until the elections,” Lopez said.

The interim government insists it cannot accept any deal that would restore Zelaya to the presidency because that would violate a Supreme Court ruling ordering his arrest and a congressional vote removing him from office. Interim leaders have vowed to arrest Zelaya if he sets foot in his homeland on four charges of violating the constitution.

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Video:Bernard Goldberg Asks Why Obama Doesn’t Release His Birth Certificate

Bernard Goldberg, appearing on The O’Reilly Factor,  asked the same question that Lou Dobbs asked on CNN; the one that caught him so much flack, why doesn’t Obama just release the darn thing, and put this matter to rest? I’m glad that more and more people are asking this question. It’s a reasonable one, and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask it.

There are differing theories as to why he Obama won’t do it, and none are flattering to him:

Goldberg gets extra credit for bringing up the college records.

I’ve been saying the same thing, what’s the deal?…what’s he hiding?…where’s the transparency? And if he’s only keeping the birth certificate under wraps so he can say naaa naaa naaa to some conservatives who believe he was born in Kenya, shame on him. Many people are concerned about this, including members of the military. Watch this video of a town hall meeting in Delaware which erupted in enthusiastic approval when someone brought up the issue. The Commander in Chief  should put a stop to it, and forget about the politics for just one second, but we can’t ever expect that much from Obama, can we?

Oh man!….

I’m not even through reading this, but it’s so good, I have to share: Andrew McCarthy weighs in at NRO: Suborned in the U.S.A. Read it!

Okay, I’m done, and HUBBA HUBBA! My feelings exactly! Short version: Obama is a demonstrable liar, there are still outstanding questions about his citizenship, and the media is not doing its job to get to the bottom of it.  I am so glad people of his stature are not afraid to speak up when there are so many people, even on the conservative side, who mock and ridicule the “birther” stuff.


Sir Gregory at Teh Resistance Blog makes some good points, too:

10 Reasons not to get mixed up with the Birther Movement

I agree with some of that, but not the “Birthers are playing into the hands of the left” part. I think the left is running scared on this, and the more scared they are, the more they lash out, as we’ve seen with Sarah Palin. I think the people on the right who are are lashing out are doing it out of fear, too. Fear that this stuff damages all of our reputations, collectively.

But I see nothing wrong with demanding the transparancy Obama promised to deliver as President. Why does Obama continue to resist releasing the COLB? What’s on that long form that he doesn’t want seen?

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It’s 1984: Do not question dear leader! Two Cops off the force for Obama Background Check

Why’d they do it? Hm.

Important Action Alert: Counter The Pro-ObamaCare Mob In KC This Weekend

An event IN SUPPORT OF OBAMACARE ( say what?!) is being held this Saturday at 101st & Lowell from 8:30 to 10:30.

Michelle Malkin wrote earlier this year, about the importance of the right to counteract the big government alliances on the left  pushing ObamaCare:

Resistance has to happen on the ground, on the airwaves, and in the halls of Congress. ACORN, the SEIU, and the rest of the liberal grass-roots network are organized and committed to helping the White House. They’re pulling out all the stops.

This event is listed on My.BarackObama.com, aka Organizing for America. According to their about us page, they are “Project of the Democratic National Convention”, whatever that means. Here are the details, note the *ahem* lack of details about what ObamaCare will actually do:

Walk for the Walk (Health Care Organizing Event)
Join us Saturday, August 1st for a walk to support our health ideals of prevention, accountability, and support. We are walking to demonstrate our commitment to lower costs, improve access, and provide choice in accordance with President Obama’s Health Care Reform principles.
Time: Saturday, August 1 from 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Host: Lynn Magenheimer
Brookridge Park (Lenexa, KS)
101st and Lowell
Lenexa, KS 66215

The Kansas 9-12’rs are organizing a rally in opposition to their “Walk for the Walk” …
“This event is a “Health Care Organizing” event. We want to be a disruptive presence (hopefully overwhelmingly), but we want to be respectful too. I’m new at this, but it seems that a relatively silent presence and protest is appropriate. Bring signs and flags as usual. If you are bringing a flag only, maybe dress in black (mourning). Use your imagination, but act with dignity, honor and respect!”
I know this is short notice but we need to get as many people there as possible to oppose this ridiculous health care bill.  I hope you can make it for at least part of the rally.
We can no longer sit by & allow these groups to make the nation’s decisions. We must be heard!!  If that means we show up at their events, then so be it.  This is one way they will get the message … WE SURROUND THEM!!
There should be more of us than them….because there ARE more of us than them. Most Americans oppose ObamaCare. We need to let our voices be heard. Come armed with the facts to counter the ObamaLies
You can sign the “Free Our Health Care Now” petition, here.
See here:

Join The Tea Party Express Tour

The Tea Party Express runs from August 28 – September 12. You can attend one of  35 tea party rallies that will take place across America.


Come join the cause and help take our country back from the tax-spend-bailout politicians who are hurting America.

The Fox News Channel’s “Fox Nation” featured the “Tea Party Express” television ad:

Organizers say this will be a costly endeavor:

Not just the tour (with the vehicles, fuel, lodging, advertising, etc…) but also the cost to target so many Members of Congress.  But we know that we MUST take action, and we know that we MUST prevail.

To help us pay for this ambitious effort, we are launching a fundraising drive and asking our supporters to help us achieve our goal of $50,000 raised for this effort. To lend your support for this effort please – make a contribution.

You can contribute any amount you can afford from $5 up to the maximum allowed $5,000 contribution.  We’re hoping 200 of you can help us kick off this fundraising drive with a contribution of $100 or more.

Wednesday’s Hero:SSgt. Darrell “Shifty” Powers


SSgt. Darrell “Shifty” Powers
86 years old from Dickerson County, Virginia
E Company, 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment, 101st Airborne Division
June 17, 2009


The world lost one of it’s true heroes a couple of weeks ago. Darrell “Shifty” Powers passed away on June 17 of cancer. “Shifty” was part of the famed E Co/2/506 of the 101st Airborne Division. Easy Company. The Band Of Brothers.

“I loved everything about my daddy,” said Margo Johnson, daughter of SSgt. Powers. “He never bragged about what he did in the war. And for a lot of years, he never even talked much about what he did – unless someone asked him about it. But he truly was a hero to me. Just like he’d been to the people who know him as a soldier in a [mini-series].”

These brave men and women sacrifice so much in their lives so that others may enjoy the freedoms we get to enjoy everyday. For that, I am proud to call them Hero.
We Should Not Only Mourn These Men And Women Who Died, We Should Also Thank God That Such People Lived

This post is part of the Wednesday Hero Blogroll. For more information about Wednesday Hero, or if you would like to post it on your site, you can go here.


Suggested by Reeko.

Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst #66

Memorial Project still helping the hijacker fix his disguise
By Alec Rawls

After denying for 4 years that the Crescent of Embrace memorial to Flight 93 will contain 44 inscribed memorial panels (equaling the number of passengers, crew, AND terrorists) the Memorial Project has announced a new design that appears to collapse three of the panels into one:

Artist’s depiction of the slightly altered design for the Sacred Ground Plaza.

[If you are a newcomer, the Plaza sits in the position of the star on architect Paul Murdoch’s giant Islamic crescent and star flag. They call the giant crescent a broken circle now, but the unbroken part of the circle–what symbolically remains standing in the wake of 9/11–is completely unchanged. It is still a giant Islamic-shaped crescent, still pointing to Mecca.]

The focus of the Plaza is the two part Memorial Wall that follows the path of Flight 93 down to the crash site. As before, the lower section of wall contains 40 memorial panels, inscribed with the names of the 40 heroes. Instead of being small translucent panels set into the wall, they will now be 8 foot tall slabs. Nice.

The symbolically significant change is in the separate upper section of Memorial Wall that will be inscribed with the 9/11 date. In the original design, this separate upper section of wall contained three additional inscribed memorial panels:

Elevation view from original Sacred Ground Plaza design PDF.

The wall on the left is designated: “WALL WITH INSCRIBED NAMES ON FOLDED BAND OF TRANSLUCENT MARBLE.” The opening between the two sections of wall is marked “TRAIL,” and the wall on the right is designated: “WALL WITH INSCRIBED DATE.”

The three translucent panels inscribed with the 9/11 date were a problem because further up the flight path, at the upper crescent tip (where Flight 93 symbolically breaks the circle, turning it into the giant Islamic shaped crescent), sits one more inscribed translucent memorial panel:

At the end of the Entry Portal Walkway sits a huge glass panel that dedicates the entire site. In the original design, this brought the total number of inscribed translucent memorial panels on the flight path to 44, with the number of “extra” blocks matching the number of Islamic hijackers on Flight 93.

The enabling legislation for the Flight 93 Memorial specifically bars the Park Service from memorializing the enemy, but architect Paul Murdoch has other ideas. He doesn’t just include them in some kind of can’t-we-all-just-get-along multiculturalist fantasy. He depicts them as triumphant warriors, placing the capstone of his terrorist memorializing block count at the exact point where, in Murdoch’s description, the terrorists’ circle-breaking, crescent-creating feat is achieved. They explode through our peaceful circle, then die along with their victims. The capstone block commemorating this glorious martyrdom will be inscribed: “A field of honor forever.”

The Memorial Project is okay with all of this, but thanks to our blogbursts, too many people OUTSIDE of the Project also know about the terrorist memorializing block count, so they decided to fix up architect Paul Murdoch’s disguise, telling a caller two years ago that they were going to turn the three panels with the 9/11 date into one large panel. That would change the memorial block count from 44 to 42. Here is Mountain Goat’s report on that 2007 phone call:

The gentleman did add, that the translucent blocks are actually white marble, and that the one with Sept. 11 inscribed on it will be one block, although it will be roughly the length three of the other blocks would have been.

This seems to be the change that is depicted in the new design image, though we will have to see the construction drawings to be sure. (An FOIA request for the recently completed construction drawings was submitted to the Park Service earlier this month.)

Primping Murdoch’s disguise does not stop his terrorist-memorializing plot, but only helps him to get away with it

The Park Service assumes that the 44 blocks were a coincidence and that by eliminating the coincidence it has eliminated the problem, but the 44 blocks were not a coincidence and changing the number of blocks to 42 does nothing alter the terrorist memorializing intent. Also, because the Park Service has been trying NOT to see Murdoch is up to, they left other terrorist memorializing features of the inscribed panels completely intact.

Notice, for instance, that the separate upper section of memorial wall, inscribed with the 9/11 date, is centered on the centerline of the giant crescent:

The trail that divides the Memorial Wall into two parts is marked in purple. The section of wall with the 9/11 date is marked in aqua.

You can see just by looking that the upper section of wall is centered on the center line of the crescent. That is the exact position of the star on an Islamic crescent and star flag. Thus the 9/11 date goes to the star on the Islamic flag. The date goes to the terrorists.

Changing the number of panels used to inscribe the 9/11 date does nothing to alter this terrorist memorializing feature. Not that Murdoch really cares whether the Park Service executes his design with proper Islamic precision.

To Murdoch, it is the plan that matters

Murdoch made clear from the beginning that it is the plan that matters, not whether the memorial is actually built exactly to his specifications. We can tell that he fully expected at least one of his terrorist memorializing features to be caught and stopped because he left provision for his “mistake” to be easily corrected. This was the so called “40 Memorial Groves.” There were supposed to be one for each of the 40 infidel heroes, but Murdoch’s site-plan only shows 38 groves:

Why 38? Try to figure it out for yourself, then look here. As usual, Murdoch provides multiply redundant proof of intent, once you figure out what he is up to.

Notice that Murdoch left room for two more Memorial Groves, one at each end. But just as the 38 Groves “mistake” is easy to fix, it will also be easy to un-fix it later. Indeed, failure to follow Murdoch’s exact design is not a bug. It is a feature.

Islamic fundamentalists have been citing control of the al-Aqsa mosque as a grounds for waging war against Israel since the founding of the modern Jewish state. If we fail to be true to the glorious design of Murdoch’s terrorist memorial mosque, that will just be one more reason for Murdoch’s co-religionists to conquer The Great Satan, so that this death-penalty insult can first be avenged (“It is not for any prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land” 8.67), then corrected.

Murdoch has not admitted to being Muslim (never mind a fundamentalist Muslim), but he HAS demonstrably designed an al Qaeda sympathizing memorial to Flight 93, all according to the established principles of proper mosque design (chapter 5), so there is no doubt of his ambition. Anyone who tries to sneak an al Qaeda memorial onto the Flight 93 crash site IS al Qaeda.

In 2005, the Park Service helped Murdoch hide his giant crescent by calling it a broken circle instead (as Murdoch had described it all along). Now the Park Service is helping to disguise yet another of Murdoch’s terrorist memorializing design features, but without even acknowledging this time that the changes are in response to anything troublesome about the original design.

So tell us Park Service: if there never were 44 memorial panels on the flight path, as you have been telling the press for almost four years, why did you change the number of panels? And do you really think it is wise to help a hijacker improve his disguise?

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