Important Action Alert: Counter The Pro-ObamaCare Mob In KC This Weekend

An event IN SUPPORT OF OBAMACARE ( say what?!) is being held this Saturday at 101st & Lowell from 8:30 to 10:30.

Michelle Malkin wrote earlier this year, about the importance of the right to counteract the big government alliances on the left  pushing ObamaCare:

Resistance has to happen on the ground, on the airwaves, and in the halls of Congress. ACORN, the SEIU, and the rest of the liberal grass-roots network are organized and committed to helping the White House. They’re pulling out all the stops.

This event is listed on, aka Organizing for America. According to their about us page, they are “Project of the Democratic National Convention”, whatever that means. Here are the details, note the *ahem* lack of details about what ObamaCare will actually do:

Walk for the Walk (Health Care Organizing Event)
Join us Saturday, August 1st for a walk to support our health ideals of prevention, accountability, and support. We are walking to demonstrate our commitment to lower costs, improve access, and provide choice in accordance with President Obama’s Health Care Reform principles.
Time: Saturday, August 1 from 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM
Host: Lynn Magenheimer
Brookridge Park (Lenexa, KS)
101st and Lowell
Lenexa, KS 66215

The Kansas 9-12’rs are organizing a rally in opposition to their “Walk for the Walk” …
“This event is a “Health Care Organizing” event. We want to be a disruptive presence (hopefully overwhelmingly), but we want to be respectful too. I’m new at this, but it seems that a relatively silent presence and protest is appropriate. Bring signs and flags as usual. If you are bringing a flag only, maybe dress in black (mourning). Use your imagination, but act with dignity, honor and respect!”
I know this is short notice but we need to get as many people there as possible to oppose this ridiculous health care bill.  I hope you can make it for at least part of the rally.
We can no longer sit by & allow these groups to make the nation’s decisions. We must be heard!!  If that means we show up at their events, then so be it.  This is one way they will get the message … WE SURROUND THEM!!
There should be more of us than them….because there ARE more of us than them. Most Americans oppose ObamaCare. We need to let our voices be heard. Come armed with the facts to counter the ObamaLies
You can sign the “Free Our Health Care Now” petition, here.
See here:


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